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Posted in: Energy costs, weak yen push Tokyo inflation at fastest pace in 30 years See in context

It is way more than 2.8%. Dollar got 40% weaker in 2 years. How can it only be 2%. Govt fudging the data to save their jobs and reduce blame. Japanese like to play sekinin sagashi game, and point fingers.

So much of Japan's consumer goods are imported. What is in stores now is probably imported at cheaper rates, but expect big increases later this year, as that inventory is depleted.

Japan about to be a poor country unless companies start to improve wages.

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

Japan hotels and inns will raise prices because now the govt will be footing part of the bill, and incoming foreigners with the yen so weak will still feel cheap.

You can anticipate the current 6000 yen APA hotel room being 13000yen after October 11th.

Hoshino resorts 70000yen a room night will be 120000yen.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

Japan has only had visa restrictions up until now, and they say they will be lifted shortly.

There were no mask restrictions. There is no forced vaccine mandates.

People wear masks out of culture, and their tendency to be polite. There is no legal restrictions. A private company, can make rules for their shops if they want, as it is private property.

Without a mask, you may get glanced at, and the Japanese will think, "oh, there is another foreigner without a mask, and forget about you 5 seconds later." An elderly Japanese gentleman, may grumble angrily at you in passing, but don't worry about him, or no need to react to him. He has bigger issues in his life than you have in your's.

As for those complaining about their houses they owned in Japan being un occupied for two- three years. I hope you can get back to your homes shortly. There will probably be a lot of maintenance that needs to take place. Japan cycles of humid and dry weather age things much faster than they do in dry N. American or European climates.

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

But will the foreigners wear masks is the 2.3billion dollar question.

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Posted in: Record high number of ambulances struggling to find hospitals in Japan See in context

Tinder technology should be utilized by hospitals and ambulances.

swipe for a match

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Posted in: Osaka exits opening match at Toronto with back injury See in context

Naomi should start her own tennis league, with her own money, or investments from sponsors.

Where she can set the rules.

I love to watch her play in top form, but I have never seen a professional athlete in such a state. Ever. crying on the court, crying in press conferences, blaming others for her athletic poor performance.

If all the money in the world cannot buy you therapy, or "well being" retreat sessions to help your mental state, then maybe she needs to rethink what makes her happy in this world, because this circle she is in, is just not working out it seems.

She could easily live off of 1 million a year for the rest of her life.

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Posted in: Japan to offer Omicron COVID shot to at least twice-vaccinated people See in context

If countries want to avoid death, they will need to vaccinate every 6 months, and achieve high levels of vaccination in a short time, like they did with the first batch of vaccines.

It will take about 5-8 more years before this is long in the rear view mirror.

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Posted in: Lawyers decry ban on 'menacing' eyewear at Japan prison See in context

In jail for traffic violations, like lying about your emissions data.

oh whoops.

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Posted in: Review: 'Bullet Train' goes off the rails, but Pitt doesn't See in context

I hope the third installment is chinchin densha.

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Posted in: Truck maker Hino says emissions data faked for 20 years See in context

But how do the trucks pass emissions during the shaken inspections and emissions tests overseas?

is this shaken thing just a big money making scam? I would like to believe it was for safety and environmental standards.

Or the data was just faked to increase sales opportunities.

questions, and "it will be looked into" and a lot of bowing will usually suffice in this case.

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Posted in: 2nd Japan case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

Traveling abroad to have intercourse with strangers unprotected. Darwinism 101.

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Posted in: Angels rebuff calls to trade star Ohtani See in context

Seattle should trade for him and make the Mariners Japan's favorite team again. Nintendo still owns 10% if I am not mistaken.

The licensed goods sales alone in Japan when Ichiro was a Mariner, probably covered his yearly salary, and sure the same would happen if Ohtani went to Seattle.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context


cite the url and copy it and paste it here in Japanese or english.

Not in your own words.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context


Are you referring to the toyokeizai homepage. It is incorrectly translated on the english page.

Check the government data or the toyokeizai Japanese page.


Call your local ward hokenjyo and talk to real medical staff. They can tell you how many in your local town or district.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context


educate me with links.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context


Actual hospitalisations minimal! That’s all that really matters.

FYI Cases Requiring Hospitalization July 05 daily count: 190,402

So yeah, I guess 190,402 people is minimal.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,821 coronavirus cases See in context

New variants are getting worse folks.

Over 90% hospitalization rate now in Japan.

190,402 cases requiring hospitalization.

209,842 Active case count.

Death toll is still low, but hospitals are stressed. Science based on numbers.

Keep on that mask, and get that boost.

Unfortunately, no open borders for while folks.

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Posted in: Parents of boy, 2, found alone at parade shooting among dead See in context

Japan has practically no guns. So I live in Japan. Plan and simple. Food is better, smaller carbon footprint print as well.

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Posted in: New travel subsidy program may be postponed after COVID cases surge See in context

It will come soon, they will close the borders. It is those foreigners walking around without masks, that make them change their minds. So if you care about it, wear a mask.

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Posted in: Typhoon weakens to tropical cyclone, bringing torrential rain See in context

Google sent my phone an alert, it will start raining at 12noon today.

Only a few drops so far and its almost 6pm.

I guess they thought I was on AU network and the push would take a few hours to arrive.

Nice to know they are thinking ahead, and we will get IR emails to be cautious about rain now for each typhoon that comes this year.

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Posted in: KDDI mobile service failure ends after 86 hours; minister criticizes company's handling of disruption See in context

From AU own homepage.

"mobile carrier with the highest customer satisfaction rate in Japan."

About to be changed to "mobile carrier with most bows in Japan."

With the current power crisis, you think they could turn off their shop logos at 1am at night.

Or should turn them off until they fix the problem at least.

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Posted in: China sees record rains, heat as weather turns volatile See in context

Won't the electric cars be damaged in all of that rain?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

this is a lifestyle issue of the work work work mentality in Japanese bigger cities just to make enough to save a hundred each month.

Take train 3 hours a day, to work in a job they don't like, finish at 8pm, if they go to the grocery store and cook for themselves, they will be be finished at 11pm, after meal prep and washing dishes, and washing the trash.

Or eat fastfood, or super market bento, and some junk food, and watch some netflix to relax.

work life balance needs to be looked at if you are to understand japanese diet. Those with time have much better diet then those without time and the unfortunate working poor class.

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Posted in: Philippines asks Japanese consumers to accept higher prices for bananas See in context

Within reason, sure I can pay more, but not within reason, I will not buy your bananas.

I will eat rice and fish, and fuki.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

Instagram got huge in the last 10 years, and the tiktok fad only enforces body stereotypes.

My wife eats super healthy and can eat the same amount as me. Doesn’t gain anything. She cooks, or our chef 3 days a week, so no bobateas or crepes for us.

Vegetable and fruit costs have been increasing, some double in the last 3 months.

lets hope Japan doesn't ballon rebound dieting. The only ones who will come out on top is uniqlo by selling so much clothes.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

Just gotta keep on wearing my mask, drive everywhere (good thing my Tesla is charged with Solar). Avoid crowded places and get outside.

it will be interesting to see if any restrictions to restaurants goes into effect. We get take out or cook at home.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases in Tokyo soar to 3,803; nationwide tally 23,346 See in context

Glad I have 336 masks in my closet. Won’t have to stock up until next May.

I will keep wearing mine.

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Posted in: Britain to lift import restriction on food products from Fukushima See in context

I think the real reason they lifted is the exchange rate issue. Japanese food from fukushima is now 20% off.

So are the british going to start eating ongiri, and mushroom all the sudden?

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Posted in: Japan to extend additional $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine See in context

$100 million dollar aid, and ask me to turn off AC in 38 degree weather. LMFAO.

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Posted in: Disaster-hit residents unimpressed by 'recovery Olympics': gov't report See in context

yeah, with all of that money, they just should have made a bunch of parks all over Japan.

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