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Posted in: Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter See in context

It does not matter how many shooters there could have been. When you are a sworn officer of the law your job is to serve and protect--its not just a security guard job!

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Posted in: Slowing U.S. auto sales prompts Japan automakers to rethink discounts See in context

How about some innovation to boost sales. Hybrids are crap--if they were worth it, all taxis would be hybrid by now. Why are there virtually no electric cars being offered in Japan? Two reason: Intellectual Property--mostly held by US and European concerns and second the Japanese petroleum industry/lobby which imports the oil and sells it to a captive market at vastly inflated prices--its a golden goose--electric cars would greatly disrupt their money-making machine.

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Posted in: Students plan protests, Washington march to demand gun control after school shooting See in context

@TJ: you are a typical liberal who cherry-picks statements. You have no answer for the astronomical gun violence in places like Chicago with its strict gun laws. The root problem is the breakdown in families; no father present to keep children in the right direction (for the most part) and these school shooting will continue. There was the same access to guns when I grew up in the early 60's but I don't recall any school shootings and everyone in my class had a father at home. Admittedly, the FBI dropped the ball on this one, but with over 1 million people on their terrorist watch list, they have their hands full even though they are a very large organization.

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Posted in: Students plan protests, Washington march to demand gun control after school shooting See in context

I know this is an extremely emotional issue given recent events, but when you restrict the right to own a firearm (of any kind) only criminals will have guns. Just look at Chicago with the toughest gun laws in the US next to NYC. Its now come to light that the FBI screwed up on so many levels; if they would have done the job they are paid to do (protecting citizens) and not chasing after Russian bots, this shooting may not have occurred...

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Posted in: Romney makes it official: He's running for Utah Senate seat See in context

One carpet bagger replacing another. Both Mitt and Orrin are not Utah natives; they spent most of their lives in Michigan and DC..

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Posted in: Trump breaks silence on domestic abuse; Kelly out of sight See in context

I do not condone any sort of violence against women; that said, all the news reports say they are just allegations against Rob Porter. If someone can post a link to an actual police report filed against Porter it would be much appreciated. Porter had to resign due to bad optics, but why did his first wife wait over 10 years to go public and the second wife waited over five years? Just wondering...

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Posted in: Trump breaks silence on domestic abuse; Kelly out of sight See in context

Get real people. A billionaire who probably had drop-dead gorgeous women literally throwing themselves at him is going to have an affair with porn star who is a walking petri dish of STDs...

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Posted in: NBC boots analyst over Japan comment at Pyeongchang Games See in context

Can you imagine if a Fox News analyst made the same comment--posters on this site would be foaming at the mouth with indignation. But kidding aside, if it wasn't for Japan's onerous war reparations, American universities training many Korean engineers and their totally one-sided trade agreements with the US, they wouldn't be in much better shape than their northern brethren.

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

Actually I have lived here long enough to remember when JAL and ANA simultaneously banned smoking on their flights because they were losing business to United which banned smoking years earlier. Funny story when I was in college and worked part-time in a restaurant one of the short order cooks was a recovering heroin addict who told me he kicked the heroin but could not quit smoking!

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

When Japanese airlines banned smoking, smokers refused to fly? And why are cigarettes so cheap in Japan compared to the US and Europe? Simply put, studies have shown that if you keep the price of cigarettes low you are assured a steady stream of new smokers. When prices are high--like the US and Europe--current smokers do not quit, but people who start smoking is drastically lowered. The Japanese government must sell its stake in Japan Tobacco or else the smoking laws will never change.

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Posted in: Trump urges compromise as U.S. Republicans wrestle with immigration See in context

So during the SOTU when President Trump acknowledges the victim's families of persons murdered by illegal aliens the Democrats just sat there while Republicans stood and applauded them. When the President stated black unemployment was the lowest on record, the black caucus just sat there while the Republicans applauded. I wake every morning and thank God that Trump is the President. Lets see if I can get over 50 "-" marks from all the SJWs on this site.

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested over murder of parents See in context

Problem is, after and exhaustive trial and appeal process, he will languish on Death Row (at taxpayer expense) until he dies of natural causes because the Japanese Justice Minister rarely (if ever) signs the execution order.

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Posted in: Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity See in context

It was nice to see Nancy Pelosi fidgeting with her dentures for 90 minutes.

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Posted in: Japan, France agree on defense sharing pact See in context

Are you kidding me, France will have Japan's back in any conflict in the South China Sea?

What's that joke: I saw a French WWII rifle on eBay with the description: Never fired, dropped once...

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Posted in: Soros to Google and Facebook: 'Your days are numbered' See in context

George Schwartz (Soros) said the same thing to the Jews in Poland he helped expose while he worked for the SS in his teenage years. He excuse for doing it (and I paraphrase him his statement) "If I didn't do it, someone else would have." As some posters have stated, his (Soros) days are numbered and the world will be a better place without him...

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Posted in: 4 pressing questions ahead of Tuesday's Oscar nominations See in context

Dunkirk? Wow, they are sure scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I saw it at a matinee and with a senior discount and it still was not worth it. The director surely did not read history; and this is not only my opinion; a British and German friend showed equal distain for the entire movie.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of wife in Aomori Pref See in context

The "drunk" defense works every time here...

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'heartfelt' apology from Japan over 'comfort women' See in context

Must be an Asian thing—constant whining. Not hardly a peep out of the Russians and Germans about the million-plus women raped on both sides during WWII. Just an ugly fact of war; never forget, but get over it and move on.

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Posted in: Trump faces presidential fitness test amid raised concerns See in context

This is why Congress has the “Barry Goldwater Rule” so some half-wit Yale Professor cannot make a diagnosis without ever interviewing the patient. Look it up, uninformed , opinionated JT readers...

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Posted in: Another U.S. military chopper makes emergency landing near Okinawa hotel See in context

According to the FAA there were 105 fatal civilian helicopter crashes last year. Flying and maintaining choppers is much more difficult than fixed-wing aircraft.

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Posted in: Trump could freeze $2 bil of Pakistan aid over militant havens See in context

Finally we have a president with a backbone who who calls them as he sees them. Money talks and BS walks!

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Posted in: N Korea says it'll reopen cross-border communications with South See in context

This looks like Little Kim’s version of “rope-a-dope.”

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates; first executions since July See in context

I wonder how the liberal-minded posters on this site would feel if it was one of their loved-one's killed my these monsters.

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Posted in: Japan avoids criticizing U.S. move on Jerusalem See in context

Muslims would claim the moon was theirs if Jews were there...

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Posted in: AKB48 and S Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards; turns out to be a disaster See in context

What do you expect from AKB48; of course they have little in the way of talent when the only way you can audition for a spot in the group is with a futon strapped to your back...

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Posted in: Object possibly from U.S. military aircraft falls on Okinawa nursery See in context

A small cylindrical object is better than a missile from the DPRK...

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Posted in: Trump outlines big cuts to Utah monuments; environmentalists sue See in context

The Federal Government owns 65% of the land in Utah, so I think they can give up some of it.

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Posted in: Colorful customers See in context

I didn't know there was a WalMart in Japan...

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Posted in: Trump says there is a 'Pocahontas' in the U.S. Congress See in context

I wonder how any of these posters would feel if they were the person edged out of a professorship at Harvard by someone who claimed to be of Native American heritage with virtually no proof....

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Posted in: 65% of university seniors reject job offers amid labor shortage See in context

I love it -- labor shortage. I was kicked out of my company last year when I hit 65; I guess Japanese companies feel you are out of energy by that age. BTW, I have run (and completed) three full marathons this year. Someone needs to inform Japanese companies that age is a state of mind...

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