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Posted in: Health uncertainties torment residents in Fukushima See in context

The Japanese psych had always been being disciplined to follow the dictates of whoever is in authority for generations and breaking out of this mold seems to be the hardest thing any individual Japanese can do. That's why you don't see any riots in the streets and even in the face of a real threat by an invisible enemy, their subservience and blind loyalty is still pervasive. For the sake of your children though... RISE UP, dislodge those powers and if need be... replace them with whatever means necessary!!! Think and act for yourselves!!!

All we can do from outside is pray for your safety and hope for an international effort in technology to clean up the Fukushima source of radiation happens soon.....

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Posted in: Radiation fears slow clean-up in Tohoku See in context

@Gifu is right... why expend resources trying to cleanup untreatable debris? Spend the money relocating to more far flung southern areas and rebuild whole communities thereat but more importantly, provide opportunities for them to eke out a living themselves not relying on compensation from Tepco!!!

Cleaning via burning only spreads more radiation and hot particles into the rest of the world !!!!

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Posted in: Gov't to probe radioactive apartment block See in context

Isn't this an "expected" outcome.... when normal day-to-day life remain unchanged within an environment heavily contaminated with all kinds of radioactive isotopes and in the absence of stringent testings, then it is but normal that the spread of these long-term radioactive particles would be all invasive in all aspects of life!!! Our heart and soul goes out to symphatize with the poor Japanese who are forced to live within this nightmare scenario only imagined by the sci-fi movies in their doomsday fictional plots!!!

Wake Up Japan Government and for once, make the people's safety the priority rather than your political and financial agenda!!!

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Posted in: 2,000 protest against nuclear power in Yokohama See in context

Hopefully, this starts "People's Power" so that the will of the people gets precedence over economic and political influences. May the groundswell gain momentum and support from all over the world!!!!

More power to the samurai!!!!

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Posted in: Radiation fears affect New Year meals See in context

“What you buy and what you eat is not for the government or the experts to decide. Consumers must make their own judgments.”

Even with the govt's/Tepco's assurances, the buying public are voting with their pockets and at least minimizing contamination by avoiding highly-likely irradiated produce, hence the practice of changing labels and misleading the public as to the real origin of the source. Survival and Safety of the family is taking precedence over blind following of the government's policies... Good on ya, citizens of Japan!!

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Posted in: Noda says Fukushima reactors have reached state of cold shutdown See in context

I think this is political speech saying "The govt has achieved a technically stable condition and as such is no longer responsible for what happens next, ie, the polluted oceans, the contaminated dairy, the radiactive beef, the poisonous vegetables and the unedible fisheries are now somebody else's problems"..... just like when Tepco said that Cesium in private backyards are no longer their concern!!!

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Posted in: Ex-chief of Fukushima nuclear plant has cancer: TEPCO See in context

Let's face it - the "experts" all just say that radiation is "bad" but there is no quantum qualitative definitive analysis of how much exposure results to which kinds of cancer!!! After all, this is just one of the few occasions when mankind has faced such an onslaught and there are no definitive medical statistics to substantiate whatever findings. Maybe after all this Fukushima/Chernobyl data, our great grandchildren (if we still have any) may benefit from all these findings! BUT one thing is true though - each and every individual has his/her own degree of tolerance/immunity and even now after ages of practising medicine, the doctors still cannot say how much longer a terminal patient has to live...

So - this limit/threshold of 100 milliSieverts is HOGWASH - it's just an arbitrary value plucked out of the air - that's why TEPCO can afford to just raise it to 250 - what's in a number anyway?

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Posted in: Noda says Fukushima nuclear plant will be stable by year's end See in context

How come they don't move those temperature gauges and take daily readings of radiation down at the basements where the corium would be expected to be at? When they publish those readings - that's when they might declare "stable" conditions!!!!! Other nuclear experts are still wary of more hydrogen explosions too!!!

The horses have bolted out of the stables, y'know!!!

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Posted in: TEPCO considers dumping more tainted water into sea See in context

Oh - forgot to ask, what does TEPCO do with all the highly radioactive filters they use on those thousands of tons of purifying recycled water??? Feed it to the birds!!!! Probably export it to some unsuspecting 3rd world country camouflaged as "donation".....

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Posted in: TEPCO considers dumping more tainted water into sea See in context

Tepco had already admitted that the water level in their basements rise and ebb with the tide anyway which means it's connected to the outflow into the sea already. They're probably going to use this "dumping" as the reason for the widespread marine contamination sure to follow in later months. It's just pitiful how insistent Tepco is (like a broken record) of how "below safe level" the final contamination is (they surely have very precognitive "experts" in their pockets willing to swear that anybody who gets sick is not attributable to Fukushima leakage) WAKE UP GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD!!!

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Posted in: New fission suspected at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The injection points of boric acid must be indicative of where TEPCO thinks the melted fuel is located - a stab in the dark or they know more than what they're reporting. TEPCO reports are really far from enlightening and pose more questions rather than easing the public's minds!!

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Posted in: Lawmaker drinks decontaminated water from Fukushima plant See in context

...committing suicide never proved anything!!!!

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