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Posted in: Tree-planting rush overlooks climate benefits from natural forest recovery See in context

'A study led by the World Resources Institute looked at the potential carbon-storing benefits of letting cut forests recover on their own.' One would hesitate to accept this finding on its face value.

However, planting trees to arrest deserts from relentless expanding is certainly a must, a right move to combat climate change in terms of warming.

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Posted in: Britain's coronavirus cases rise to record level See in context

Whether the Covid infection has reached its highest level or not, some British are still adamant against the restrictions imposed.

Apparently, shortage of testing capacity remains a concern, but that should not be an excuse for not following government's new more stringent rules.

The virus is winning ground in most countries worldwide. Stop their advance, now or never..

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Posted in: 4 million acres burned in California wildfires See in context

' A fearsome milestone: 1.6 million hectares burned this year by wildfires, killing 31..'

Verily, the fires are devastating, yet apparently not too many non-Californians are concerned, let alone the world. Meanwhile, more natural disasters (big and small) are molding and evolving in many places all the time globally...

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Posted in: Trump to spend a few days in hospital as virus diagnosis rocks presidential campaign See in context

The president did not believe the severity of virus at the beginning, reluctant to enforce the restriction rules, unwilling to wear mask here and there,.. Now what, the virus refuses to make him an exception. The most crucial question is: What next?

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Posted in: U.S. Senate panel approves sending subpoenas to CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, Google See in context

Does anyone think Twitter, Facebook or Google will give up what they have been enjoying for years? They are far too big to allow the US government (or any government for that matter) to curb their rights in any way. Just wait and see..

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Posted in: EU takes legal action against UK over planned Brexit bill See in context

EU to take legal action against UK? What for, adding salt to the already badly wounded UK during this turbulent time? UK's economy is already in real harsh shape, any further financial penalty imposed on it by EU would surely expedite its bankruptcy..

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Posted in: Japan's job market worsens in August as coronavirus damage persists See in context


This could well be tip of iceberg, the real unemployment situation in the world is far more serious and mind-cracking than the highly conservative estimate often reported by the media..

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Posted in: Defense Ministry seeks record ¥5.49 tril budget See in context

During Abe's time, Japan was prone to fortify itself, strengthening its navy and air force. Looks like it will continue under the new leadership. What is the main purpose, just for defense? What does Article 9 say?

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Posted in: Senate approves bill to avoid shutdown, sending it to Trump See in context

This is not the first time. US cannot afford to have repeated shutdowns, as the consequences could be real damaging..

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Posted in: Azerbaijan and Armenia reject talks as Karabakh conflict zone spreads See in context

As conflict spreads, Turkey is hiring Syrian rebels to fight Armenians for Azerbaijan, The Guardian claims.

Turkey should stop interfering with the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, let alone hiring mercenaries to fight its arch enemy Armenia..

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases rising among U.S. children as schools reopen See in context

A study says 'Reopening US college/university campuses for in-person classes in late summer could be associated with 3,000 extra cases daily..'. Is it absolutely true?

The words "could be" connotes uncertainty and speculation We have been overwhelmed by lots of uncertainties in this critical and difficult time. They are becoming very stressful if not utterly depressive. Can we not have less speculative element in all study or research findings/reports?

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Posted in: Worldwide death toll from coronavirus passes 1 million See in context

The Covid-19 death toll is now 1 million 'officially', many more to be expected before the spread of virus ends. The collateral damages are equally damning, the true extent of the destruction of humans' psychology would be revealed gradually.

We said in April that since practically all countries and territories are fighting against a common invisible yet formidable virus, we are having a WWIII in the true sense of "world war". Now what, some 33 millions affected, of which 3.3% already dead, yet there is no end in sight. What a WORLD WAR.

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Posted in: Yemen warring sides agree to swap over 1,000 prisoners See in context

For several years, Yemen has been immersed in internal conflict between Saudi supported government and Iran assisted Houthi. Saudi's airstrikes against Houthis have killed thousands so far, and there seems to be no ending in sight. Now they exchange prisoners. What for?

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Posted in: Japan's democracy biased without women participating: LDP lawmaker See in context

自民党议员:日本的民主制度, 在没有妇女参与的情况下有偏见。

民主是否存在,主要因素在于根深蒂固的文化和既定的传统,而不在于政治的本质。总是有改变的希望,并且改变会在未来的时间里, 逐渐发生..。

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Posted in: Japan's democracy biased without women participating: LDP lawmaker See in context

Biased democracy or not, the main factor lies in rooted culture and established tradition, not in the nature of politics. There is always hope for change, and change it will be albeit gradually in time to come..

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Posted in: London police, protesters clash at COVID-19 demonstration See in context

No more masks

No more lies

No more virus

No more lockdown..

These are what some British still believe. Flabbergasting. Perhaps they can't be bothered or even refuse to acknowledge that 1 million lives have already gone worldwide.

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Posted in: Suga, in talks with Xi, says stable Japan-China ties key to region See in context

Absolutely so, stable China-Japan relationship is key to the region's peace. This is laudable and most encouraging. When neighbors are cordial, they promote security and stability. Go for it..

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Posted in: Virus cases rise in U.S. heartland, home to anti-mask feelings See in context

COVID-19 deaths surpass 200,000 in U.S. amid growing anger over government's failure.

An unnecessary complacency & late decision have caused 200,000 American lives, 1/5 of the estimated global deaths of 1,000,000. How is this compared to US soldiers' deaths during WWII?

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Posted in: Democrats propose sweeping bill to curb presidential abuses See in context

Proposing bill to curb presidential abuses only at this moment, just weeks to election? What for?

Nobody would know what the incumbent would do if he knows for certain he is losing. He had already said that the election result could end up in the Supreme Court. Would he not do something drastic and stupid at the split moment of intense desperation? Who knows?

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Posted in: EU to UK: stop playing 'games' with Brexit trade talks See in context

Is UK playing games? If London does not care whether any free trade deal could be achieved by next month or not, naturally, it won't listen to Brussels warning. The nation is at the brink of chaos, it cannot tackle the current mess caused by the virus.

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Posted in: Madrid asks for Spanish army's help in battling coronavirus surge See in context

Is the situation in Madrid uncontrollable? Had it not called Spanish army to monitor the protests before?

Authorities said COVID-19 transmission levels there exceeded 1,000 per 100,000 people, that is 1 in 100. Have the restriction measures failed? Something is amiss, be more cautious..

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Posted in: U.N. at 75 faces a deeply polarized world See in context

Doubtlessly, we are in an extremely polarized world: rich - poor, black - white, north - south, oppressor - oppressed, privileged - destitute, ..

Situation is worsening by the day, in fact, things will get much worse before it could even start to get any slightly better. Not that I am pessimistic, just that the facts do not allow me to be optimistic in any way.

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Posted in: Number of elderly reaches record 36.17 mil in Japan See in context

36.2 million elders ( 65 years old) in a nation of estimated 125.5 millions, that is ~ 28.8%. Indeed, by year 2030, it could rise to 33.3%, one-third of the total population. What a burden to the nation then, notably the younger generation..

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Posted in: Thai protesters reinstall plaque symbolizing democracy See in context

In the final analysis, Thai students would like to rescind the power of monarchy.

Worldwide, monarchy of all kinds (notably the very rich and powerful) have out-served their originally intended purpose, they are obsolete, even as figure-heads. Anyway, what is their main function nowadays? ..

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Almost 2,000 Japanese committed suicide in August this year, showing an increase compared to the same time last year. This seems to be a worldwide phenomenon now. Last year, there were 850,000 suicides globally. One suspects it could reach 1,000,000 this year.

For the past decade, Japan has seen a drop of number of suicides annually. There is a likelihood it will rise significantly for year 2020, no thanks to the merciless and torturous Covid outbreak and the continual relentless spread...

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Posted in: EU unveils plan to combat racism, increase diversity See in context

EU to combat racism? Yes. Do it, don't just sit down, plan, talk and talk..

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Posted in: Syria blames U.S. for fuel crisis paralyzing the country See in context

Oil rich Syria is having a fuel crisis? No joke, unless what its oil minister claimed is true. "The severe fuel crisis is the result of Western sanctions, as oil fields in eastern regions have fallen under control of US troops too."

Apparently such is the case, after 9 years of war, Syrians are buying extra-expensive limited petrol. Has the war-torn nation started to bring back its refugees that made up half of its original population to rebuild the nation? What a nation, in great sorrow and pain...

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

Tokyo Olympics aside, can new PM Suga offer new prescription for economic recovery?

One wonders why he has been insisting on carrying on Abenomics when many Japanese know too well that it has not been functional as expected.

If Suga aims to keep replicating what Abe has done, where will be the reform as suggested and anticipated by his supporters?.. He may have to think again, carefully and cautiously..

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Posted in: Suga says he is committed to advancing Abe's policies See in context

How about that? As expected, he chooses to follow Abe's line, and he is game to walk again in the shadow of someone else..

As it is, no need to look forward to any surprising change from Suga.

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Posted in: U.N. demands all countries enforce arms embargo on Libya See in context

UN can keep on demanding. As usual, nobody cares, particularly leaders of countries that export mercenaries and sells weapons. The conflict in Libya could go on for years..

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