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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

Under age at 20? I was drinking and smoking at 15. Had my driver license at 15 as well. 65 years later I hardly drink and don't smoke.

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Posted in: My wife turned into a completely different person. I live with her, but I feel like she’s gone to another world. See in context

I won't wear a mask, get jabbed with a product that if you suffer damage from the shot, the drug maker can't be sued, and what you are told about covid IS mostly lies either. Any wonder that many front line nurses and doctors refuse the jab. It's because they know what is the real truth.

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Posted in: Climate: Removing CO2 from the air no longer optional See in context

Volcanoes cause the most C02. There are thousands under the sea venting all the time.

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Posted in: Colin Powell dies of COVID-19 complications at 84 See in context

What isn't said here is that he had the Jab.

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Posted in: Can COVID vaccine technology help make a better flu jab? See in context

The market for flu jab sales hit $5 billion in 2020, and this year could reach up to $7 billion.

It is "a very attractive market for the big laboratories", Bougrini said.

That about says it all !

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context

People here just don't know that there are thousands of vaccine injuries around the world and thousands of deaths directly linked to the " so called " vaccines. Reports have been published but not on here. I always get my posts deleted here when I tell the truth. Usually " offensive and vulgar " is the claim.

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Posted in: Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19 See in context

Where Ivermectin is being used in India, deaths have dropped to near zero. Tired of seeing these articles on Covid from USA so called experts and Universities who promote the vaccine agenda. There are thousands of front line doctors, nurses and experts in viruses who are telling the truth on what is happening around the world but the news media only silence them.

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Posted in: Judo gold See in context

One of the most memorable times and photo in someone's life, and they have to wear the stupid mask. The flowers, a gold medal and that, covering the face.

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

It would be a lot cheaper if they took off the 20 yen per liter extra tax that was added on for the Iraq war. A few years ago, it was removed but the Gov. re instated the tax again some months later and it has stayed on ever since.

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Posted in: Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the COVID-19 vaccine? See in context

While eating right can favorably impact the immune system, it is not reasonable to expect that nutrition alone will defend against a potentially life-threatening virus.

From a life threatening virus that has more than a 99 percent survival rate ?

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context

2 Year OldToday  07:05 pm JST I have been driving in Tokyo for 20 years…

I Have been saying exactly what you say in your post several times in the past on JT. People on bicycles are the biggest lawbreakers on the roads. They never used to be. Whenever there is a bicycle accident involving a car, I am suspicious of who really is at fault. Everything that "2 year old said " is exactly what I come across every day. The latest trend seems to be riding at night with no lights and riding wherever they choose, and against on coming traffic.

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency nationwide See in context

YubaruToday  05:16 pm JST

With the lifting, Japan will be entirely free of any emergency requirements for the first time since April.

Excuse me? Just this AM there was an article stating clearly that restaurants and other areas will STILL be under restrictions!

Yes it has been changed. I was going to make a post on it but I noticed it was written by a Japanese person so I will give them a pass.

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Posted in: New treatments for COVID-19 may stave off worst effects of the virus See in context

It's all about the vaccines. Never mind about the 3 safe and cheap treatments available but ignored.

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

And in the mean time, those on non permanent jobs have to leave every 5 years for a period of 6 months, become unemployed and then try to get their same jobs back Usually when they return, they end up with a smaller wage than before. In the mean time you are still required to pay in to the pension system and pay health insurance, citizen tax and whatever else.

Also. people are not getting married and producing children because they can't get job security and the minimum wage is far too low. Other developed countries fund their pension system from tax and pay out at equal rate. Don't forget how the government lost a massive amount of pension money in the past.

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Posted in: Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine works in kids ages 5 to 11 See in context

Maya said it was exciting to be part of the study even though she was “super scared” about getting jabbed. But “after you get it,

Honestly, whoever talks like this when getting an injection ? " it was exciting " others that I have read, Can't wait to get my first shot - looking forward to my second - best thing I have ever done, Really ?

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

People dying after the vax.

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Posted in: Japan unable to link deaths to withdrawn batches of Moderna vaccine See in context

Three men die just after being jabbed. Why aren't there any autopsy results? There are not just 3 deaths after the shots as there are other reports of deaths in other Japanese prefectures. (not in English) There have been thousands of deaths and injuries around the world related to these vaccines which are reported on official government sites and can be easily looked up if any one cares.

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Posted in: Japan orders 150 million doses of Novavax COVID vaccine See in context

How can any vaccine be formulated when it is proven that the corona virus can not be isolated ? Then, what is a vaccine really for.

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Posted in: Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug ivermectin for COVID-19 See in context

Glad to see that japan Today is not deleting posts in the support of Ivermectin. The truth is slowly coming out and many of those who took the jabs will regret what they have done. If you didn't get a sore arm etc. from your jab, you are probably one of the lucky ones who received the placebo. The drug companies include placebos in all vaccine trials.

To those who claim that the Pfizer vaccines have been approved is false. Pfizer was seeking approval for a new vaccine but there will be a problem as they have to list all ingredients with no secrets. Search what is in the vaccines- it is shocking. I could list them all but I think it would get deleted as being off topic.

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Posted in: Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug ivermectin for COVID-19 See in context

Virus Rex says----Recommending people to use the drug without takin any responsibility for the well know risks is obviously something that can have heavy consequences and can be even illegal. That is why it became so important not to have these (or any other drugs with known toxic properties) to be freely available for people to abuse thanks to irresponsible people that try to push them to use them.


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Posted in: Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug ivermectin for COVID-19 See in context

Ivermectin works against any covid infections and can be safely taken any time. Since it's use in certain cities and towns in India, deaths and infections have gone completely down. The cities that are not using it have increasing deaths and infections, Other countries are also using it successfully.

Note how a picture of Ivermectin animal treatment is shown deliberately. Ivermectin comes in tablets for human use and has been used for more than 30 years around the world. It also was approved by the FDA years ago as a safe medicine. Now all of a sudden they want to try and ban it because it works. But, people would rather take an untested, experimental, not actually approved " so called" vaccine. Go figure.

There have been no large trials on Ivermectin for covid. If there were real trials it would damage the vaccine agenda. It should also be said that none of those inmates in prison came down with any covid infections. People who are using Ivermectin "horse paste" for example are doing so because they have not been able to buy the Human treatment tabs. No one has died from it unlike the thousands of deaths and injuries from this vaccine which are recorded on government information sites around the world. Horse paste can still be used but you have to take small amount suitable for the weight of the human body. No one injects it like as shown in the photo.

To say the Ivermectin has zero benefit is false. It is a proven safe treatment for a number of infectious diseases all round the world. Problem is that it is too cheap for drug companies to make any money- around 12 US Dollars for a treatment.

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Posted in: Many cars do not stop at crosswalks in Japan, although they are required by law to do so. Why do you think that drivers don't stop? See in context

Because people stand at the crossing yacking to each other or standing there looking at their phones,

Anyway, it is safer if people wait till the road is clear before they blindly cross. In western countries we are taught to look right, look left, look right before crossing. I presume we are talking about crossings not controlled by lights.

I drive every day and people walk along the road instead of the foot path all the time and run across the road where there is no crossing. Next subject- people on bikes. In my opinion, Japanese drivers overall are very good.

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Posted in: What happens when the COVID-19 vaccines enter the body? See in context

So, the 5 people we know who got jabbed the first time say never again. Extremely high temperatures, pain in all the body, bad headaches for more than a week. They all thought they were gong to die. But don't worry . it is just the vaccine doing it's job.

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Posted in: WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named 'Mu' See in context

For goodness sake, do they think we are stupid ? Wait and see, this will become worse than all the ones before.

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Posted in: Difficult to end state of emergency as planned: health minister See in context

It's all about testing, testing for a so called deadly variant that has more than a 99 percent recovery rate. So, how many people died ? We do know of some who have already died in Japan after being inoculated . There is no need for any state of emergency for a so called virus that can not be isolated - meaning that laboratories around the world can not actually find it. Some pretty good CGI pictures of the virus are often shown.

The inventor of PCR tests has stated that it it is of no use testing on Humans and shouldn't be used. Why are so many who have been jabbed test positive and are told to wear a mask, Ha.

If anyone who was ill and ended up in a hospital and was put on any ventilator will usually end up dead and it will be said that they died of covid. The damage by lock downs on businesses is doing more damage to society than this elusive virus.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Bob FosseToday 07:46 am JST

What is false is your over exaggerating. Yes, some people have died after getting the vaccine. A very very small number that is statistically within the range of people dying after ANY vaccine.

Tell that to the families who's loved ones have died or are seriously injured from the "so called " vaccines. One death is too many. I guess that as long as it doesn't statistically apply to your family it should be ok.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

LovecraftingToday 07:47 am JST

And before anyone claims that what I say is false, the information is available on government and other vaccine deaths and injuries data bases.

Links then ?

I just told you. You have a computer don't you ? Just do a search.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Reports of vaccine deaths and injuries all round the world and NOW in Japan and all these people are clamoring to get jabbed with an experimental and unapproved vaccine. The shame of it all is that the main stream media withholds this important information. And before anyone claims that what I say is false, the information is available on government and other vaccine deaths and injuries data bases.

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Posted in: Vaccine protection wanes within 6 months: phone app study See in context

The reason the virus is mutating is because they say it is. Wake up.

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