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Congratulations on your 50 years.. I got to experience riding the shinkansen train to and from Osaka and Tokyo when I came to watch Summer Sonic in both cities. I also toured long distance places through this train and it was really an amazing experience. I hope we can have the same train in my country.

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I was wondering - if, and it is a big IF, Beatlemania occurred in the center of today's social media, I think not only musical revolution it would have sparked but the highest form of or types of commercialism?

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Posted in: Body of elderly woman dead for 3 months found in apartment See in context

so sad, when we get old and neglected... so.. as young adult as we are today, let's make friends, go around like what tmarie said: pick up your phone and make friends.. if you got everyday activity with fellow elders, your one day absence will already alarm them... and they will try to contact you or at best, visit you home

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Posted in: SMAP's Takuya Kimura fined twice for speeding since Sept See in context

Does anybody has any idea how many violators were caught in a similar offense that same day Takuya Kimura was apprehended?

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Posted in: White Day wedding for Yu Yamada and Shun Oguri See in context

I hope they live happily and stay together for the longest time.. Oh Shun, you're on seventh heaven, I guess...

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Posted in: SMAP to begin nationwide tour July 31 See in context

i don't know, i'm into jrock which i think means good music with good artists and or musicians. internationally, they are a lot more popular... the likes of X Japan, L'Arc En Ciel, Miyavi to name a few... tho some friends are into jpop... like smap, kattun, kanjani 18, arashi.... i've watched dramas and movies of takuya, nakai, tsuyoshi and goro (have not watched shingo's), endorsements, etc... and they are good... but definitely not in music, please..

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