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PLEASE - that phony MRI thing has been discussed to death and then some. It was as embarrassing as the time Tyra Banks got a 'Doctor' to declare her breasts real on TV. Hoshino is like a Cyborg. Fake nose, fake chin, eye lid job, and of course boobs pumped full of her own body fat (hence fooling the MRI).

How else do you think she went from a C Cup to an F Cup in the space of 1 month ? Those wonderful Japanese genes ? Or, erm, let me think.....oh yes, some artificial help.

This thing about plastic boobs standing up. In the USA that is the favoured style. But in Japan they place the plant below the muscle to give as natural a look as possible. And that the girls don't have plants too big for their breasts like in the USA (except Anri Sugihara, Yuuri Morishita and Ourei Harada.)

Maybe 75% of gravure girls have fake boobs. You can tell if you look properly.

Mike Hara even has implant scars in some of her photos. Kana Tsugihara, Akina Aoshima, China Fukunaga,Haruka Nanami, Junko Fukuda,Reon Kadena, Yukie Kawamura and so on and on.... - all of them - implants.

It's not a recent thing too. Go back 10/15 years and some of your favourites had them too. Akira Fubuki, Rio Sannomiya, Maria Yumeno, Mai Shiina. If you're used to American implants as the defining article then these girls all look natural, but if you're used to seeing Japanese implants then these girls look just as phony to us over here as Melissa Mounds and Lisa Lipps do to you guys.

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