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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

The real question is, how many of the 20,000 actually don’t care about him but want to primarily go around the MOON, thinking, “ahh afterwards if it doesn’t work out I’ll just leave him”. My guess is the majority of them...

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Among those caught up in that were former CEO Hiroto Saikawa, who stepped down last year after admitting he had received more pay than he was entitled to.

What?! Isn’t this the core of the case against Ghosn? Why isn’t Saikawa arrested and thrown into solitary confinement? How much more of a farce can this possibly be?

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Posted in: Angry Iranians question authorities for concealing truth on plane incident See in context

The fact that Trump’s blundering and criminal assassination of a top Iranian figure to bolster support by his party for his impeachment charges being the ultimate cause of all of this is ever so quickly and conveniently forgotten.

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Probably because you didn't criticize a South Korean.

Aaaand the rest of your comment is completely invalidated after this. This article is not about these politics. Funny how some JT’ers can get so riled up about J or SK issues when you’re not even from either of those countries.

I’ve said it before and will say it again - most JT’ers (especially gaijin) should spend tenfold of their efforts being prima donnas here on rather trying to fix the undoubtedly very ample problems in their own home countries (especially Americans) before smugly commenting and judging J issues.

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Thanks for the laugh. Trump and Brexit are an order of magnitude or two more impactful on the world than extremely local Japanese politics, that barely have any effect beyond the borders of Japan. Both Trump and Brexit are products of rampant tribal nationalism that is a serious threat to the human race and globe (vis-a-vis US pullout from Paris).

Pull your head out of that dark place and have a look around the world.

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Posted in: U.S. exit from climate accord very disappointing: Japan See in context


If you are punching Trump, or America, or China, are punching the wrong target. It's most likely the companies you work for that you aim your throw at.

Yes yes that’s fine and all, but the issue at hand is about the US withdrawal - unilaterally by trump - from the Paris accord which has strict targets and is a solid step towards not ruining the planet.

But also, you do know that Trump is in fact an enabler of big multinational corporations (insofar as any repug-lican is), and is indeed personally profiting from his presidency, and also seriously jeapordizing the planet’s future? Stay focussed on the issue. He’s right now single-handedly doing more damage than any one corporation.

Also - do you work for a company? Yes? Oh and a foreign one indeed? (Else why post on JT?) Then take your own advice and do something about it rather than post on an obscure forum.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines parachute into undesignated area during training See in context


Right. That's why we spend billions of dollars to keep forces there. To abandon them. I never understand this logic.

You still believe in a world where the US operates upon principles of international laws and humanitarianism. Two words: Syria. Kurds.

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Posted in: Emperor Naruhito proclaims ascendancy to throne; pledges to fulfill his duty as symbol of the state See in context


a prefer a government for the people by the people, but hey, its not my country.

Umm, about that, you should go check up on your country again. It hasn’t been by the people for the people for a while now.

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Posted in: Defying impeachment inquiry, Trump makes charge more certain See in context

They argue their best chance at winning the politics of impeachment is to emulate the just-say-no tactics they used for much of the special counsel's Russia probe and against other investigations launched by Democrats in the House majority.

No, this isn’t some normal strategy and don’t make it sound like it! Rather than “just-say-no”, say it like it is: refusal to provide evidence! If Trump were innocent he could just release the full unedited transcripts, allow his people to be interviewed without qualms. Heck he would even have released his tax returns. His dogged refusal speaks volumes. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

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Posted in: Trump threatens to 'obliterate' Turkish economy over Syria incursion plan See in context


That’s one way of looking at it, there’s another angle, what did we get for being in the Middle East?

Umm ... Oil? The very thing for which the US has been meddling in that region for decades? Also, if the US pulls out of the ME, guess who rolls in? Russia! This is basic geopolitical relations 101. Just because the US retreats to its borders, doesn’t mean other powers won’t do the same. Putin will never rest until Russia’s sphere of influence expands very significantly beyond its own borders. The US has an obligation - to its own self-preservation! - to maintain power balances in the world. Otherwise it will be left behind by China and Russia and devolve to a secondary or tertiary player on the world stage in ALL matters: economic, social, political.

Trump doesn’t need to save himself, he kept his promise like he was supposed to as if Trump had magical powers to stop the Democrats obsession with trying to remove him, lol.

Well about that, an anonymous national security council official came out and said Trump was badly outmaneuvered and basically instantly folded to Erdogan on his call. With the cat out of the bag, Trump scrambled to reverse this using the only way he can - Twitter tirades, and not actual Leadership.

Furthermore, he incriminates himself on live TV by issuing statements (like asking China to meddle in US politics) that are a flagrant violation of the Constitution.

If we stick to the facts - and by that I simply

mean what we can see and hear with our own eyes and ears, the very things Trump is publicly saying - then we can’t avoid concluding that he’s a failed president and has very many things to “defend himself” about.

And then there’s this. “I, in my great and unmatched wisdom”. Not even the worst 20th century dictators had such megalomania! By this statement, Trump is saying that he doesn’t need advisors, that he knows better than anyone, despite his utter failures, both in his business life - endless bankruptcies, biggest loss in private wealth reported in the IRS (let’s not forget that one!) - as well as political life,

There’s just no avoiding the fact that Trump is very dangerous, unstable, and a menace to the US and the world and must be removed from power ASAP. It’s not even a matter of political opinion anymore, it’s a fundamental logical conclusion from just observing his actions the past couple of years.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited deal on agriculture, digital trade See in context

Is it accurate to say that Japan is basically giving the US the benefits of being in TPP without actually being in it (at least with regards to trade with Japan) in exchange for lowering of some small number of tariffs that were only fairly recently slapped on?

It smacks of bullying on the national stage.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

@Derek Grebe - Yes it’s easy to come up with many “obvious” thought experiments like that. But I was wondering about the data, since “going up to the roof during typhoons” is discussed here like it’s a thing. But as far as I’ve read so far, deaths are from crushing and other physical trauma like that (toppling trees, falling objects) and not falling down from heights, per se.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

For those who discussed the danger of going on the roof during a typhoon, is the danger because of the risk of losing one’s balance in the winds and falling off? Or heavy objects hitting you? I’m genuinely curious since I honestly don’t know. This was the strongest storm I’ve witnessed (in Japan for a year so far only). Couldn’t sleep until 5am.

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Posted in: Letter threatening to hunt Koreans sent to S Korean embassy in Japan See in context

Sending bullets through the mail is a well-known intimidation tactic by Japan's far right/uyoku knuckle-draggers.

Is there any documented evidence for this other than JT poster comments?

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Posted in: Universal cancels controversial 'Hunt' in wake of shootings See in context

“a gory, R-rated political thriller that depicts liberal "elites" hunting people in red states for sport.”

This makes zero sense. Most of the guns are in the “red” states, and given events like Charlottesville it would be more realistic to presume the violence going the other way.

But higher up execs/producers probably want to provoke “red state” anger with exactly this kind of unrealistic scenario.

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Posted in: Colonial-era Korean laborers want Mitsubishi compensation See in context

I’m quite surprised to see “DIE” written on a Japanese flag in that photo; no mention of it in the caption.

With this and the other recent escalations, when will the SK government realize things are out of hand? I think karma will come back to haunt them if, like the Chinese, they think it’s politically convenient to stoke endless anti-Japanese sentiment as a way to distract from other domestic issues.

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