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Posted in: Universal cancels controversial 'Hunt' in wake of shootings See in context

“a gory, R-rated political thriller that depicts liberal "elites" hunting people in red states for sport.”

This makes zero sense. Most of the guns are in the “red” states, and given events like Charlottesville it would be more realistic to presume the violence going the other way.

But higher up execs/producers probably want to provoke “red state” anger with exactly this kind of unrealistic scenario.

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Posted in: Colonial-era Korean laborers want Mitsubishi compensation See in context

I’m quite surprised to see “DIE” written on a Japanese flag in that photo; no mention of it in the caption.

With this and the other recent escalations, when will the SK government realize things are out of hand? I think karma will come back to haunt them if, like the Chinese, they think it’s politically convenient to stoke endless anti-Japanese sentiment as a way to distract from other domestic issues.

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