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Posted in: 2,400 attend funeral for former Candies singer Yoshiko Tanaka See in context

I was living in Japan in the mid-70's and watched the "Candies" on TV from my dorm room. Fell in love with "Ran-chan"! May Ms. Tanaka RIP.

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Posted in: Kana Kurashina plays against type in a new miniseries See in context

Show sounds like a copy of an American TV series the "Second Hundred Years (TV Series 1967–1968)...

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Posted in: What did you think of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world? See in context

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain got Hitler to sign the meaningless "Munich Agreement" in 1938. Hitler was the leader, of course, of the Nazis. Conceptually speaking, the Nazis were the terrorists of the day.

Obama, in essence, spoke to the general Muslim population in my opinion. It would be similar to Chamberlain speaking to all of Europe in general back in 1938. Most of Europe (and most of the Muslim world) was OK. It was the Nazis that was the bad apple.

Now, if Obama personally met with Osama Bin Laden - today's Hitler in a way - that would have been something. Would it have meant something? Who knows.

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Posted in: Vast search of Atlantic Ocean for Air France jet See in context

Fadamor is 100% right on.

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Posted in: Toyota denies report on possible GM hybrid deal See in context

I feel that there may be a reason for Toyota to want to license/sell the technology right now... I predict that hybrid drivetrains are but a temporary stage in powertrain technology. The future will predominantly be hydrogen, electricity, natural gas, or a combination of those. Sure, there will be gasoline-fueled (fossil fueled) powerplants, but they will be for the ones with disposable income. Hybrids will no longer be economically viable somewhere along the line.

So it would make sense for Toyota to try and recoup some of their billions they've invested by selling it to competitors right now. It will take the purchaser up to two years to design, test, and tool up (including vendor negotiations, capital equipment, etc.) for these hybrids... Just imho.

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Posted in: Capt Kirk, American icon? See in context

Star Trek was a creation of Gene Roddenberry; he was a visionist and tried to express his visions on a budget-driven TV show in the late 1960's. I know - I watched them first run.

That's how I will always see Star Trek - as a man's vision of a future. And yes, no one can see the future. But some of the visions he saw are reality today. Female leaders, cell phones, portable mass storage devices, and now, the President of the United States is half-black. There was one episode where a planet's humanity killed themselves off for discrimination - their skin was half-black, half-white. The distinction was one group's face was white on the left, on the other group, white on the right.

I thank Gene Roddenberry for giving us Star Trek.

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Posted in: JJ Abrams and youthful cast breathe new life into 'Star Trek' See in context

It's not an intent to be rude, but that line of, "Beam me up, Scotty" was never used by Kirk. Typically, it was, "Energize."

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Posted in: Downtown's Matsumoto announces shotgun marriage to ex-weathergirl See in context

Older guys also make more money than younger guys.

But we're just as broke... lol

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Posted in: Downtown's Matsumoto announces shotgun marriage to ex-weathergirl See in context

Ihara's 19 years his junior and got pregnant resulting in marriage. My wife's 17 years my junior and she wasn't pregnant. I still can't figure out why she married me.

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Posted in: U.S. cargo ship evades Somali pirate attack See in context

If putting representatives of the US Armed Forces is inappropriate, heck, take gang-bangers out of jail, put them on the ship with guns, and let them go at it with the pirates. Done deal.

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Posted in: U.S. sea captain freed from pirates in swift firefight See in context

USNinJapan2 - You are 100% on target! No pun intended. Hat's off to the SEALs!

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Posted in: Phil Spector found guilty of 2nd-degree murder See in context

No female would be dressed to the hilt - complete with a handbag and high heels - then put a gun into her mouth to commit suicide. Those two jurors in the first trial must've been in OJ's jury.

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Posted in: Japan considers 'cash for clunkers' stimulus See in context

This program sounds like if Pelosi and Feinstein have a vested interest in starting a program in Japan... lol. It's in California, at least, and it doesn't work in many ways.

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Posted in: Man convicted of killing Japanese girlfriend in California See in context

Pigman is psychotic and was on drugs at the time of the murder according to the trial. The gal was too timid or not smart enough to distance herself from him, it seems. But then again, she - being Japanese - knows drugs are illegal and for her to be involved with someone using it was ill-advised.

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Posted in: Body of young woman found in Fukuoka river See in context

Interesting case. Body must have been kept frozen for the piercing to be able to hold on to the belly button. Must've been dumped into the river recently. Still, sad that no one had reported her missing.

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Posted in: What do you think of President Obama's inauguration speech? See in context

In reflecting on what happened on the Capitol steps, if you think about it, some day in the future Obama's face will adorn our currency. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but certainly in our grandkids' time.

For Obama, Feinstein and Pelosi, it is one thing to preach hope from the Capitol steps that day; it will be another story to preach the same hope two years from now. As an American, the cure for our economy is not building bridges or roads or infrastucture with printed money. Nevertheless, it is hard to determine what is the best course of action.

I do wish that history will reflect on #43 as one that protected our country, saved millions from oppression and as someone who inherted the mess the Clinton-led fiasco left him... down to the libs who cried foul when people who could really not afford to buy homes were allowed to buy. Unknown to many of you, yes, McCain saw the danger in allowing credit rules to become compromised several years ago.

As for the valued ability to deliver speeches and sway people's feelings and beliefs, that is what many a fraudster uses to enrichen themselves and take from others. Speech giving does not a good president make.

Let us see what happens when he tries to stop F-22 production or clamp down on guns instead of criminals. While I do support our President as an American, hope and holding out his hand can only go so far.

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