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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

Just raise the minimum wage to at least 1,300 yen per hour in line with other developed countries and people won't be worried about an increase in consumption tax. Doesn't the government realise that a higher minimum wage will give more income tax and enable people to pay their pension payments and health insurance which the government is struggling to get.

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Posted in: Chances are 50-50 that Abe may delay the sales tax hike again. See in context

No need to delay a tax hike t 10 percent. Just raise the minimum wage at the same time. People can't spend money if they don't have it. Japan has the lowest minimum wage of all developed countries.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

Too many people on contract jobs etc., will lose a weeks pay that they can ill afford.

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Posted in: 3 countries granted Iran oil waivers by U.S. have cut imports to zero See in context

Oh, USA, we thank you so much for your kindness and allowing us to import oil from Iran. Japan should get their oil from Russia as well but then USA would punish Japan like it does to every other country in the world who does not bow down to them.

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Posted in: Are eggs good or bad for you? New research rekindles debate See in context

I have been eating 2 to 3 eggs per day for years. My blood tests are perfectly normal.

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Posted in: Consumer spending is estimated to decrease by 569.1 billion yen compared to an average year, as people will refrain from going outside during the allergy season. See in context

Consumer spending decreasing because people don't have enough money. Nothing to do with allergy season.

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Posted in: Nissan asking shareholders to vote to oust Ghosn as director See in context

Woooh, Gosn bought an expensive chandelier, 3 years jail !

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Posted in: 3 pedestrians hit and killed by car in Chiba Pref See in context

The people were waiting at the crossing, not crossing while light was green to cross. Obviously, just standing or walking on the sidewalk in this case could still have resulted in being run down. Stated that the car hit a building wall- nothing fundamentally wrong with the crossing.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors form new board See in context

How is it that a Ghosn being a major shareholder can not take part in any shareholder meetings ?

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Posted in: Gov't moves to defuse argument over urban-rural wage gap See in context

sf2kToday  11:31 am JST

Do we have to explain what other developed countries do again? ------------------------

Yes. Otherwise nothing will change in Japan. 30 years ago, Japan was booming and everyone was doing well. What happened then ? It has to be wages.

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Posted in: Gov't moves to defuse argument over urban-rural wage gap See in context

JJ Jetplane,

You call Japan high minimum wage at no.11 ? You need to also take in to account purchasing power. USA goods are much cheaper than Japan and in actual fact, you can buy certain food items from USA delivered to Japan miles cheaper than equivalent Japanese products.

In the case of New Zealand which has a good living wage for the economy, prices are cheaper than Japan. Example, food products, electricity, gas, no compulsory pension payments, (free to pay in private system) Live 5 years in NZ and everyone can retire with Superannuation, ( pension) Granted, GST (consumption tax) is 15%, but the Gov. returns to the citizens through welfare and pension. Also an accident compensation system for everyone.

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Posted in: Naked man arrested for public nudity denies charges; says he was doing spiritual training See in context

MariaToday  07:47 am JST

No. Genitals and pubic hair in public view is an Obscenity. He must be charged and prevented from doing it again. -----------------------------------------------------------

There is a town in Japan that has a penis festival each year.

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Posted in: Gov't moves to defuse argument over urban-rural wage gap See in context

Cricky, Totally agree. The minimum wage rate in Japan is right at the bottom of OECD countries. Coupled with high prices in Japan, a person can't live properly on such a low wage and also be expected to be able to pay in to the pension and health system.

The wage rate should not be regional but be the same across the whole country as it is in other developed countries. Some people will argue for example that fast food businesses will go broke if they have to pay workers more. Prices would have to be raised by a small amount per item or service to cover an increase of wages which really isn't a big deal. I have seen plenty of things in Japan go up in price without higher wages paid.

Also, doesn't the government realise that they will take in a bit more tax with a higher wages ? One thing that concerns me is that when foreigners come to work in Japan, they will work at the same rate as Japanese people many of whom are working low wages at jobs requiring skills beyond the capability of outsiders. Would this be fair ? This is the result of part time and contract jobs that many Japanese are forced to be employed at with no benefits as those working full time enjoy.

In Japan in many jobs, people unless re-employed by the company that they work for after 5 years have to leave for so many months and find other work. I know of people that have been taken back after this time and now working at a lower wage than before for the same work at the same company. This is Japan !

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Posted in: Electric engine See in context

What's an electric engine ? I have heard of an electric motor. Maybe it is that black thing called a gasoline engine.

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Posted in: Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare' in fiery 2-hour speech See in context

Lost-in - Nagoya,

Venezuela was that third richest country in Latin America less than 20 years ago. Now, they have no food, no medicines, not even toilet paper. Thanks to socialism.---------------

No, thanks to sanctions by USA ! They have the largest reserves of oil in the world that they can't export, their assets in USA seized and Britain won't give them their own gold back.

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Posted in: Trump warns conservatives against 'socialist nightmare' in fiery 2-hour speech See in context

Gambare Japan--

Americans and Japanese are famous for working long hours, with few holidays, and are the 1st and 3rd (soon to be 2nd) economies in the world. Where is Sweden and Norway? LOL!-------------------------------------------------------------------------

And have the lowest wages among the developed OECD surveyed countries in the world. Many Japanese have to work long at 2 to 3 part time jobs without benefits to survive. By the time they pay for food, rent and other living costs, they don't have enough to pay the health insurance and pension payments.

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S.-Japan alliance impediment to peace treaty talks See in context

theFu    Russian sanctions are working. Good.-----------------------------------------------

Yeah, they have made Russia stronger and more trusted by the non western war mongers. Improved energy supplies and non GMO food exports. Enough agriculture to feed their own people and strong exports of other goods around the world. Putin, the only sane leader in the world today.

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Posted in: Trump's former lawyer Cohen calls him 'racist, conman, cheat' See in context

" Cohen " The clue is in the name.

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Posted in: Japan's beef imports from TPP members soar more than 50% in January See in context


That Aussie beef is still overpriced for what you get. And a lot of it is crap.-----------------------

I agree, for one thing, any beef imported in to Japan is half the thickness it should be. No decent eye fillet or scotch fillet. NZ beef from grass fed animals is the best apart from Japanese beef. Japanese beef is also rich in the good Omega 3 fats.

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Posted in: U.S. military planes land near Venezuela border with aid See in context

The USA puts sanctions on Venezuela and then tries to send aid to show how good they are and how they care for the people of Venezuela.

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Posted in: Women living in poverty face bleak future See in context

Alex EinzFeb. 4  09:50 pm JST

if they pay 800 ,work harder---------------------------------------------------------------

Working harder does not make the minimum wage go up.

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Posted in: Aso pledges to keep economy strong as tax hike looms See in context

Just increase the minimum wage to the same level as in other developed countries. It is the people on minimum wages and part time/contract work who are suffering in Japan.

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Posted in: 28-year-old mother arrested after 2-month-old son dies of malnutrition See in context

Having no money is common in this country and very little welfare compared to other

developed countries.

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Posted in: What do you think about the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that went into effect on Dec 30, without the U.S.? See in context


Couldn't have said better myself. Tarrifs are usually put in place to protect the local produce. However, many products imported do not have an equivalent produced like many types of cheeses. Other items that are not in competition should be tarriff free whether a trade agreement or not. How about rice like Basmati and Jasmine which is not grown in Japan. Would they be tarriff free ?

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Posted in: Abe asks business leaders to raise wages before sales tax hike See in context

Why no talk on raising the minimum wage ? According to OECD statistics, Japan had the second to lowest minimum wage for developed countries.

Someone claimed that women rated highly in the work force- yeah, all working on part time contracts with no benefits on very low minimum wage and with many working two jobs at a time . Let's see how it works on a basic wage of around 120,000 yen per month.

Rent--- power---gas---telephone--transport to and from work--- health insurance-- income tax---the pension tax---food. Just do the math.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan wants to promote free and fair trade for global economy See in context

Free and fair trade ? As long as we keep the high tarrifs.

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Posted in: Russia to move troops into new barracks on disputed islands near Japan See in context

Better that the Russians are on the Islands. If they weren't, the USA would try and set up their own bases on the Islands for sure.

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Posted in: Polled economists say Japan should raise sales tax above 10% to fund welfare costs: See in context

What welfare ?

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

BertieWoosterToday 02:23 pm JST

Put the minimum wage up to ¥1,500, then everybody will have to double their prices so that they can afford to keep going. With sky high prices for everything, foreign exports will rocket and local businesses will go under. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Those countries with a good minimum wage like New Zealand are doing fine, and food etc. is half or more less than Japan. NZ does have their GST tax of 15% but all New Zealanders receive superannuation ( pension) and don't have to pay in to a Japanese like pension scheme which many people can not afford. Also public hospitals are free and there is an accident compensation system which is funded by employers.

Minimum wage in Japan really needs to be Yen 1,600.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to agree on tax reforms spurring car, home purchases See in context

Reminds me of the great minimum wage rise of 30 yen per hour. An insult to Japanese people just like this car tax fiasco.

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