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Posted in: Mother cycling with 2 daughters run over at crossing; both children die See in context

i'm claire cousin..sister of wala.. can you guys stop putting ALL the blame to my cousin.. none of us where in the place where accident took happen? YOU don't know what happen!! that ZEBRA crossing.. is small meters away from their house, and if you are responsible driver you know that whenever your making your left or right! you will slow down.. !! accident may took happen in no time.. blaming my cousin and naming her irresponsible mother is foul , you dont know their story, how she raise her children ALONE, how she survive brain tumor operation.. calling her irresponsible because none of them wearing helmets?? whether you were wearing one, it does'nt make any help.. physical contact between your vivid body crashing to the CAR? and shes not a nut to risk my nieces life! for you to call her irresponsible , are hearts shattered into pieces.. you just dont know what were feeling right now we cannot do anything that point of time because were miles away.. just stop balaming naming calling her anything.. pray for the driver! my niece junko and ayu and to my coisuin claire we just hope that all of you will pray for my nieces soul. and my cousin fast recovery.. she had 2 more sons left and she's the only one who's raising them up.. were very thank you

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