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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

Weird indeed.

How old is the winner?

Why would someone pay, so much, for inexperienced sex, with a butterface... is beyond me.

She's an adult, it's her body, she's mentally sane, not hurting others... so i don't care. And yes, sex for money is prostitution in a lot of countries - so in which country will the actual sale take place? Maybe a US state?

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Posted in: People who live in 'gomi yashiki' shouldn't stow bones See in context

So the problem might also be caused by people spending too much of their time logged on to SNSs or in the virtual world, to the point that they disregard their real lives.

May be? People have died of extensive videogame playing, it's already happening and it'll only get worse. Eventually humanity's social skills will drop to zero and we'll all breed in-vitro 'cos we won't even know of any other alternative that's comfortable.

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Posted in: 9 random reasons to love Japan See in context

One week was not enough :( 1, 4 and 8 i agree with. They're also polite: first day we arrived a business type stopped and gave directions to the two foreigners who were looking at a map; the last night 3 office workers who had missed the last train showed us a nice bar, we left at 6am and that was my last hangover. Tokyo seemed clean enough, that impressed me as well. And quiet, mostly, much more quiet than i'd expected. As for the other points i dunno.

On the down-side those squeaky girly annoying women who'd come up to you in Akihabara with pamphlets for massages and what not were really annoying. That and this weird (to me) tendency of women pretending to be 13yos... kinda inciting pedophilia. All other japanese sex "deprivations" don't really bother me one bit but, Japanese women... please be womenly, not childish.

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Posted in: Up a pole See in context

Hey, NSFW crowd... STOP browsing the net and go back to WORK.

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Posted in: 5 worst relationship mistakes See in context

These days available women are a dime a dozen and for a women to expect her man to indefinitely resist the fruit of temptation is a fairytale hope.

Most people call that commitment to a relationship. stay out of those if you just can't resist the mighty temptation or just be crystal clear about it from day one.

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Posted in: Baby killed, mother seriously injured in Kawasaki hit-and-run See in context

How can you hit someone in broad daylight and not know it?

Being a bar manager gives you access to cheap liquor.

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Posted in: Putin says Romney's stance shows Russia right about missile shield See in context

There are Russians making practice attacks against Japan and America.

By "Russians" do you mean military or do you mean those regular neonazi freaks like their american NRA counterparts? Evidence, please? If i see some americans on the street burning the russian flag can i say There are americans burning the russian flag?

The thing is he won reelection, why does he need a boost?

He doesn't, and some say his win is debatable. He does need to make a stand when someone who might soon become US-president is quoted as saying that Russia is "without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe". IF someone is eager to start Cold War II that would be Romney. I don't like Putin, but he's not stupid. Romney, on the other hand...

Perhaps they think a first strike is possible.

They (both sides) most likely did during the Cold War. Nowadays? Only fools like Romney do.

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Posted in: Putin says Romney's stance shows Russia right about missile shield See in context

What is even nicer is Russia is restarting the cold war.

No, Putin's implying that's what Romney will do if elected.

Russia attacking any part of the early warning net could set off an atomic exchange.

That's fear-mongering BS and you know it, both countries are well aware of MAD.

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Posted in: Gov't risks angering both sides with energy mix plan See in context

Energy efficiency improvements are seven times more effective at reducing greenhouse gases, per yen spent, than nuclear power.

Care to elaborate?

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

Play Tech-Dumb

Actually, being tech-savy would be a plus. Don't "play", be yourself.

Bubble Over With Enthusiasm Be theatrical; he’ll love it

No he won't.

It will make you look daft, which is a good thing.

Ok i stopped reading after this. Female editorial staff: GET A GRIP.

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Posted in: Madonna's pink ribbon concert draws wrath of Russian ministers, church See in context


but Madonna preaching these values for her own commercial gain is also a bit offputting

She doesn't need to preach anything, she still has commercial gain no matter what. Those people didn't go to her concert to watch her support Pussy Riot or gay rights, they went to her concert. Period. They'd go either way.

I never liked her music, but it's good that she uses her celebrity status to promote and publicize these issues. And Nadezhda's too damn cute to be incarcerated. (Refrain from considering the last sentence as serious in tone, albeit true in nature.)

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Posted in: Google to include people's Gmail in search results See in context

The Gmail web interface is very nice and the labels were a good idea. That's all i have to say that's positive about Google, Inc.; they are becoming evil. Time to change again i guess.

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Posted in: Madonna's pink ribbon concert draws wrath of Russian ministers, church See in context

Anti-gay laws, mix between church and state (in a post-Communist country!), rise in neo-nazi activity, censorship... Russia's going backwards again.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks A-bomb anniversary with call for nuclear-free Japan See in context

Trying to bank on the emotional fear of the unknown by fear mongering. Typical.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors warn against nuclear power See in context

He should look at his family history for cancer to figure out if it was incident related or genetic related, as that would help his family know if they should check for cancer more often.

He won't, he blames nuclear power.

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

the issue is religion itself and the bigotry and fanatiscism it fosters.

Wait what? Religion fosters bigotry? Wow.

get people of different religions to attend a service of another religon

What about atheists?

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Posted in: Seven dead in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting See in context


I wish someone in the FBI (now in control of the investigation) gave us an answer on it?

The FBI will post to JT ASAP.

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Posted in: Seven dead in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting See in context

were reports of several more people wounded in the shooting, which was the second such massacre in under three weeks, after last month’s attack on cinema-goers in a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

Totally unrelated and sensationalist. The Colorado guy was half-crazy (or so alleges), this one probably thought SIkhs were Muslims. Neither was a massacre. The mass killings in warzones that send people to graves by the hundreds are massacres, the 2005 shooting of 3000+ uzbequi protesters was a massacre, Sebrenica was a massacre... An isolated incident caused by one individual is not a massacre. Stop being sensationalist.

@Hayden Wellstone

Perhaps the USA Patriot Act wasn't a bad idea after all. It gives the govt. the power to go after these right-wingers.

...or they can go after you if they so desire.

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Posted in: Ozawa to abolish all nuclear power plants within 10 years if elected See in context

Demagogy as usual, and a big if.

So if he wins, Japan must find a way to replace its 30% provided by nuclear, preferably a coal-free way, it's not being all that successful at the moment. And, within 10 years, quite a few people will lose their jobs.


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Posted in: Romney, advisers regroup after bumpy trip abroad See in context

Everything Romney said was true and plain spoken.

Trolling are we? Off the top of my head he criticized London's security on the Olympics and was wearing a skull-cap in Israel, as well as aggravating palestinians by suggesting Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The guy's a moron... i mean a mormon, no wonder Bushevites sure love him.

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Posted in: France adopts new sexual harassment law See in context

The law also covers moral harassment in the workplace and transphobia—fear of transgender people or transsexuals.

I think they mean transphobia in the same light as xenophobia, not as arachnophobia. It's not fearing, it's hating.

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Posted in: China to land first moon probe next year See in context

China reaching out into space is a good thing.

No, mankind out into space is a good thing, individual countries trying to stake claim in space as if it was a gold rush is plain stupid and only perpetuated ego-tripping shortsightedness.

The ISS is a flimsy attempt at pretending they cooperate, when all that space-faring nations really want is to be on their own.

It won't take long before China breaks the Outer Space Treaty. They don't care for no one but themselves. All they are doing now has already been done before, why the effort when they could be trying to cooperate internationally and do things no one has done yet? Human stupidity.

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Posted in: Former Fukushima plant chief rushed to hospital with cerebral hemorrhage See in context

Doctors said that they do not believe the radiation to which Yoshida was exposed since 2010 is connected to the bleeding in his brain, Sankei reported.

Doesn't matter, everyone will assume it is.

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Posted in: Australian man injured after putting firework between buttocks See in context

Should've shove it up or stick it in his ears, that would've grant him a Darwin Award for sure. Amateurs.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

Japan should never have built atomic reactors in the first place, with a long history of powerful earthquakes, mega tsunami's, volcano's. Located on the Pacifif Ring of Fire and a meeting place for three powerful tetonic plates.

From what's been known Fukushima had problems because the 12yos who built it didn't do it according to spec (thinner walls, generators bellow sea level, etc) and preferred to take shortcuts and "save" money instead of lives. Military tanks probably can withstand an earthquake and a tsunami - build NPPs like one. Build them underground.

Last i heard Tokyo still stands. If anyone can live and build in the buzzwordy PRF it's the japanese.

Ok the tank analogy might've been silly but those with enough IQ and EQ and an opinion based on logic instead of emotions got the picture, regardless of their agreeing with it.

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Posted in: Nationalist dreams of new patriotic party See in context

I wish that these nationalists would just go to war already and kill each other

The problem is that they'd claim to be doing that in name of Japan, hence dragging a whole nation along.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

[Kitano] stressed that ordinary Japanese usually don’t demonstrate, but were outraged over the restarting of nuclear power.

They said they planned to vote anti-nuclear candidates into office to effect change.

A candidate who ran on a rare anti-nuclear platform lost Sunday’s election

Voter turnout was 45%.

I'm confused.

[Nuclear power] is expensive, gets workers radiated and creates waste,” she said.

Replace "radiated" for "severe respiratory problems" and you can say the same about coal.

Mika Ohta vowed to vote for anti-nuclear candidates in the next election.

Yeah, those 45% weren't enough, sorry. More and more it seems that the real anti-nuclear coal-heads are a noisy minority. The majority doesn't care as long as they can have their A/C on 24/7.

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Posted in: Nationalist dreams of new patriotic party See in context


So we are in agreement then that Ossanamerica's comment that China is the same as Japan of 70 years ago is false then?

Seems false indeed.

why would l buy the same item at massively inflated prices when l can pay much less for the same item from elsewhere?

If that's the only factor then you're right, but it's more complicated than that. At least here (Portugal, which had its share of imperialistic tripping and has its modest share of border disputes) people know that whatever's selling in the chinese stores is a cheap, low quality imitation of the originals. And the majority stills buys it, of course. There used to be "one euro stores" run but portuguese, now you have chinese stores everywhere. The chinese are buying chunks of big national companies, the chinese are buying debt... they're invading alright. And people do nothing (except buying their junk of course).

Massively inflated prices, maybe a decade or two ago, now everyone's trying everything just to stay adrift with all the taxes and crisis and the chinese and all. :)

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Posted in: Two Wheels + Testosterone = Triumph See in context


The HDs noise-to-speed ratio is disproportionate. Don't know the "Trumpet's" but the more noise it makes the faster it should be, not the other way around. But heck, i'm getting my license now on a GS500, what do i know... ;)

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Posted in: Nationalist dreams of new patriotic party See in context

located near rich fishing grounds and potential maritime oil and gas reserves.

Ah, so that's why they're bashing their heads over these islands.

the government was considering buying them from their private owners rather than let Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, a harsh critic of China, proceed with a similar purchase plan.

Does it matter as long as it settles the issue?


So no China is NOTHING like Japan of 70 years ago. Not a thing like them actually.

China's not physically invading anyone these days, only the US does that (but they call it liberating - i think they mean their oil prices). China is, however, economically invading the whole world. And the whole world, Japan included, is doing little to stop it, 'cos everybody and their dog is very patriotic, but everyone buys what's cheapest, not what's national - and what's cheapest is made in China. If not Iran in the mid-term, China will eventually start some sort of strong conflict in the long-term.


There is a fine line between patriotism and nationalism.

The problem's that the line is often very blurry. I think/hope what fds meant is that most japanese just don't care about politics. Just like border disputes, that's pretty much a global issue. However, i see nothing wrong - quite the contrary - in not singing the national anthem in class. It's that blurry line again...

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