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Posted in: Russia slams sanctions; seeks to blame West for food crisis See in context

Uktaine had left mines in the waters around the sea port where ships can come in to load goods for export. No ships will enter because they will not be insured if sunk by a mine.

Anyway, the wheat that the west says that Ukraine should send to other countries belongs to Ukraine to feed themselves, not anyone else. Russia is not to blame for any food crisis which was already happening before Russia went in to Ukraine. USA and Europe have no right to tell Ukraine what to do with their wheat.

If the USA etc. had not put sanctions on Russia, they would still be able to get, grain, Sunflower oil and fertilizer amongst other things which mostly comes from Russia.

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Posted in: Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. See in context

Just as a matter of interest, one of the ingredients in these so called vaccines is green monkey tissue.

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Posted in: Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine, allies See in context

claim that the U.S. was running secret bioweapon

More lies from the west. The bio labs are real and reluctantly confirmed by USA secretary of State Victoria Nuland who tried to make light of it.

Russia has all the evidence including documentation of which countries involved including paper trails of all monies provided in running them.

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Posted in: Japan to double Ukraine aid to $600 million See in context

KenMay 19 05:26 pm JST

They hope to get a share of the contracts to rebuild Ukraine's infrastructure that has been flattened by Russia when the conflict is over.They'll be in for a surprise..

Russia wouldn't let an unfiendly country to take part in rebuilding. Besides much of the damage has been in the Russian Donbass regions.

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Posted in: Japan to donate $2.1 mil to IAEA for safety of Ukrainian nuclear facilities See in context

“Russia's attacks on Ukrainian nuclear facilities are absolutely impermissible,” Hayashi said.

Russia never attacked the power plants- they are protecting them.

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Posted in: 3 myths about electric cars See in context

Fully electric vehicles can be a great scource of entertainment--True.

Go look at the electric vehicles on YouTube self combusting. Great scource of pollution as well.

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Posted in: Rescue mission under way at Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine as hundreds evacuated See in context

There is no rescue mission as such by Ukraine. It is the Russians who are letting wounded soldiers out on compassionate grounds, especially if the wounded are normal Ukraine army and not the Azov Nazi's

At least the Russians don't beat, torture, shoot prisoners in the knees and genitals as can be seen on some videos. Nor do they beat and crucify citizens on a cross and then light a fire under them and burn them alive. Again video proof has been circulated.

As for the remaining Nazis, Russia won't be kind to them.

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥13 bil loan deal to help Ukraine economy See in context

Ukraine is regarded as the " breadbasket " of the word and along with all of it's other resources should be wealthy. But, it is the poorest country in Europe thanks to the West bleeding it dry. It is also regarded as the most corrupt.

Once Russia has cleaned up, all the truths will be revealed. Also note that Kiev city is functioning as normal with no problems.

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥13 bil loan deal to help Ukraine economy See in context

Ukraine will not use the funds for military purposes.

Of course they won't. Zelensky should return the billion Dollars in his overseas account plus sell of the properties that he owns in Europe and the USA. I guess that now he and his family have UK citizenship granted by Boris he could live comfortably over there.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll from COVID hits 1 million See in context

What they call Covid deaths are mostly after being jabbed. I told my brother in NZ to not do it and now he and his partner both supposedly have it. They are both now suffering bad effects continually.

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Posted in: Japan, Ukraine top diplomats agree to keep strong sanctions on Russia See in context

Desert TortoiseToday 08:41 am JST

Wow, you must be privy to so much secret information on the state of Russia. Did you find all this on BBC, Mail online. CNN. TV etc. ?

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

tooheysnewToday 08:13 am JST

As an alternative

how about Russia butting out of other countries internal affairs !?

You mean like the countries that attacked Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. The country that displaced Islanders on various Pacific islands so they could test their nuclear bombs.

What countries are Russia butting in to their affairs ?

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

RodneyToday 08:09 am JST

As an alternative, how about being a neutral country, recognizing Donbass, your promise not to join NATO, and not destroying your country.

Yes, Ukraine is breaking every agreement . They have been attacking the Donbass region for the last 8 years with the loss of more than 13,000 civilian lives.

In the world war II, Finland was aligned with Nazi Germany and when defeated made an agreement with Russia to stay neutral forever and Russia would leave them in peace. Now Finland is trying to break the agreement by joining NATO.

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Posted in: EU plan aims to help get wheat from Ukraine to the world See in context

Stop demoizing Russia and seizing their assets and they may helpt get it through. If not, well----

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Posted in: Gov't says masks not needed outdoors if distancing maintained See in context

Some time ago, I saw a video of the flute players in an orchestra playing the instruments through a small hole in the mask. It wasn't a joke.

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Posted in: Gov't says masks not needed outdoors if distancing maintained See in context

MatToday  05:25 pm JST

Did you people never watch a hospital drama on tv and notice the doctors wearing masks? They do that to protect the patient! This isn't something new or irrational.

On TV dramas prior to this covid thing, doctors didn't go around wearing masks. Doctors performing a surgery only wear a mask so as not to spit and spread any germs in to the open wound. They remove the mask straight after finished and throw it in the bin. Of course, now to the "covid" thing, I guess they wander around the hospital full time masked.

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Posted in: Sometimes we overdo it, such as wearing masks all day because we are afraid of what other people think. I think we should review our mask-wearing measures for times when masks are unnecessary. See in context

Michael MachidaToday 08:17 am JST

When drinking a beer, I take my mask off.

If you really had any concern for other people, you should poke a hole in your mask and use a straw.

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Posted in: Sometimes we overdo it, such as wearing masks all day because we are afraid of what other people think. I think we should review our mask-wearing measures for times when masks are unnecessary. See in context

In simple terms, brain washed. Believing that you will catch a disease while walking the dog at night, while driving the car, doing sports, working on construction sites and road works. For goodness sakes, wake up !

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

proxyToday 07:22 am JST

Are those civilians being used as human shields?

Of course they are. Everyone tells you that the Azov Nazis are good guys and the Russians are bad. Nah, they don't use humans as shields do they .

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Posted in: Police officer driving patrol car arrested over fatal accident in Sapporo See in context

I have been driving in Japan for more than 30 years and every night I encounter people wandering across the dark roads without even looking, even knowing that a car is coming. Others crossing pedestrian crossings while in the red ( and on bikes) Take in to account that many Japanese wear dark clothes.

A lot of streets in Japan are not well lit, so I don't understand why the driver would be arrested for hitting someone hunched over on the road. I must admit that I have had a few close calls by the morons who just don't take care. These things have happened where people have been walking on the road whilst there is a footpath right next to them.

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Posted in: Japan to require listed firms to disclose female manager ratio See in context

Wanted, women for senior and managerial positions--- no previous experience necessary.

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Posted in: U.N. works to broker civilian evacuation from Mariupol See in context

If you really want to know the truth, say in Mariupol, go look at the videos of WESTERN journalists and press who are on the ground there and now available to view on Youtube without deletion. Mariupol has been liberated with many citizens returning. It is now only up to getting the Ukraine solders, Azov Nazi militia to allow the trapped citizens who took refuge in the steel mill 2 months ago to leave safely.

So far they have ignored the Russian military plea to allow safe passage. One video has recorded the people in the steel plant who are all in good health. Problem is that the Azov Militia have threatened the Ukraine soldiers if they surrender or try to let the people out. This is why Putin has asked the UN to try and broker a deal. This way no one will be able to accuse him of any genocide. The problem is not so much the Ukraine army but the Azov Militia. Oh, I forgot, there are mercenary soldiers from various nations trapped in the steel mill. Russians detected various different languages spoken in there.

There are plenty of interviews with citizens in Mariupol ( and other towns ) where the say it is Azov who uses human shields and shoots the people who try to seek shelter. They despise Zelensky and say that the Azov are drunks and drugged up. Don't believe the lies from the west media. All the so called atrocities that the Russians are accused of have all been dis proven by witnesses, also the false photos which have been used as supposed evidence.

As I say again, the real truth is now shown on Youtube videos.

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Posted in: Japan unveils ¥6.2 tril package to soften impact of Ukraine war See in context

Prices were already rising before anything happened in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Russia hits rail, fuel facilities in attacks deep in Ukraine See in context

Evil minded war mongers and thugs are living among us like a ticking bomb.

Yeah, I remember Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. If you really want to know the truth of what is happening in Ukraine, go look at the videos of Patrick Lancaster American journalist who lives there and reports live and interviews residents.

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Posted in: Should you wear a mask on a plane, bus or train when there's no mandate? See in context

Humans have survived thousands of years without masks.

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

Russia knows that if Japan had the Islands, the USA would put their bases there against Russia.

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Posted in: For Russian diplomats, disinformation is part of the job See in context

The only disinformation I see is coming from the main news media. Thigs like all the tanks destroyed are Russian, and they are but the same tanks are used by Ukraine. Russian vehicles are always breaking down and they use faulty tyres made in China. Russians are killing the citizens, but when you see the videos of people interviewed, they say it is not Russia but the Nazi Avos military. See videos by Patrick Lancaster who is an American reporter living in Ukraine. He is on the ground daily walking through Mariupol, talking with the citizens there and also trying to get help for them. All can be seen on Youtube.

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Posted in: How the image of a victimized Russia came to be so ingrained in the country's psyche See in context

Rick HepnerApr. 21 11:17 pm JST

Pretty sure the Russians invented paranoia.

Really ? The paranoia is coming from those who have been raping Ukraine of it's wealth and trying to hide the sins and corruption they instigated in Ukraine. A lot of it has already been exposed but people don't want to hear it. How can a country with so much agriculture, minerals etc., end up being the poorest country in Europe

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Posted in: Japan stayed at G20 talks in order to condemn Russia: minister See in context

Chidess actions by so called leaders of the world.

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Posted in: Russia pours in more troops; presses attack in Ukraine's east See in context

A Russian victory in the Donbas would deprive Ukraine of the industrial assets concentrated there, including mines, metals pA Russian victory in the Donbas would deprive Ukraine of the industrial assets concentrated there, including mines, metals plants and heavy-equipment factories.lants and heavy-equipment factories.

Who do you think built all these factories in the first place ?

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