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fallaffelToday  06:06 pm JST

I see, so no it must be difficult to find a source. Guess I'll keep trusting the millions of medical praticioners then.

Of course it's true, and very easy to prove if you have a little bit of curiosity. But I'm not going to do your work for you.

Here's somewhere to start

And that's one of the ones friendlier to Pfizer. Not so hard, was it?

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ianToday  06:02 pm JST

Neither Moderna nor Pfizer have yet produced such vaccines at scale, but representatives from the companies said they could move to production within three months.

So why aren't they doing it already?

Even for them, it takes time to fudge the data and hide their dodgy actual results.

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The only people who should be considered for these boosters are high-risk people. For the rest, they're not necessary and their immune system can take care of it, with the great unspeakables as treatments if things get a little more serious.

As for one of the makers of these vaccines, Pfizer, they've been caught paying for some raunchy entertainment for a Colombian presidential candidate. Now why would they do that?

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Posted in: Japan's heatwave continues; Kishida calls for ramp-up of nuclear power use See in context

Should've ramped the nukes backup ages ago. Guaranteed the people at the top asking others to make the sacrifice won't be doing it themselves.

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Posted in: Misinformation rampant when it comes to COVID-19 shots for young children See in context

StrangerlandToday  03:12 pm JST

We've already seen loads of adverse effects with the covid vaccines on people of all ages, including kids, most commonly myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots that cause strokes, paralysis, limb loss and heart failure as short-term effects.

But you said we don't know the long term effects. But you've not given any reason to think there would be any, when there not being any is not only the norm, but actually the only thing we've even seen up until now.


Of course we don't know the long-term effects, which is why an open and honest system must be in place to check for them. Instead there are concerted efforts to downplay the risks and ignore or dismiss people reporting adverse effects from the covid vaccines. This is entirely the wrong way to handle the situation, and smacks of conflicts of interest from people and organizations that benefit from suppressing this information.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, we are dealing with complex systems, so the default setting must be that a product can't be concluded as safe until proven otherwise. You're essentially arguing that because not everyone gets adverse effects, then the product is safe and will be in the future. Given that the spike proteins have been found circulating in the body and in various tissues months after injection, how can you know how they will interact with the body over the long term?

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Posted in: Misinformation rampant when it comes to COVID-19 shots for young children See in context

StrangerlandToday  02:02 pm JST

Nobody knows the long-term effects of these vaccines.

Have you got any examples of vaccines that had bad effects that appeared later?

I heard a doctor say earlier on in the pandemic that they had never seen adverse reactions from vaccines more than I believe 6 months away. It's been over a year since I got my first two doses.

We've already seen loads of adverse effects with the covid vaccines on people of all ages, including kids, most commonly myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots that cause strokes, paralysis, limb loss and heart failure as short-term effects.

And because these shots are very different to what have been used before, their long-term effects simply can't be known until time ticks over. Surely you can grasp that? The docs released so far about the Pfizer vaccine during the initial trial show a long list of adverse effects, many mild but many severe. Docs that Pfizer and their lackeys in the FDA tried to keep from public view - even though governments were effectively forcing people to take an experimental therapy of dubious safety and efficacy under threat of losing their livelihoods. No conflict of interest there at all... They are basically using the public, old and young, as guinea pigs and trying to remove the control group to make it hard to point the finger at these vaccines as the cause of these.

And when deaths from adverse effects become too numerous for the media and the bought-off medical establishment to ignore, they've dredged up the hitherto rarely used acronym Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) as a convenient box to place cases in so they can ignore concerning signs about covid vaccine safety.

When there's an absolutely miniscule risk to children from the virus, trying to coerce parents into giving kids the jab is both highly unethical and potentially debilitating or even lethal.

You might not have had any adverse effects, but you can only speak for yourself. If nothing happens, great. It's interesting though that those who tend to bleat the loudest when it comes to my body, my choice for abortion are quick to change their tune when it comes to the experimental covid vaccines.

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Posted in: Misinformation rampant when it comes to COVID-19 shots for young children See in context

Aly RustomToday  09:54 am JST

my 6 year old is vaccinated 

i want my 4 year old to be too

Nobody knows the long-term effects of these vaccines. If some severe adverse effects harm your children, what will you do then? These aren't your regular vaccines, the safety records of which are already well established. Don't you see any conflicts of interest relating to the covid vaccines?

Of course I can't make your decision for you. But I won't be letting the covid vaccines anywhere near my child.

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Posted in: Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping Epstein See in context

I doubt she'll serve the full 20 years. Maybe some prison cameras will mysteriously stop functioning around the time she decides to commit suicide.

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There a difference between misinformation and disinformation. Misinformation is not intentional, and something that is classed as misinformation today may be reassessed as correct tomorrow as new information comes to light.

Disinformation, however, is deliberately designed to deceive. And disinformation has been rolled out consistently by governments, big pharma, and their media attack dogs and industry shills (such as the people who wrote this article), to gaslight, provide false information or cover up embarrassing facts about the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines produced to protect against it, smear anyone - especially suitably qualified experts - who dares to challenge the official narrative, masks, and muddy the waters about true risks regarding age stratification and comorbidities ranging from the elderly through to children.

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Why are the left so keen on killing the unborn? Especially Black unborn babies.

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JayszeeToday  09:08 am JST

I don’t wanna receive the stare of death when not wearing it.

You get immune to it after a while. A bit nerve-wracking at first, then you feel wonderful.

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StrangerlandToday  07:10 am JST

My massage therapist was wearing a mask. I asked her to PLEASE take it off as it was ruining an important part of the experience for me. 

Hopefully she wasn't immune compromised, and didn't sacrifice her health for your ideology.

If she were that worried about it, she would've kept her mask on anyway.


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Until people considered important appear in public without a mask, most people won't pay attention to any so-called relaxed guidelines.

More than 48 percent said they would stop doing so if a "wonder drug" against COVID-19 was made.

We already have those, but are not supposed to talk about them.

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You might be able to get away with it in Japan. Just maybe...

Some guys who worked at the supermarket fruit and veg department where i worked years ago used to put new fresh fruit/veges on trays, cover them in plastic wrap and slap stickers on them with very low prices, and pay for them at the end of the day. Until they got caught and fired. The scam was going on for a couple of months before any of the checkout staff got suspicious.

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Posted in: CNN's streaming service shutting down a month after launch See in context

I'm not usually a big fan of schadenfreude, but I'll make an exception here.

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Nothing is stopping people from wearing masks if that's what they want to do. Mandating it is a vast government overreach of a measure that is marginally effective at best. I guess the adult children need someone to tell them what to do and make them feel better.

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I wouldn't be worried about catching COVID, just about having the trip ruined if the cruise company decides to lock down the ship if someone tests positive.

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He also admitted that you can still transmit and receive Covid19 even with their vaccination.

You act as if anyone has ever claimed otherwise. You extremists love to get angry at the rhetoric you've made up in your heads, and unfortunately usually lack the intelligence to realize you should fact-check yourselves before posting.

As an apologist for criminals, charlatans and tyrants, anything you post should be taken with nothing but ridicule. You're not really in a position to criticise anyone about intelligence. Lenin even had a pet name for your type: useful idiot.

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Good move, Air New Zealand.

And this airline has one of my favourite aircraft liveries.

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As one of the world's biggest pushers of the carbon-neutral narrative, can't this professional hypocrite forego the plane ride and do her business by Zoom?


Nah, it was never about that. Rules for thee...

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Posted in: What is the difference, as you understand it, of dying "from Covid” and dying "with Covid?" See in context

If you don't count any malnutrition death as long as they have any other condition (most commonly infections) you would also have "alarmingly low" death counts, that would do absolutely nothing to solve the problem because the argument is worthless, if a person can live decades with diabetes but dies in a month with diabetes and COVID that is the importance of the infection.

It's amusing to see that when some people are flagellated with facts, they simply serve up a word salad dressed in a profusion of cow manure instead of graciously admitting defeat.

The difference between with and of, as people like Raw Beer, Wobot, Robert N and Blacklabel, is clear.

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Boycott Yoshinoya!!!! This is not going far enough!!! Need to appoint a female executive in his place. and also replace him with a female executive. Preferably from some smaller town or rural community. And also get a more diverse workforce in Yoshinoya. Disgraceful.

I have an inkling that Wakarimasen's comment was intended as sarcasm, poking fun at the kind of thing you'd see on Twitter if it happened in the US. Dunno, maybe I'm wrong.

A pretty dumb comment from Ito, but just a few short years ago a deep bow and some fake tears would've been enough to pay his penance to society. Nowadays everyone seems to be baying for blood.

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Posted in: Japan expert panel OKs use of Novavax COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Cautiously optimistic, but only those who are seriously at risk need to consider it anyway.

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Posted in: Migrant crossings spike as U.S. plans to lift curbs on asylum See in context

The Biden travesty will hasten the destruction the US unless the Republicans, deeply flawed as they are, can put a halt to this illegal immigration and repatriate people who are in the US illegally. And as theFu said above, fine the pants off anyone employing illegal immigrants. It's sad seeing such a great country being destroyed intentionally by the very people elected to protect it.

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JeffLeeToday  10:32 am JST

A serious writer/editor/translator would have a home office. Sitting in a cafe with a laptop smacks of amateurism.

Not at all. Sometimes a change of scene is perfect for a fresh perspective. As some others have said, plenty of successful writers have written their works in cafes.

I like their policy of no masks necessary (マスクの着用義務はありません). Some commonsense for a change.

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And don't forget to brush and floss daily, and keep the sugar low. Prevention will save you most of the time.

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The mRNA increases the risk of blood clots in kids who are at basically no risk of COVID. The pre-teen daughter of a family friend had a stroke recently due to a blood clot within a week after taking her first mRNA shot. Now she's paralyzed down one side and facing a long, slow recovery.

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zichiToday  10:12 am JST

No mention of money paid.

Fuji Media was probably happy to toss this hot potato to anyone who'd take it.

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t must come as a surprise (and I suspect as a disappointment) to those people that those pesky democracies keep on having elections, even though they do their best to disparage them by claiming that when the electorate fails to elect the right-wing populists they crave we’re just compliant, brainwashed ovines.

And if it comes to pass that the Liberals do get over the line in some form or another, I hope you're just as accepting of the result as if the ALP gets in.

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Posted in: GPlusMedia acquired by Gakken Holdings See in context

It could only get better.

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