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Posted in: Suga asks Pfizer CEO to bring forward COVID-19 delivery amid shortage See in context

Be thankful that things are slow. You will find out in the near future.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

And in the mean time, there are many thousands of vaccine deaths and many thousands of vaccine injuries around the world which statistics can be found on official government sites. Are people blind ? It is amazing that you can give this information to people and they still can't wait to get jabbed with an experimental " so called Vaccine "

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

This is ridiculous. Just because some test shows " some" positive does not mean that you are a threat to anyone or yourself. The inventor of covid tests says that you can find a bit of covid in just about anything.

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Posted in: Are we going to need COVID-19 booster shots? See in context

What a scam ! They will have you wearing masks forever and giving you a shot every month for the terrible new variants. If you let them !

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Posted in: More than 18 months into the coronavirus pandemic, whether or not to wear a face mask is still a highly charged source of debate, confusion and anger around the world. Why do you think this is? See in context

I see everyone wearing the masks outdoors under the hot sun, jogging with them on, out a night on the streets where there is no one, driving in the car. What is wrong with people ? can't they see what is really happening to society ? Everyone in Japan is scared to take them off in case someone complains. There is no proof that masks do anything except make you breath back your own germs and can cause bacterial pneumonia. Who originally told everyone to wear masks ? Dr fraud Fauci. Who said wear 2 masks, no need to wear masks after a jab, then you have to wear masks after a jab. And social distancing ? - don't get me started.

The official recovery rate from a Covid infection is more than 98 percent.

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Posted in: Gov't panel seeks record 28 yen rise in minimum wage to 930 yen See in context

28 yen ? are you kidding ? Other developed countries around the world have a much higher minimum wage rate. Japan is way down the bottom of the list. Going by other country minimum rates, Japan should be at least 1,200 yen per hour.

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Posted in: Summer setback: COVID deaths and cases rising again globally See in context

Strange how there are more deaths supposedly by " Covid " as the vaccinations numbers increase.

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Posted in: How organizers hope to manage coronavirus at the Olympics See in context

With all those restrictions and rules, who would want to come for the Olympics ? Masks and social distancing don't do anything. Short of some miracle, we will see everyone wearing masks next year and probably told to wear them forever. Instead of handing out free condoms to the participants of the Olympics, hand out free tabs of Ivermectin !

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Posted in: Japanese governors call for sufficient COVID-19 vaccine supply See in context

EudraVigilance- European datatbase drug reaction reports

European Medicines Agency

Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions Through July 03,2021

17,503 Dead

1,687,527 Injuries

Still want your Jab ?

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Posted in: Japan to launch infectious diseases databank to fight COVID-19 See in context

to help firms and universities develop treatments amid the pandemic, project members said Wednesday.

There already are treatments that are successful in curing covid. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The shame of it all is that Ivermectin was invented by a Japanese Scientist who received the Noble Peace Prize for it. It is being used successfully in several Indian states with enormous success. Watch certain vaccine promoters do a bunk on what I have written. The use of these anti-parasite medicines would have ensured the Olympics to be held with no problem.

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Posted in: What's your favorite coffee shop chain in Japan? See in context

Can't beat the taste of 7-11 coffee hot or cold. Next, Family Mart.

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Posted in: Indonesia in oxygen emergency as Delta variant wreaks global havoc See in context

Vaccines are seen as the main hope of breaking a cycle of economy-busting lockdowns in a pandemic that has killed close to four million people, according to an AFP compilation of official data.

Lives would be saved if they simply gave out Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroqine tabs. India is using them and deaths have plummeted.

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Posted in: Japan eyes keeping COVID-19 quasi-emergency during Tokyo Olympics See in context

AntiquesavingToday 11:32 am JST

PCR tests with cycles turned high enough, will register covid 19 on a piece of fruit

Get off false information sites please and get property informed.

This stupid false claim has been debunked long long long ago.

But someone alway shows up repeating it!

It is not false information as the inventor of the PCR tests claims that it wasn't even designed for such a test of Covid. You should get property informed. In a test, Covid was found on Kiwi fruit.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 518 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,485 See in context

Testing, testing, testing. Just because a test shows some sort of positive does not mean that the person will become ill or die. Double the number of people tested and you will just get more numbers By the way, what happened to the Flu ?

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Posted in: We will be unable to control infections if more businesses decide they can do whatever they want. See in context

" Virusrex " Science is clear, masks work, COVID kills even young people, vaccines are safe and effective, protecting the vulnerable is not realistically possible without stopping transmission in the general population. Somehow nameless people repeating the opposite on the internet is not enough to disprove it.

You can include yourself as one of those nameless people. What are your credentials ? Are you a doctor actually treating patients, involved with virus research etc. ? I believe people like Michael Yeadon, ex CEO and chief chemist of Phizer who state that masks are useless and warn not to take the vaccine, also the many doctors around the world who are warning of the dangers and those many people's testimonies of the damage to their health after the jabs.

Who is telling everyone to comply to these Covid rules ? The drug companies, Doctor Fauchi, Bill Gates, top government officials around the world and " WHO" World health organization. You can in part believe information from the CDC- Centers of Disease control and the VAERS reports that gives deaths and injuries data from around the world which it is said that numbers far exceed what they tell you. However, they are in great enough numbers to scare you from injecting yourself when there are other medicines available for the treatment of Covid. " Hakman " post sums up the real situation of what is happening with this "so called " pandemic with it's extremely high survival rates which do not warrant this idiotic social distancing, constant mask wearing and ridiculous 8pm lock downs. or any lock downs in general. The whole of society is being damaged and it will be hard to recover.

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Posted in: We will be unable to control infections if more businesses decide they can do whatever they want. See in context

Covid is most dangerous after 8pm- idiots.

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Posted in: Face masks were previously only spotted sporadically in winter, but they have been seen all the year round, including in summer, since the pandemic began. See in context

So do tell us: why do doctors wear masks?------ They never used to

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Posted in: Face masks were previously only spotted sporadically in winter, but they have been seen all the year round, including in summer, since the pandemic began. See in context

Yes, that's why all doctors and even dentists have been wearing masks for several decades: virtue signalling

Yeah, but they don't wear them all day, driving the car, going shopping, running, exercising, walking at night with the dog etc. Surgeons wear them during surgery and then dispose of them after finished, not to catching some virus but to keep their germs from a cut open patient.

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Posted in: Trump airs old election grievances in return to rally stage See in context

The Trump haters will soon be in shock. Donald Trump never conceded. Who has possession of " Airforce 1 " ?

Who is not allowed in to the Pentagon ?

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Posted in: It's very dangerous when society doesn't offer support to people feeling anxious and when only cults and conspiracy theorists listen to them with empathy. See in context

Funny how conspiracy theories turn out to be true in the end.

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Posted in: Moderna's president talks about COVID-19 and vaccine technology See in context

Mail Online today

'The feds are not being transparent': Inventor of mRNA vaccines says people should not be forced to take COVID shots because risks aren't known and under 18s and those who've had virus should not take it

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Posted in: It is now known that age causes little difference in the efficacy or safety of the vaccine. See in context

virusrex = disinformation

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Posted in: It is now known that age causes little difference in the efficacy or safety of the vaccine. See in context

Daily Mail today.

CDC advisory group says there is a likely link between COVID-19 vaccines and rare heart inflammation in young adults after nearly 500 reported cases. ------------------------------

Note- likely link and rare heart inflammation ! Don't worry, it's only about 500 cases.

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Posted in: It is now known that age causes little difference in the efficacy or safety of the vaccine. See in context

commanteerToday 07:18 am JST

Wow. This is completely false. Young people are at higher risk from the vaccine, and lower risk from Covid. Especially when one considers the unknown long term risks of the mRNA vaccine (and its limited effectiveness, we now know), the risk-reward is very bad for kids whose bodies are still developing and who may hope to have children one day.

A disaster coming !

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context


hat is the problem with "doing your own research", if you are careful and can read the primary sources that is fine, but if you end up believing false and misleading information from completely unreliable sources that is worse than not researching in the first place.

It is your continual information that is misleading. True information is out there that is not being truthfully reported by the main stream media. This vaccine fiasco is dying as more people are hearing about the deaths and injuries worldwide. Reports are coming out on Japanese sites-- you probably can't read Japanese.

I am sure you would hate to hear this, but going by news on Daily Mail, Trump was right about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as a cure for Covid. 2 weeks ago Daily Mail would never have reported this sort of news. Things are changing.

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Posted in: Town hit by threats, complaints over COVID vaccination program for youth See in context


You got it backwards, several studies around the world have proved the vaccine to be safe and efficient on the demographic, what the severely incomplete information from Japan is trying to be used for is to reject the conclusion of those studies, which is obviously invalid. The decision is based on information of much better quality. Being under emergency use do not mean it is not justified, as long as the intervention can scientifically be proved to lower the risk then it is fine.

And hundreds of studies around the world, not counting the thousands of harmed people attest to the fact that the "so called" vaccines are not safe and efficient against Covid at all. Hundreds of doctors are witness to the damages caused and can be found speaking out on video, of course not on main stream news. virusex certainly has a keen interest in debunking any narrative against the "vaccines" Who does virusrex work for ?

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Posted in: Japan launches study to verify COVID vaccines' effects on citizens See in context

hatsufredToday 07:59 am JST

A study of 1,500 is not good enough. The results of trials and studies are good. Vic.m provides no proof do your own research

If I was to show proofs which are many, this site would delete my post.

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Posted in: Japan launches study to verify COVID vaccines' effects on citizens See in context

No need to launch a special study. the results can be found and it is not good.

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Posted in: Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say See in context

Does that mean new or used ones ?

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Posted in: Have you thought about going overseas to get vaccinated for the coronavirus and then coming back to Japan? See in context

No, I don't live in fear to the point of taking a vaccine that is untested and where there is no liability against the drug companies who produce the " so called vaccine" I would say more, but I know the moderators here would delete me.

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