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Posted in: Macron says images of police beating Black man shameful for France See in context

If Macron strongly feels that beating up the black by white police is a shameful act, then order to stop it, and ensure there will be no such repetition in future.

But could that be possible in a country saturated with populism?

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Posted in: Suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind killed See in context

Did Israel order the top Iranian scientist to be assassinated? If true, that is absolutely unacceptable to any sane people with a moral sense.

Could Tehran retaliate in any way?

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Posted in: Japan rejects China's proposal for easing tensions over isle sovereignty See in context

What is the point of further discussion and negotiation when one party rejects outright any probability of compromise? All talks seem futile..

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Posted in: Global push to end domestic violence, worse amid COVID-19 See in context

Undoubtedly, global domestic violence has been on the rise, no thanks to the dark pandemic. In what way could the world address such issue to minimize the sufferings of the victims promptly?

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Posted in: Do you think the media should post the number of coronavirus infections each day? See in context

At the moment, world media have been swarmed by Covid reports and news, often repetitive, every day. Readers get bored, and the news lose their significance.

One would think they should be reduced to twice a week.

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Posted in: Parents of Briton killed in road accident lose diplomatic immunity challenge See in context

UK only listens to US, the government would just ignore the parents of victim.

Such obvious double standard, the darling of western world..

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Posted in: China's top diplomat arrives in Japan amid regional tensions See in context

Easing regional unnecessary tension and unwanted antagonism must be the top priority of China's Foreign Minister's agenda when visiting Tokyo. But it would not be easy at all, he has to be tough..

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Posted in: Suga tells G-20 Japan will lead international efforts on climate change See in context

Premier Suga's promise is highly important and absolutely essential, make sure he keeps it dearly and implement the necessary measures at the soonest, before expecting other leaders to take note ..

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Posted in: Online G-20 summit lacks glam, and maybe results, amid virus See in context

Verily, online G20 lacks glamor and pomp. What to expect from an unofficially outdated summit that has hardly proven its usefulness. Has anyone evaluated its outcomes all these years?

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Posted in: U.S. Navy commander in Asia welcomes Japan-Australia military pact See in context

That goes without further elaborating. So obvious..

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan, S Korea to speak out on China See in context

While US urges Japan, South Korea to speak out on China, Kissinger urges Biden to restore communication with China. However, the communication needs to be based on sincerity, respect and equality. It must be mutual..

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Posted in: India, U.S, Japan, Australia resume naval exercise See in context

The second phase of naval deal by Quad, this time at Arabian Sea. Apparently, it resembles a 'regional initiative to counter China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific'.

Regional initiative or not, Quad aims to contain China.

China's assertiveness or not, Quad's main goal is to monitor China's every movement, domestically & internationally. Does anyone like that?

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Posted in: Australia, Japan to bolster defense ties amid China's rise See in context

Eschew from trusting Japan and Australia too much. They do not seem to be sincere in what they have been doing, especially on matters related to China. Beijing has to be on guard, always..

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Posted in: Putin, extending Russian footprint, approves new naval facility in Sudan See in context

After China's impressive economic imprint in Africa, Russia follows up with its military footprint, this time in Sudan. Meanwhile, US does not lack behind in its political influence in the continent.

Apparently, Africa is getting increasingly important in the eyes of global major powers. What next?..

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister says Tokyo looks to deepen U.S. ties See in context

'Japan hopes to deepen its alliance with US to get its ally continuously committed to regional security'. It does appear precarious Tokyo would have no other better or functionable option than to keep relying on the mighty Washington again. Seemingly rather pathetic..

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Posted in: Biden's agenda faces a divided Congress See in context

Is Biden's top agenda really 'to restore the soul of America'? Does that mean there isn't any more soul left in the nation? Rather fathomable.

Anyway, whatever and wherever the lost soul is, it must very difficult to find it back. It will take a long long time..

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Posted in: Thai protesters rally again, promoting a diversity of causes See in context

Just hope that the 'Mob Fest' will not morph into a mob violence but remain calm. In which case, the military junta (under the influence of monarchy) would not have an excuse to tighten its tough reign for a longer period..

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Posted in: Canadians can save Christmas if COVID-19 contained now, Trudeau says See in context

Canada cannot save Christmas, Trudeau cannot contain Covid either.

If someone continues to steer his nation along the direction direction as charted by the giant neighbor, they are simply pathetic and non-functional..

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Posted in: Johnson's director of communications resigns See in context

If one cannot cope with the maddening situation, the best thing is to leave for good.

UK has been overwhelmed with bad management and poor decisions. Most leaders are incapable and practically clueless. Sandwiched between Brexit and Covid, they seem helpless, hence hopeless..

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Posted in: Police expose global child abuse ring centered in Australia See in context

Shame on the culprits, they must be severely punished for the heinous crime..

Hope that justice prevail in Australia.

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Posted in: Money to support Trump court fight could flow to president See in context

Filing new challenge in election results, bringing the election outcomes to court,..? What for?

Just look at the number of popular votes, most Americans want you to leave the Oval Office. So, let it be, never act like a 'bad and poor loser'..

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as US turns inward, PM adviser says.

Leaderless era? This is an insult to the new premier. Does that mean US has always been the 'true leader 'of Japan?

Come on, Tokyo, never mind if US turns inward, it is time for you to stand upright to call your own shots, to be fully independent..

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Posted in: U.S. surpasses 10 million coronavirus cases: Johns Hopkins See in context

Successful vaccine (90% effectiveness) yet more infected cases and more deaths. Can anyone suggest a more accurate time for the pandemic to end its global ravage? The whole world is suffering ( a matter of degree, not of kind ), how long more?

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Posted in: Trump fires defense secretary after public policy clashes See in context

Where is the need for the outgoing leader to fire his defense chief when he himself has just been fired by his people?

Stay cool and quit the Oval Office with whatever dignity left..

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Posted in: Suu Kyi party set to win Myanmar vote with weak opposition See in context

Suu Kyi's party may win the Myanmar election, but the military junta apparently would desire to continue its full control of the nation's affair, especially when dealing with international affairs. The election does not really mean much..

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Posted in: Trump does not plan to concede any time soon, aides and allies indicate See in context

Has Biden won the presidency when the incumbent Trump refuses to concede defeat?

What will be the consequence? Next..?

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Posted in: Kremlin says rise in COVID-19 cases alarming See in context

Apparently a resurgence of the virus has begun in Europe, despite the vaccine and new stringent restriction measures. That must be threateningly alarming and Russia is well aware of it..

Has something gone wrong? Simply perplexing..

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Posted in: Republicans seeking to raise at least $60 mil to fund Trump legal challenges See in context

A democratic election?

Perhaps it is more of media propaganda to see who can afford to burn more money to mislead the maddening crowd.

The nation is aging, controlled by ailing elders in their late seventies and early eighties. Utterly incomprehensible..

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Posted in: Republicans break with Trump over push to halt vote count See in context

What a bad loser !

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Posted in: Japan's defense plan won't include strike capability acquisition See in context

Increasing defensive power without beefing up striking facilities does not seem to make any sense. Nobody would want to believe that.

Of course, it can always be done covertly and quietly..

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