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Posted in: Afghan rulers urged to reverse ban on women aid workers See in context

We are all same under the skin.

I'm sure some religious extremists purposely twisted the teaching of the founder.

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Posted in: CES 2023: Electric skates, pet tech and AI for birds See in context

Good to know some JP companies are still thriving in the scientific field. Maintaining imagination is critical to surviving in the international market.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

No offense to both the royal family and H&M.

For me, the system of having the royal institutions with our tax money is becoming nonsense.

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Posted in: 5 arrested over October mass brawl at Tokyo skyscraper restaurant See in context

Shameful behavior. I used to think they had at least drawn a line not to cause such a brawl in public.

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Posted in: History, culture and words behind Shinto shrines in Japan See in context

For me, good religion gives hope to people and not discriminates against others or ask for donations.

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Posted in: Nintendo praised for new rules against customers who harass staff See in context

The ”Customers are always right” policy drives employees to go mentally depleted.

On the other hand, some service providers should make their service much more simple to prevent unnecessary inquiries, such as mobile phone companies.

I often found myself cutting unnecessary option deals and ending up inquiring them how I could cancel them.

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Posted in: U.N. experts urge stringent rules to stop net zero greenwash See in context

Like cancer, it spreads gradually but could be too late and wait for the end of life by the time it's completely visible right next to us.

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Posted in: Sean Penn loans Oscar to Zelenskyy until Ukraine wins war See in context

I'll give him a credit.

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Posted in: Duran Duran reveals former member Taylor has stage 4 cancer See in context

I'm really sorry to hear that Andy is going through such a hardship.

Duran x2 is one of the most amazing UK bands.

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Posted in: Japan to keep stake in Russian energy project in Sakhalin See in context

I believe Russia tries to take all the benefits away after the development is sufficiently done.

They cannot be trusted.

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Posted in: Japanese kids develop unconscious gender biases at young age: study See in context

I personally don't see any problem if kids recognize other genders differently as long as there is a respect for the difference.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate rises slightly to 37.6% See in context

Speaking of the health insurance card, I heard many wrongdoers falsify it as their illegal ID because of no picture.

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Posted in: Yahoo! Japan won’t let anyone post comments without providing a phone number See in context

Personally, I disagree with imposing a censorship-like system to disrupt our freedom of speech.

Having said that, because I also often see purely hostile comments there, to an extent, this system might work in democratic states.

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Posted in: Australia backs plan for intercontinental power grid with Singapore See in context

This is so inspiring amid so many war scaremongers insisting to adopt fossil fuels or nuclear power as opposed to green energy.

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Posted in: 170 cats abandoned in house in Gunma after owner falls ill See in context

If he couldn't provide proper care at home, the home should have been open for the poor cats. I just hope his wrong way to love and obsession with cats never happens again.

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Posted in: Japanese mom’s don’t-touch-my-baby-stroller sign stirs up debate See in context

Maybe I wouldn't mind elderly people kindly talking and even touching my baby with care as long as I'm not in hurry, because in Japan, I don't have to worry about kidnapping, however, I agree with her opinion COVID-wise.

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Posted in: Receding ice leaves Canada's polar bears at rising risk See in context

If the decrease of their population is a part of the evolutionary stages, probably it is OK, but this sort of rapid environmental change always impacts the entire ecosystem after all.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese firms levied pro forma tax down 33% from peak See in context

Speaking of loopholes, why tax authorities aren't enthusiastic about imposing a decent corporate tax on online retail behemoths?

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Posted in: Court rejects long-stay visa for gay U.S. man married to Japanese See in context

Japan could improve its well-being and its rank in the Global Gender Gap Index if those decision-makers try to show more compassion and are more inclusive.

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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

Maybe Pu cannot put his fist down because it's too embarrassing to admit that his hypothetical enemy poetry didn't work.

What a surprise for Snowden to be finally granted Russian citizenship - it's so obvious... he should've read Animal Farm.

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Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

Given the circumstance that the main culprit was plump, she should receive the same experience the boy was being through to truly repent her crime.

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Posted in: Gov't to pursue U.S. base relocation in Okinawa despite Tamaki's win See in context

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine and some countries' willingness to have a good rapport with Russia, it demonstrates invasions can happen anywhere when we are off guard.

If I were Prime Minister of Japan, I would certainly have no choice but to keep the US base in one of the best defensive locations, which is Okinawa to deter China's invasion of Taiwan, to begin with, then Japan.

Of course, the US is not perfect, they obviously want to keep their influence, but much more reliable than China, Russia, and their allies if I have to choose.

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Posted in: Canada's horrific knife rampage over as last suspect dies See in context

Although some argue that those offenders typically suffer from mental illness or substance-abuse disorders, consequences always turn out to be so unfair to victims and their families.

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Posted in: Zombie cells central to quest for active, vital old age See in context

Not care so much about wrinkles but definitely interested in staying fit until die.

With rather a sedentary lifestyle, 30 mins daily dumbbell exercise and stretching are secured but feel like it's just a drop in a bucket after reading this article...

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Posted in: Brazilian who fled Japan wanted over murder of wife, 3-year-old daughter See in context

Hopefully, Brazil won't follow inhumane nations' shady attitude on this.

This guy should come under a proper interrogation no matter where he is.

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Posted in: S Korean Netflix hit 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' sparks autism debate See in context

This kind of drama features someone had a hard time in the past due to his/her quirky behaviors thrives at the end of the day always entertains me.

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Posted in: As Japanese manufacturing fades, a factory town fights to stay alive See in context

I think some of the small-mid business owners rather want to end their business peacefully if they can afford to close it without debts because they know more investment is required to even just keep going.

On the contrary, those who want to hang in tight need not only financial support but also feasible future planning with reliable data to decide which pass to go, shift, or quit. I wonder if they have access to that kind of support...

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Posted in: Japan seeks to organize Sri Lanka creditors' meeting on debt crisis See in context

Nothing against helping friends when they have a hard time, but added to the financial aid to Africa, hopefully, it wasn't ordered from Japan's bigger ally.

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Posted in: Train driver’s locked tablet with forgotten password leads to big delay on Fukushima line See in context

Encourage more remote work and flex time, then fewer people feel rushed to commute on time.

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Posted in: Robot issue delays fuel removal from Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The total of running nuclear power plants including decommissioning cost easily outweighs the development of other renewable energy sources in a long run, but we always come back to using nuclear power for some reason.

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