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Posted in: On Navy Day, Putin says United States is main threat to Russia See in context

The AvengerToday 09:55 am JST

As with the USSR, Russia's military adventures are bankrupting them. Ukraine will be the end of Russia as a global power.

Putin doesn't seem to realize that no country has any interest in invading Russia.

No country could invade Russia anyway. The only interest that other countries have on Russia is to try and destroy them economically which isn't working and which started long before Russia entered Ukraine.

If you saw how Russians were living today, you will see that all daily goods like food etc. is plentiful and cheap. Russia is self sufficient and can survive better than the west.

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and has been harboring corrupt western elements for years. Why do you think the USA and the west is in such a panic to remove Russia out of Ukraine ?

Is it the illegal weaponised Bio labs, the money laundering, the stealing of Ukraine's recources ? The NATO threat after all the agreements with NATO and Russia were being broken ?

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Posted in: U.S. and Japan launch economic dialogue to push back against China, Russia See in context

tooheysnewJuly 30 10:24 am JST

china and Russia are our neighbours. Friends

Really !? look what Russia has done to its neighbours - invaded them & killed their citizens

It is well proven that Ukraine is the one killing citizens, even their own.

Over the last 8 years, Ukraine military has been shelling the Russian speaking regions of Donbass resulting in the loss of more than 14,000 civilian lives. And, people wonder why Russia has gone in to do a clean up in the most corrupt country in Europe.

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Posted in: Japanese life expectancy sees 1st decline in 10 years amid pandemic See in context

HiroToday 08:52 am JST

Good news then. 70-80 is good enough for me. Anymore is gonna be a pain and burden for myself and those around

Let us know how you feel about it when you reach 75.

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Posted in: NASA details plans to bring back Mars rock samples See in context

There are no rocks on Mars. It is just another star that twinkles like all of them. They call earth a planet but has anyone observed the earth twinkle like Mars ?

Best photos of Mars are on Devon Island where videos show NASA Mars rovers running around taking pictures of the reddish Devon Island terrain.

The videos that they found of Devon Island were originally taken by someome using Google Earth.

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Posted in: Japan's daily COVID cases hit new record, above 209,000 See in context


That is like saying seat belts were supposed to prevent car accidents.

No one has ever said that seat belts were supposed to prevent car accidents ! As in your wording- not a valid point.

Right from the start, it was claimed that these experimental vaccine would protect you from so called Covid.

It canged from that to " you can still get Covid after a jab but the effects will be less than if you didn't get a jab " when it became obvious that the jab didn't work as they claimed.

Then you are told you need more injections including boosters. Honestly peopl, wake up !

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Posted in: Japan's daily COVID cases hit new record, above 209,000 See in context

"New infections have been continuously increasing at a rapid pace to its highest ever level across Japan,"

It is also increasing in the countries with the higher jabbing rates, Like New Zealand. It is officially reported around the world that people who get jabbed get AIDS, Aquired immune defiicieny.

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Posted in: Osaka to raise COVID-19 alert to highest level amid record cases See in context

The countries with the highest vaccination rates are having the highest so called Covid rates. New Zealand now that prides itself on around 80 percent vaxxed is now reporting all Covid cases increasing.

Reported on main world news sites lie Daily Mail etc.

Also reported that Haiti with one of the lowest vax rates has virtually no Covid cases. Make your own conclusions.

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Posted in: Putin bets on an ancient weapon in Ukraine: time See in context

Perhaps you haven't noticed that the west is imploding by itself. I don't think Putin has that much to do with it. USA, dumping California water in to the sea, paying farmers not to grow crops, selling off their oil reserves, shutting down oil producing wells, freeing the country border to all who want to come in illegally, placing sanctions on Russia without realising they need their goods as well.

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WHO’s top monkeypox expert, Dr. Rosamund Lewis, said this week that 99% of all the monkeypox cases beyond Africa were in men and that of those, 98% involved men who have sex with men.

So, it is a world pandemic now ? Quick, get your monkey pox vaccine.

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Posted in: Russia hits Ukraine's Black Sea port despite grain deal See in context

“In case of non-fulfillment, Russia will bear full responsibility for a global food crisis.”

The food crisis already started long before. The way they talk is like the whole world lives on only Ukraine wheat and oil etc.

but Russia’s invasion and naval blockade of its ports halted shipments.

No, Ukraine blocked their own ports by minin g them and would not agree to remove them so ships could come in without being blown up.

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Posted in: Masked and on the move See in context

Every one still living in fear for a virus that has never been isolated.

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Posted in: Russia widens Ukraine war aims as gas pipeline restart tests nerves See in context

"Russia is blackmailing us. Russia is using energy as a weapon," Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said

Really ? What do you expect when you try to destroy Russia with sanctions and steal their assets around the world ?

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Russia has blocked food supplies to the east and south.

This is not true. Russia has been doing all it can to enable Ukraine wheat to be shipped out. Ships can't come in to various Ukraine ports because Ukraine have mined their own ports.

Russia is self sufficent in it's own food production and why should Russia send their food to those who hate them ? No problem to send to China, Syria, Iran, India, venezuela etc. Oil, gas, Titanium, fertilizer, vegetable oils, rare earth minerals, wheat, rare gases for computer chips production, salmon etc.

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his Irish counterpart Micheal Martin "remain appalled by and condemn the devastating attacks" by Russia against Ukraine

But not appalled by the fact that Ukraine military had been shelling the Russian Donbass regions for 8 years with the loss of more than 14,000 citizen lives.

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Posted in: Decrying Nazism – even when it's not there – has been Russia's 'Invade country for free' card See in context

The rise of the Nazis in Ukraine is factual and was confirmed as a coming threat by the United Nations in 2012. Since then the Nazi militias have infiltrated the Ukraine goverment and military.

It was the military under control of the Azov group who were shelling the Russian speaking enclaves over the last 8 years with the loss of 14,000 Russian citizen's lives.

Not only did Putin finally get fed up with this and finally decided to stop the slaughter but it was time to remind Ukraine of the legal agreements made between Russia and Ukraine that Ukraine would not joine NATO and stay neutral.

The claim that Russia considers anyone who speaks against them as Nazis is garbage. Zelensky may well be Jewish but he is well in bed with the Nazis in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Russia sanctions 384 Japanese lawmakers See in context

PTownsendToday 07:22 am JST

Putin's Russia have shown they are not afraid to use their military to invade and destroy neighboring countries while slaughtering women, children and other civilians.

How manu countries has Russia destroyed ? How about USA ? Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.

Ukraine were slaughtering women, children and other civilians in the Donbass for 8 years until Russia finally had enough. 14 thousand civilians killed.


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Posted in: 45 nations pledge to coordinate evidence of war crimes in Ukraine See in context

englisc aspyrgendToday 08:06 am JST

All the perpetrators of war crimes must be brought to justice.

What ? You mean like the ones who attacked Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. ?

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Posted in: Slow pace for youngest kids getting COVID vaccine doses in U.S. See in context

Monty -- Thanks God there are still parents around who are using their brains.

Seems people still don't understand what the word "experimental" means.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is heading for tragedy; Kramatorsk city prepares its defense See in context


You should stop listening to all the news from the West. Perhaps you should look at a map of Ukraine showing the territory liberated from the Nazis and unfortunately many from the ukraine army forced to fight to the last man by Elensky. Can't use a Z because he banned the use of it.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is heading for tragedy; Kramatorsk city prepares its defense See in context

YrralToday 07:41 am JST

Nemo, Ukrainain are not gonna get these mythical weapon,the West has gave Ukrainain everything,but the kitchen sink,they had regress since battling near Kiev,this is a Artillery duel, Ukrainain are losing

In the last day or so, Rissia destroyed 2 of those fancy super duper Howitzers sent by the USA.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is heading for tragedy; Kramatorsk city prepares its defense See in context

nandakandamandaToday 07:19 am JST

Russia has repeatedly imposed herself on Ukraine for more than a century, causing the deaths of millions.

You are talking about the Soviet Union under the Bolshevik Stalin. Putin kicked the Bolsheviks out long ago. It is called Russia now and is not a communist country anymore.

It seems people hate Putin and Russia because of Stalin and the fact that Putin was analyst with the KGB. Unfortunately he is portrayed as some super KGB hit man.

Are you aware of how many Russians lost their lives in the previous world wars ?

Did you know that it was Russia who came to the aid of the Americans and saved them from the British years ago with their amada of ships coming to the rescue ?

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Posted in: Johnson resigns, but will remain British PM until new leader chosen See in context

Zelensky must be crying now. Boris promised him all sorts of things- money, weapons etc.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is heading for tragedy; Kramatorsk city prepares its defense See in context

But their progress has been far slower than many analysts predicted, and they were beaten back in initial attempts to take the capital, Kyiv, and second city, Kharkiv.

Russia never attempted to take Kiev in the first place. The show of force around the city was simply a diversion tactic. Never heard of Kyiv ?

Besides, it would be impossible to take Kiev withou bombing the hell out of it like the west does, and Russia would not do this. The fall of Kiev will come within.

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Posted in: Japan reports 47,976 coronavirus cases See in context

NorthernlifeJuly 7 07:56 pm JST

As I predicted yesterday the numbers have gone up again..

Only because of the continual testing. All these people supposedly positive for Covid- where are they all ? In hospital, dying ect, ?

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Posted in: Japan reports 47,976 coronavirus cases See in context

gintonicJuly 7 06:43 pm JST

Seems it's a nastier bug than the previous one - symptom-wise at least."

Not in my anecdotal evidence.... basically the same symptoms as catching a cold.

The official survival rate from Covid is more than 99 percent.

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Posted in: COVID air war being lost, experts warn, urging mass ventilation See in context

"Better ventilation also improves cognition by reducing carbon dioxide levels and, along with filtration, can reduce the impact of pollen and other allergies."

To reduce carbon Dioxide levels, get rid of the masks. What do you think is coming out of your mouth when you breath out and then continually suck some of it back in. This also can produce in medical terms, bacterial pneumonia.

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Posted in: Aso likens Russian war in Ukraine to bullying of weak children See in context

Ukraine military had years of training by NATO, so were not so weak. It's just that Russia was so much stronger.

It was Ukraine that was attacking Russian speaking areas of Ukraine since 2014 with the loss of 14,000 Russian lives. Putin finally had enough of Ukraine bullying and the broken agreements not to bring NATO to the Russian door step.

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Posted in: Price cap on Russian oil to be about half of current price: Kishida See in context

Those countries trying to punish Russia have only ended up punishing themselves. Russia can sell their gas , oil, wheat, fertilizers, minerals, rare metals etc., to other friendly nations whose populations far exceed those of the west and Europe.

What is so important about Ukraine for Japan ?

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Posted in: Fighting intensifies for Ukraine's last bastion in eastern Luhansk province See in context

Russia had used Snake Island to impose a blockade on Ukraine, one of the world's biggest grain exporters and a major producer of seed for vegetable oils. The disruptions have helped fuel a surge in global grain and food prices.

This is false. Russia has offered Ukraine safe passage to ships carrying grain, but Ukraine needs to remove all the sea mines. Ships won't come in to the mined ports because they will lose their insurance.

Latest news is that Russia is helping to get Ukraine grain out for export. Russian grain and vegetable oil, fertilizers is a different story. Why would Russia send these goods to the countries who have sanctioned Russia and stolen their money ?

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Posted in: Should you get a COVID-19 booster shot now or wait until fall? See in context

It seems pointless to try and warn people of the dangers of taking these injections even though the dangers and really bad side effects are all listed on Phizer and othe drug companies fact sheets.

In the past I have tried to show the list of side effects and the neferious substances in the " so called " vaccines " but end up getting deleted.

It is common knowledge that these vaccines are not effective against viruses, which by the way, Covid virus has never been isolated. Look up in a dictionery what is the meaning of isolated.

We are always getting these vaccine promoting articles from so called academics but never any from actual real experts in the field of virology, doctors, nurses, morticians and data from insurance companies who will not pay out life insurance if death from vaccines.

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