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Posted in: Ex-Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa admits drinking more than 3 cans of ‘chuhai’ before hit-and-run See in context

She won't do any time in the slammer but her "career" is finished. Hopefully her husband has a job. It's been good knowing you hitomi.

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Posted in: X Japan leader Yoshiki says he will never stop trying to crack U.S. market See in context

Even if he stops wearing makeup, which went out in the eighties, he will never be popular outside of Japan. The difference between Japan and the rest of the world, in terms of the entertainment industry, is that in normal places the fans decide what is good. In Japan the advertising/entertainment industry decides what is good and the "fans" abide slavishly.

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Posted in: Strong Hokkaido quake likely caused by slips on inland active fault See in context

the "experts" really knew, they would have told us this last week....Not after

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You can't predict earthquakes. Do at least a little bit of research you retard.

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Posted in: Police release 3D recreation of crime scene of student’s murder in 1996 See in context

Unfortunately there are many crimes like this.

The filthy perp is so far away now or dead so that the family will never get justice.

Good on them for their persistence though.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to K.O. you with new spicy McNuggets See in context

the smell makes me nauseous

Are you sure it's just the smell?

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Posted in: Father arrested over fatal abuse of 5-year-old stepdaughter See in context

The death penalty does not work simply because it is not a tool. It is the most severe form of punishment and is more than appropriate for scum like this but he only killed one child so he will spend 10 years eating up taxpayer's money before getting a second chance

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Posted in: Trial over Vietnamese girl's murder in Chiba to start June 4 See in context

Unfortunately you have to kill more than one person in order to get the rope trick

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Posted in: 2 boys arrested for pouring shampoo into onsen See in context

These kids are twats. Most are but they still need to be shamed so that they can avoid doing such stupid stuff in the future. If I were on holiday and it were ruined by such twats my response would be a lot more physical

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Posted in: 'King Kazu' signs new contract with Yokohama ahead of 51st birthday See in context

He does a lot of advertising. They want the flow-on publicity. Suits his ego just fine.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill girl contemplating suicide See in context

At least his logic works

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Posted in: Thank you for paying your taxes! Incentive scheme rewards foreign taxpayers with gifts See in context

Good job Becky!

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Posted in: Abe on fire See in context

The Nanjing massacre is an atrocity and I in no way detract from it but these are mainland goons trying to drum up patriotic sentiment for "one-china"

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Posted in: Five challenges facing Japan as Abe calls snap election See in context

When can we stop referring to them as "snap" elections and call them what they really are: opportunistic elections

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Posted in: Australia's citizenship crisis spreads; key Senator under a cloud See in context

You say that neither are success stories but at any point in history one is more preferable than the other. Lets face it, political parties are led by leaders and filled with quite a lot of bench-warmers.

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Posted in: Australia's citizenship crisis spreads; key Senator under a cloud See in context

they are 100% guaranteed to still disappoint and fail.

And what is your expectation of the opposition? Labor will spend more on giving money to the dole-bludgers, more on supporting the unions which are the cause of the high-priced services in Australia. 50 years ago the Labor party helped to bring Australia forward but in this day and age they are dinosaurs. These days governments are just businesses. Would you rather have a successful businessman run your business or a former union stooge?

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Posted in: Death penalty to stand for woman convicted of murdering 2 men See in context

She showed no respect for the lives of her victims. The justice system should treat her with the same regard.

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Posted in: Opposition party leader Renho shows legal records to prove nationality See in context

Won't do them any good.

They screwed up so bad last time, voters will never forget.

The only chance of a valid opposition is if Miss Koike can mount a valid national opposition party.

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Posted in: Salad dressing See in context

Why does she need to keep flogging junk in degrading ways when she just married a billionaire ?

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Posted in: Opposition demands defense minister quit over SDF remark in stumping See in context

Abe is coated with teflon at the moment and nothing is sticking. Inada knew if she retracted the remarks there would be no serious repercussions. It is up to the voters to understand where that crummy taste left in their mouths is taking this country. Koike seems to have a much better head and will hopefully inflict some more damage on them in the upcoming Tokyo election.

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Posted in: Cosby plans tour to educate youth on misbehavior See in context

Great. A serial druggist rapist to tell kids how to behave

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Posted in: Drink up See in context

Great news for winos and others that drink moderately

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Posted in: Russia claims it has killed IS leader al-Baghdadi See in context

 I only hope they burned s-l-o-w-l-y....

I agree with the sentiment but the whole element of surprise thing with the large amount of explosives being detonated doesn't really match. The fact that they were slaughtered violently and quickly sounds good enough for me. Good riddance you filthy animals.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for murder of girlfriend in Tochigi See in context

Still a bit of a light sentence for someone who will be 44-years-old upon release and a danger to anyone who gets into a relationship with him...

Right? Hang the possessive douche.

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Posted in: Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings See in context

The company taking over is a shipbuilding company called Tsuneishi that wants to be like one of the big-boy zaibatsu. They probably view this as an opportunity to extend their publicity to a wider audience and establish a more well-known brand as most people have probably never heard the name outside of Hiroshima.

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Posted in: Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings See in context

A newspaper being run by a public relations firm? I'm sure the core ethics of journalism will be on hand to make sure the ship steers a true course. All the way to the bank.

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Posted in: Australia to build first prison aimed at isolating militants See in context

the degradation of civil rights is an indication that the terrorists have achieved part of their goal

Whose rights are you talking about? Do regular civilians have rights? People just going about their business who get run over, stabbed, shot and blown up by animals who commit these crimes in the name of a barbaric and backward ideology that belongs in the desert 2000 years ago? Do they have rights or do the animals that perpetrate these wicked crimes have rights? Do the people who breed hatred based on this disgusting ideology have rights? Shall we let them have those rights so they can kill our loved ones in the name of an illiterate camel-herder that thought up these monstrous ideas in a cave long ago? The actions of these brainwashed cowards requires us to redefine what we mean by civil rights.

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Posted in: 18-year-old, arrested for killing girlfriend, to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

The whole not-an-adult thing is rubbish. Just hang him and save everyone the trouble.

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Posted in: Universal's 'The Mummy' kicks off push for new film universe See in context

there will always be people that go to a cinema to watch a movie and the people that do it don't mind if there is a stinker because these people that habitually go to cinemas these days have no taste. Film and the rest of art died long ago. Everything is just a business these days.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp would like you to crack open an Asahi Super Dry in new Japanese beer ad See in context

Those cash flow rumours are looking to be true

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal their ideal kiss scenarios See in context

If you want to impress any woman with your kissing skills then simply take them motor-boating. You will instantly be their hero.

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