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Posted in: Two Wheels + Testosterone = Triumph See in context

A girl with Triumph underwear riding a Triumph bike, that'll do.

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Posted in: Romney talks tough on Iran during visit to Israel See in context

Excuse my sense of humour, but the best was a Mormon in a black Jewish skull cap. Maybe that could be the new attire for the Mormon door knocking fraternity.


Not even Romney would be dumb enough to defend Iran in Israel, besides his team is on their toes after last week.

Iran knows it would be suicide to attack Israel, since the american jewish lobby would force the US military to take action. On the other hand, Ahmadinejad doesn't run the show, the ayatolahs do, and they're extremists. Also, no one likes Israel in that region, so Iran would have support. Thorny MAD situation.

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Posted in: Fukushima couple stabbed to death in home See in context

unemployed 45-year-old man

Why the need to specify profession when reporting crime-related news?

suspect, identified as Akihito Yokokura

Why name suspects in the news if they're just suspects?

I see this kind of behavior all over the media, it's deplorable.

That card is pretty strong evidence.

He could be a friend of the couple.

There's a reason why running around burning people at the stake is no longer fashion, it's illegal: people have the right to a fair trial, some level of privacy and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Of course "fair trial", "privacy" and "presumed innocent" have different meanings from country to country.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by man with stun gun See in context

A would-be rape victim? Glad she fought back, hopefully kicked him in the nuts.

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Posted in: LA City Council votes to ban marijuana shops See in context

a woman who complained about having to push her baby’s stroller through clouds of marijuana smoke near dispensaries

What a responsible mother. Instead of complaining and crossing the street for the benefit of its offspring, she prefers to complain and harm the kid.

As usual, some people think it's their right to tell others how to live their lives. Believe this, don't smoke that, can't eat this, deal with condom breakage for life, etc, etc, etc. Hypocrites.

Where are them clouds again?

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Posted in: Japanese model uses her half-naked body to tweet to fans See in context

Trust me there are a LOT more idols doing this before Mao. I should know, its my private research project.

I don't trust you, i'm not interested, and your "research" is no longer private, is it? ;)

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Posted in: Gun culture thrives in U.S. despite cinema massacre See in context


The only people who saw John Holmes was a nut case were firing range owners who refused him membership.

Did they raise any red flags? Should've.


the main reason I chose to live, work, and stay in Japan is the safety, which includes never fearing that I would end up as a victim of a random shooting.

Nah, just random stabbings and random hit-n-runs, but you're right, no shootings.

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Posted in: Obama, Romney back to campaigning after shootings See in context

The title is stupid, gives the impression Obama and Romney were dueling western style.

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Posted in: TEPCO ignored nuclear accident risks, gov't report says See in context


In fact I even believe that you have made comments to that effect. But I could be wrong

You are wrong, i'm not a nuclear expert.

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Posted in: TEPCO ignored nuclear accident risks, gov't report says See in context

Now watch the pro-nuclear crowd do their song and dance number to explain it all away.

What's there to explain for the "pro-nuclear crowd"? The ones in charge ignored the risks, any "pro-nuclear groupie" will agree with anyone else who's reasonably sane that this shoudn't have happened. I think you're probably referring to pro-nuclear zealots, but i don't their numbers are great.

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Posted in: TEPCO ignored nuclear accident risks, gov't report says See in context

Both the government and companies should establish a new philosophy of disaster prevention that requires safety and disaster measures against any massive accident and disaster ... regardless of event probability,

You mean they weren't already?

The government-appointed panel said there was no proof the earthquake was a key factor in the disaster but added that some impact could not be ruled out, contradicting TEPCO’s own findings, which put the blame solely on the tsunami.

So what? They should've planned for the tsunami.

The panel called on the government to immediately take additional steps, including ensuring that off-site nuclear accident management centers are protected against the kind of massive radiation leaks that made the one at Fukushima useless.

Er... you mean nuclear accident management centers weren't ready to cope with nuclear accidents?

The report also blamed Japan’s nuclear regulators for not paying sufficient heed to improvements in nuclear safety standards recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Yes, there are improvements, didn't they get the memo?!

All right, i guess it's not 1% rational opposition and 99% ignorant fear of the unknown when it comes to nuclear energy in Japan, it's morel ike 10% rational opposition and 90% ignorant fear of the unknown. The people living near NPPs oughta have a way to scrutinize their safety, as should the IAEA; and any NPP in operation should obviously adhere to the highest safety standards (of today, now two decades ago).

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Posted in: Drunk driver plows into line of cars, killing one motorist See in context

Police said three of the cars caught fire following the crash.

Huh? This is very weird, unless they were driving Hollywood prop-cars.

He said he was trying to light a cigarette when he rear-ended the car in front of him.

The anti-smokers are gonna love this.

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Posted in: Obama pays tribute to massacre victims, survivors in Colorado See in context

Kudos for Michael Bloomberg. Yet another big american lobby that country could live without.

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Posted in: It's party time for sex-hungry Olympic athletes See in context

It's the country of freedom of the press to invade your privacy, a tabloid kingdom where the paparazzi can do just about anything. Good luck having sex in private.

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

But then again, conservatives traditionally give more to charities than liberals, it's just a simple fact.

Probably 'cos they evade taxes more ;)

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

while he pushes ( not leads ) the country into the abyss?

OH, so if he was leading americans into the abyss, then he'd be a true american. Incompetent, but at least proudly american. I see...

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

Actually the things people (er... right wing) most complain about Obama are what make him popular outside the US borders - yes, there's a world out there! I was amazed he got elected, he's undoubtedly the least world president american's elected in recent decades. I'd be even more amazed if americans could get their heads out of their foxnews and think more of less straight enough to releect him (can't really hope for Ralph Nader, let's nor overwish).

If he wins re-election, you can kiss America goodbye.

It's more likely to be the other way around, capitalism eats itself in the long run... guess what? Welcome to the end of the run. You'll need the Rest of rhe World to be your friends, not to resent you for Bush-style foreign policies.

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

If political campaigns focus so much in all of this soap-opera BS, what does that tell you of the american people?

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

Noda said Japan will do everything it can to ensure the safety of the aircraft

Didn't he mean "its citizens" instead of "aircraft"?

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Posted in: Outrage grows over Shiga school's inaction over bullying See in context

Have bullies become more violent over the years or/and have parents' education become more nonexistent? There was always someone bigger in my class when i was growing up and i never heard of anyone committing suicide over it. On the other hand, kids have less and less support growing up nowadays - it's almost just tv and videogames.

Yes, those bullies are little monsters, but they're kids as well. Kids who didn't get slapped in the face when they should've 'cos it's considered violence against children these days, or because the parents just don't have time. Neither did the victim's parents have time for some emotional support, but that's speculation.

Blame the parents first, then the teachers and other related adults, then society in general, then the kids.

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Posted in: Getting smaller and smaller See in context

Even bicycles can hold 2 people

The potential buyers probably think Why should an individualist like me pretend to have a social life? I'll just buy a single-seater and get home dry. ;) I'd rather ride a bike, preferably with someone else in the back.

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Posted in: Baby panda's death in Tokyo sparks grief See in context

It interrupted programming probably because pandas have some cultural impact for the japanese one way or another.

Also, regardless of your solipsism, this is an endangered species - endangered by us. So i'd be interested and delighted in knowing they managed to breed, especially since they have a hard time keeping their numbers, even in the wild.

That one of them died is sad, more sad to me than if they interrupted regular tv to announce some corrupt politician's death (actually that wouldn't be sad at all).

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Posted in: Mitsubishi to sell Dutch vehicle plant for 1 euro See in context

I find it hard to believe they actually sold anything for that value, is it even legal? Money aside, nice that they kept their jobs but for how long is the new owner forced to keep them employed?

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Posted in: Lamborghini driver nabbed for speeding after posting online video See in context

whizzed around the western city of Hiroshima at nearly 160 kilometers

So he owns a car which has a top speed in excess of 300 km/h and he posts videos on youtube doing as much as i can with my crappy 1.7 diesel? I'd be too embarrassed to post a video showing i could only do 160 on a Lamborghini.

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Posted in: No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity See in context

Blair Herron asked some interesting questions and yet his post gets voted down. The immaturity of some posters in this forum never ceases to amaze me.

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Posted in: No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity See in context


And your point is what?

My point is that if you want to do a referendum on something, it would be sane, perhaps even democratic, to assume/desire that the people be well informed and fully aware of their options, without emotional bias.

Making a referendum right now would (probably) mean most people (who would bother voting) would probably be against nuclear because they're misinformed and emotionally affected by the Fukushima incident the media and zichi insist on marketing as "3/11".

However, if you're serious about your We The People BS, you should wait a few years for emotions to settle down - but we don't want that, do we? (Nor would it be feasable for an energy/economic POV.) Then at least there would be time for people to get information - from both sides - and decide, rationally and not emotionally, on what they want. Again, probably there would be a high abstention rate and it's possible a NO would win anyway, but i think it's more fair a balanced and rational 60/40 NO to a misinformed and emotional 90/10 NO. But that's just me...

But hey, feel free to rebuke by calling me a communist. That's a very reasonable and rational way of debating serious issues.

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Posted in: No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity See in context

the issue of whether to restart the reactors should have been decided by a full public referendum...

You'd have to wait a few years until all the heat settles before you can claim a referendum. Unless, of course, you wanna bank on all the emotions running wild, which will give you a No to nuclear fairly easy. It won't be as neutral as it could be, but you'll get what you want. Ever considered politics as a career?

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Posted in: No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity See in context


The main reason for KEPCO starting it's Oi nuclear reactors was to reduce it's costs of fossil fuels.

Not a bad reason.

The Oi plant don't have an offsite earthquake and radiation proof emergency control center.

It shouldn't have been restarted then, what happened to the new regulating agency?!

It will take most of the power companies more than five years to install better safety standards on it's reactors. In the realm of possibilities another major nuclear events remains on the table.

There's a much higher possibility that a few planes will crash in those 5 years than a nuclear incident should occur again.

Yes, the NPPs should definitely be upgraded to the maximum safety standards, it's the minimum the power companies should do, but keeping them offline will not help Japan. Fossil fuels used to replace them are expensive and, kinda bad for you, on a daily basis too, no need for accidents. Do keep R&D in renewable energies, but please drop the argument those alone can account for the 30% the NPPS provide, it's ridiculous. They can't. Hopefully someday they will, but not in the short-term.

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Posted in: Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery See in context

Humanitarian aid goes to civilians who have nothing to do with these conflicts. Stopping the aid won't really help.

Stop the arms inflow from the US and Russia (and others), now that would be a great help.

By the way, what does Afghanistan have that the West wants so much? Oil and other natural resources?

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Posted in: Whale of a time See in context

Oughta be in the wild.

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