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Posted in: Japan Airlines defrauded of Y384 million See in context

It was a one-time incident, but a series of blunders from August to October. The word is STUPID. That's Japan Airlines.

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Posted in: Police suspect girl who jumped to her death in front of train was being bullied See in context

Install CCTV cameras in all classrooms, corridors, libraries, auditoriums, playgrounds, etc in all Japanese schools nd make them available 24-hours online to parents, guardians, teachers, etc. Japanese sense of honour hates nothing more than being shamed. It may NOT be the perfect solution, but there's none anyway.

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Posted in: Book corner: Kanji no Satori See in context

Agree with the article that Kanji learning is the hardest part of learning the Japanese language. But there's hope. Master Kanji characters now. If you can read: ⭐tar and ☔mbrella, then you can read the following: 星tar and 傘mbrella. 漢anji 字haracters and 英nglish are so 美eautiful. Click on www.kanjihybrid.com and see why KanjiHybrid is the world's easiest yet the most effective learning system. Join the ranks of Kanji-literate persons.

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