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Posted in: Kyoto wants to add extra charges for tourists to use city buses See in context

just start a tourist tax per night at hotels and air bnb in kyoto city limits.

The tax adds more buses per route each day, and probably a lot more other stuff it can help to subsidize. Japanese residents including foreigners with visas or PR are exempt of this tax.

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

This is great. However, Japan Inc. requires such crazy work hours. Its next to impossible to be a present parent and present employee.

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Posted in: Japan, land of the hybrid car, takes slowly to EVs See in context

Sold our tesla, and GLB and just have the GT3 and Leaf now.

The problem is the grid in Japan cannot even handle the current power consumption.

Already, this summer will feature darkened offices, lower AC power consumption, etc. The govt has made it clear already that this will be probably implemented later this summer.

And that by 2050, a lot of investment will be made to power infrastructure. Solar, tidal, geothermal. It will take time, and investment, but it will be a big positive change the much smaller Japan population.

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. House speaker meets Taiwan president See in context

meanwhile, remember who met who last week. ROFL.

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Posted in: Number of yakuza, associates investigated by police falls below 10,000 in 2022 See in context

They all got my number cards registered by stolen personal info and living new lives as 73 year old retirees with no income to report.

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Posted in: Kishida promises aid to help Poland with Ukraine refugees See in context

Predict the future by looking to the past. It has been over 75 years since WW2. The world was rather peaceful on a macro scale. A world war 3 only ends with massive death and nuclear destruction. How do I know? Look how ww2 ended. And factor in all the big boys have nukes now.

I remember when the only nuclear worry was a bit of cesium in the air. Life is but a dream.

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Posted in: Japan reports 4,460 new coronavirus cases See in context

I work out in my gym/rooftop fitness area mask less every since 2017.

So fortunate, to have this space.

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Posted in: Some Americans return to cash to curb spending See in context

only gold and bit coin for me.

I like my money to make money.

I have a credit card, just so i can use their concierge to make reservations for me.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia ratchet up their rhetoric over downing of drone See in context

Most likely scenario, USA has launched navy seals to the Black Sea minutes after this went down. They will sit in a small boat, and attach a cable to the sunken drone, until the timing is right to recover. If Russia does dare touch them, well, it won't be good.

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Posted in: 70% of Japan flight attendants report photos taken of them secretly See in context

So crazy to see their name tags not even erased. Great work Japan Today and Reuters.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assaulting son in Sapporo See in context

Is this even news?

I don't care the nationality, this is not news.

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Posted in: Japan's H3 rocket ordered to self-destruct after liftoff See in context

With brief experience in military contracts, anything that will be used by any of the top agencies around the world will usually mean an order for not just one, but close to 3-5pcs for 1 that is planned to be launched. Everything is built to have spare parts on hand, and fully working dummies of all but the most expensive planes are already built. Then you just need to make adjustments to what failed the first time. Guaranteed, if Japan wanted to, they could relaunch within a month. However, the reason for failure will be closely evaluated, studied, and be sure to not happen again.

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Sign says, please say "give me a nikuman", but all nikumans are clearly sold out and only pizzaman. Come on man!

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Thank you Lawson, 7-11, Family Mart, Mini Stop, Daily, (RIP AM/PM). Your contributions to my fluctuating weight after arriving in Japan is undeniable. You always bring cool delicious products to the market, and really are a convenient aspect of life in Japan.

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Never forget the confusing english explanations at 7-11.

For the nikuman, the sign reads "pork bun."

For butaman, the sign reads "large pork bun."

And then oshiri tantei confuses things even more being the buttman.

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Posted in: Wagner chief says Russian position at Bakhmut at risk without promised ammunition See in context

Maybe shipped company got hacked and rerouted the ammunition to umm the Ukrainians?

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

Bottom line is Japan population is plummeting. They want more kids asap. Legalizing gay marriage does not help achieve the goals of a country with a population problem.

To be honest most govts around the world do not care for anyone except those who are going to bring them more tax revenue. its a similar to that of a large corporation. Lots of wish wash, but only the things that make money are cared about.

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Posted in: 1.82 million foreigners legally working in Japan, gov’t says See in context

How many will be here in 10 years.

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Posted in: Japan eyes stockpiling disaster supplies at post offices See in context

my local post office is understaffed.

They do there best, but always seem slammed and over whelmed.

Maybe in the country side this may work, but not in a big city.

in a big city. best to always have two weeks of food on hand at all times.

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Posted in: Used car subscriptions gain popularity in Japan amid delivery delays See in context

Bought my tesla 3, porsche GT3-RS, and GLB-200D in 2020.

Since sold the porsche for 400man more than I paid for it. The GLB sold for 50man more than I paid. Wife now drives a used 2014 nissan leaf.

Buy smart, but do not lease.

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Posted in: Prices to rise in Japan on over 10,000 food items See in context

I ask the shop keepers, did this go up in price? Why.

Then, say, well my wallet feeling the pinch, and don't buy.

They give feedback to their bosses, and then store managers complain to head quarters, then head quarters tell the manufactures. Only if you give feed back will the prices ever come down. Make them learn through your wallet.

Indeed, some are legitimate increases, but others are pure greed, and jumping on the bandwagon feeling this is a chance to charge more and make more.

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Posted in: Allure of Japan's powder snow a growing danger as more tourists ski backcountry See in context

The problem is the people are largely unfamiliar with the terrain, and are willing to risk the avalanche snow and weather conditions due to only being in a Japan for a short period of time. As pointed out by others. Those at the top of the runs can accidentally trigger avalanches endangering those below. No matter how accomplished of skier or snowboarder or familiarity with the terrain and conditions, when it wants to nature always wins.

Make more resorts, that have back country feel (ungroomed areas) with an inbounds safety aspect. Some resorts offer these kind of courses.

Not every skier wants to go to the resort to hear K-pop or J-pop blaring. Many people feel a certain calmness in the backcountry and thrill from danger. Until shxt hits the fan.

Having lost close friends to avalanches before, its never an easy subject, but stay safe and live to ride another day.

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Posted in: Japan reports 15,612 new coronavirus cases See in context

and 16 of the 28 unvaccinated may still be with us if they were vaccinated.

and if they drank R-1 20 of them. And with N95 masks 24 of the 28.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

Under Japanese civil law, a person or entity may acquire ownership of a property that didn't originally belong to them if they possess it "peacefully and openly" for at least 20 years. 

All these Youtubers going to be coming to Japan and claiming they own vintage Skylines out in the countryside, and saying they got them for free because of this.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

400 people a day dying. And the govt says its just a flu.

And people trust the govt?

I trust my doctor.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

all the non mask lovers like it nama.

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Posted in: Japan reports 79,354 new coronavirus cases See in context

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Maybe the masks will come off when its 40 degrees this summer.

Until then, masks, R1, and updated boosters for me.

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Posted in: Asia travel hotspots quiet as Chinese tourists stay away See in context

Do people really want a bunch of social media wanna be influencers with the bad cough and fever coming and hang around? Otsukaresama desu.

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Posted in: Japan reports 81,535 new coronavirus cases See in context

Masks, R1, and vaccines. Do what you can to prevent spread.

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Posted in: Bomb threats sent by fax to colleges in Yamanashi, Ibaraki, Hokkaido See in context

Don't the fax machines send the senders number on the fax like they used to?

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