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Posted in: Number of elderly reaches record 36.17 mil in Japan See in context

36.2 million elders ( 65 years old) in a nation of estimated 125.5 millions, that is ~ 28.8%. Indeed, by year 2030, it could rise to 33.3%, one-third of the total population. What a burden to the nation then, notably the younger generation..

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Posted in: Thai protesters reinstall plaque symbolizing democracy See in context

In the final analysis, Thai students would like to rescind the power of monarchy.

Worldwide, monarchy of all kinds (notably the very rich and powerful) have out-served their originally intended purpose, they are obsolete, even as figure-heads. Anyway, what is their main function nowadays? ..

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Almost 2,000 Japanese committed suicide in August this year, showing an increase compared to the same time last year. This seems to be a worldwide phenomenon now. Last year, there were 850,000 suicides globally. One suspects it could reach 1,000,000 this year.

For the past decade, Japan has seen a drop of number of suicides annually. There is a likelihood it will rise significantly for year 2020, no thanks to the merciless and torturous Covid outbreak and the continual relentless spread...

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Posted in: EU unveils plan to combat racism, increase diversity See in context

EU to combat racism? Yes. Do it, don't just sit down, plan, talk and talk..

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Posted in: Syria blames U.S. for fuel crisis paralyzing the country See in context

Oil rich Syria is having a fuel crisis? No joke, unless what its oil minister claimed is true. "The severe fuel crisis is the result of Western sanctions, as oil fields in eastern regions have fallen under control of US troops too."

Apparently such is the case, after 9 years of war, Syrians are buying extra-expensive limited petrol. Has the war-torn nation started to bring back its refugees that made up half of its original population to rebuild the nation? What a nation, in great sorrow and pain...

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

Tokyo Olympics aside, can new PM Suga offer new prescription for economic recovery?

One wonders why he has been insisting on carrying on Abenomics when many Japanese know too well that it has not been functional as expected.

If Suga aims to keep replicating what Abe has done, where will be the reform as suggested and anticipated by his supporters?.. He may have to think again, carefully and cautiously..

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Posted in: Suga says he is committed to advancing Abe's policies See in context

How about that? As expected, he chooses to follow Abe's line, and he is game to walk again in the shadow of someone else..

As it is, no need to look forward to any surprising change from Suga.

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Posted in: U.N. demands all countries enforce arms embargo on Libya See in context

UN can keep on demanding. As usual, nobody cares, particularly leaders of countries that export mercenaries and sells weapons. The conflict in Libya could go on for years..

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Posted in: Suga faces tricky call on snap election See in context

Snap election aside, Suga-led Japan would not follow Trump’s strategy?

It must be too early to predict or assess what new Japanese leader Suga would do to Sino-Japan relationship. He could well go for some drastic diplomatic measures. 

He may likely to pull a neutral stance on China-US decoupling, or he may be more likely to follow his predecessors to support US on practically every international issue. Just wait and see..

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Posted in: France tightens screws on public activities to fight COVID-19 See in context

The return of incessant protesting and rioting Yellow Vest at the mourning time when France is busy counting more than 31,000 deaths..

Tightening and enforcing strictly the restrictions are definitely necessary to curb the apparently unmanageable Covid-19 virus bashing in France. Or else face more unacceptable consequences..

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Posted in: Historic Afghan peace talks fraught with uncertainty See in context

Whether it is to be “a historic opportunity for peace that benefits all Afghans and contributes to regional stability and global security” or not, it would be too early to draw any conclusion. Based on past experience, one would not place much hope on this 'peace talk'. It could well be for show only..

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Posted in: Antarctica is still free of COVID-19. Can it stay that way? See in context

Free of virus attack... Wonderful !

Let it be, let it be the only virus-free continent on our pathetic globe.

The world must make sure that it is not, and will never to be tainted in any way, under any cause or circumstances...

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Posted in: Abe says Japan must strengthen ballistic missile defense See in context

Abe says Japan must strengthen its ballistic missile defense. To defend itself against an imaginary enemy? Or to form a buffer region for US? This is 'a potentially controversial proposition given the country's pacifist constitution' laid out after WWII. Please take note of this seriously..

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Posted in: EU tells UK to scrap plan for treaty breach; UK refuses See in context

So EU is telling UK it should urgently scrap a plan to break the departure treaty, but Johnson's government stubbornly refused. This could send four years of Brexit talks to limbo. Does that matter? UK has no choice now, it is not even coping with its numerous thorny internal woes properly or efficiently. Too bad, another failed state is gradually in the making..

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Posted in: China expects Japan's next PM to be conciliatory amid U.S. tensions See in context

Most readers' comments appear to be non-supportive of China. Like many Japanese folks, they tend to dislike communism, nursing a phobia against China's momentous rise in the past two decades when their nation's economy suffers from stagnancy.

Avoid being short-sighted, have a bit of foresightedness..

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Posted in: Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future See in context


The west coast of US is in fire, raging from California to Oregon, in spite of all the concerted effort to put the numerous spots of fire off. Why?

Has the impact of pandemic not been bad enough?..

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Posted in: U.S. cuts troops in Iraq on Trump pledge to stop 'endless wars' See in context

'Reduce in 5,200 military personnel to just 3,000 in Iraq, and an expected parallel announcement on Afghanistan, comes as Trump strives to cast himself as a peacemaker..'

Is he aiming for a Nobel Peace Prize that has been controversial and largely downgraded? Or trying to appear as a peace lover to draw in some last minute votes?..

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Posted in: Cooperate on climate or 'we will be doomed': U.N. chief See in context

It is obvious that some political leaders, notably the powerful ones, are extremely selfish. Not that they are taking care of their people, but on consolidating their own power over the people. How to expect them to be cooperative on matter of real urgency that would counter their own interests?

Moreover, they have very little knowledge of the climate change threat, refuse to acknowledge whatever highly likely consequential disasters there may be in the near future. If UN can't do anything to bring the blur leaders to their senses, who can?

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Posted in: UK judge rejects bid to delay Assange extradition hearing See in context

Nothing astonishing, the judge is just following their masters' wish.

Talking about judiciary independence..!

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Posted in: Japan's economy sinks deeper into worst postwar contraction in Q2 See in context

No surprise, it is a foregone conclusion. Almost all other countries are suffering the same fate, no thanks to the on-going raging pandemic. Q3 would be worse, perhaps much worse.. Be ready..

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. of plan to build ships solely for missile defense See in context

Building specialized vessels equipped with radar & missile launch system destined to counter ballistic missiles seems to be the most viable alternative for Japan to replace scrapped plan of US-developed land-based systems. So, Tokyo wants to strengthen its navy further apart from expanding it. What would US and Japan's neighbors think?

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 22 people in 2 attacks in Nigeria See in context

Violence is no stranger to this restless Nigeria, notably in the mid-region and the north. This oil rich nation's economy has suffered a big blow due to this year's low oil price that lingers at about $40. The few powerful are very rich, the great majority remain poor and hapless.

Is Boko Haram still active, contributing to the nation's messy and chaotic situation?

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Posted in: Report: Trump disparaged U.S. war dead as 'losers,' 'suckers' See in context

What an unnecessary contemptuous remark from the nation's leader whose soldiers were ordered to fight and get killed. He must be senile to have been talking insensitive and nonsensical things most of the time in the past years, misleading the Americans and the world at large.

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Posted in: Trump takes jab at Biden during V-J Day visit to battleship See in context

Cherish peace, guard against evil..

While commemorating the 75th anniversary of World War II victory, "humanity should guard against the return of the evil and darkness from the ashes of history". Absolutely..

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Posted in: Pentagon says China planning big increase in nuclear arsenal See in context

War-monger Pentagon is at it again, accusing China of stockpiling nuclear arsenal. Chances are it is using that as an excuse of increasing its nuclear war head missiles and bombs.

As it is, US has already enough nuclear weapons to flatten all the big and small cities in the world. Still want some more?

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Posted in: First direct Israel-UAE flight lands in Abu Dhabi See in context

'Israel plane flew to UAE, carrying high-ranking US & Israeli delegation to Abu Dhabi in the first direct commercial flight.'

On the surface, it appears to be a significant sign for peace in the region. Below the surface, US-Israel are trying to instigate internal strife in the Arab World. Israel would only be safer and call the shots anytime in Mideast when the surrounding Arab nations are at odds with one another..

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to keep China in check See in context

Just when Premier Abe is stepping down from Japan's political scene, his defense chief is regurgitating US counterpart's words on China's threat over South China Sea and the islets. Is this the way Kono covertly trying to show his intention to be the next Japan leader?

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Posted in: South Korean doctors' strike escalates even as Seoul races to tackle COVID surge See in context

Mainly the interns and resident doctors are protesting against some government rulings not in their favor.

Apparently nowadays, medical doctors, notably those so-called specialists, are looking more for money than their practice to serve the people to look after their health. Perhaps the Hippocratic oath has become pointless and meaningless in this money world..

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Posted in: Leaders, gov'ts around world react to Abe's resignation See in context

Japan's Abe to step down as leader due to weak health:

A long service premier, Abe has finally succumbed to his health. For the past few years, he has been deeply distressed by his failed Abenomics while his nation's lackluster economy continues to slide down, slowly but surely. 

Hope that his successor will show sincere friendliness to the neighboring countries, particularly in this unusual and defining time for the benefit of everyone..

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Posted in: What virus? At GOP's convention, pandemic is largely ignored See in context

There has been a serious panicky if not paranoiac mood during the Republican convention. Participants conveniently forget about wearing masks for they appear blur. Would they regret if some of them will be tested positive later?

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