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Posted in: Irregular working conditions grinding women down See in context

The problem here is NOT that they were not saved by marriage or need to be saved by marriage, the real problem here is that current labour law needs change. And as highlighted by some posters above men are also concerned about this.

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Posted in: Tokyo costliest Asian city for expats See in context

I am not an expat and I must say while Tokyo is expensive, it's still much more comfortable and clean than let's say London or Paris.

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Posted in: Tempers flare in Diet over state secrets bill See in context

At least they are doing something. I sometimes feel so powerless - this is going on all around the globe right now. God, I am praying (and I am atheist) that the next generation of politicians worldwide will be of a smarter, more human breed.

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Posted in: NELSON MANDELA DIES AT 95 See in context

RIP - indeed a long well-lived life. But during these times our world is spiralling backwards so fast no one notices, it's still so very sad to lose one of the few good ones left.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

Lol - funny I know the guy called Boris, we went to the same language school many moons ago hahaha. I will say this though, in the name of omotenashi, it would be good to have a video on how to interact with non-Japanese for Japanese guests would be helpful as well. Walking out with a face of disgust as soon as a non-Japanese person walks in is not very omotenashi. It doesn't happen very often but that could be a bit of a prep for the Olympics.

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Posted in: What do you think of NHK? Do you like any of their programs? See in context

Regarding Japanese news and documentaries, it's probably your only credible channel. I am not a fan myself but a lot of my Japanese friends are keen on the Asadora and Taiga formats. It sometimes churns out a quality drama like Gaiji Keisatsu, Kare - Otto - Otoko Tomodachi, or Made in Japan (well only the first episode was a bit daring).

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Posted in: Under Carlos Ghosn, Nissan has been aggressively forming overseas joint ventures, locating new plants and R&D outside of Japan, to a degree that threatens to dilute and weaken the Japanese stylistic, See in context

Well most global companies have lost their "local" soul long time ago. If it makes them sell more cars and if it gets people employed who cares.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

@miamanera - oh no, not only in Japan, during her student years, my cousin in Europe woke up by a noise, finding an older guy next to her and when she screamed like hell he ran out. Turned out he also went through her underwear drawer and laundry basket before that and took all undies. She moved the next day and the police never caught the guy.

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Posted in: 8 reasons why Japanese workers are so slow at making decisions See in context

Interesting points, but not all of them are unique to Japan, there are most certainly other risk averse, change resistant cultures (plus resistance to change is not the only reason for failures, outdated R&D, shifts in tastes and culture etc have an impact too).

One of the major issues in my opinion is that through technology and globalisation, our business world has changed extremly fast, product life-spans become shorter and the Japanese way of doing business will struggle more than "agile" cultures. And Japan needs to tackle this issue, and also cut some waste.

But there's plenty of examples in the Western world too, MySpace, Blackberry, Nokia, Opel. etc to name a few. Western companies also have this tendency in being extremly short-term obessed, and not invest in long-term R&D.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

There are racists in Japan, and in all other countries in the word, especaily Europe where I come from. But in Japan, the additional problem is that laws if they exist are not inforced and the tight-group system which works based on exclusion (and yes Japanese can be victime of that too).

@Rohet Pokrel Nepali, not an article but I give you some examples I have heard in Europe:

Shall we have Italian? Or should we go to the rice ball? (->refering to the Asian owner of a bar) Oh you live in Japan, they eat cats (dogs/dophins etc) right? Oh no how can you live in Japan, Asians are all so dirty. You can kick out the Asian guy, I am from Barcelona, I should have a seat. (old Catalan lady pointing to an Asian Amercan when told the restaurant was fully booked) I always change train when I see these brown people -> a young girl refering to people from India and Pakistan But overall, Asians are more lucky than people from the Middle East, Africa etc because they have a reputation for being hard workers and because of the "Asia is cool" thing right now.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context

I don't know bass4funk, it works similar the other way around. The behaviours you you described (plan the break-up, get over a relationship fast, dumping someone by email, having a new partner in the background etc) could also been easliy done by men. It surely has happended to me and other women. One thing I will say though is that most women tend to hide our unhappiness or doubts quite some time before we move, or we are being so very subtle about it and our poor partners would probably never pick up the hints. Hence it comes as a nasty surprise.

Anyway the article is quite useless, most dumped people will not turn into stalkers, and what is the trigger for those you do? Who knows.

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Posted in: What defines the Japanese character? See in context

Interestin read, but stay very much pn the surface. The doing things by hand thing for example is not a preference though. A lot of friends complain bitterly about these backward methods. And honesty in dealing with others is misleading. Things are indeed very safe but it certainly doesn't mean people don't lie to you or take contracts by word.

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Posted in: NHK’s hit comedy 'Ama-chan' to be aired in Taiwan, Thailand See in context

Kankuro Kudo is an excentric script writer and I have seen most of the stuff he wrote and directed. But I didn't watch Amachan because of the neverending Asadora format usually targeted at housewifes.

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Posted in: Would you support legalizing marijuana use? If so, why? If not, why not? See in context

Why not for the terminally ill - if it makes pain more tolerable.

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Posted in: Yes, we spy on allies. Want to make something of it? See in context

It would be nice to see humankind evolve and not regress back to the dark ages of war, cold war, creating rifts and other kerfuffle only close to the heart of politicans and their friends.

And anyone who had parents knows the answer to "everybody is doing it" is. (-> if your friends would jump of a cliff ...)

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to cut 1,600 jobs as cigarette sales fall See in context

Good thing that smoking is falling though of course it's sad for the workers. But I don't get the fanatism of some non-smokers. There are so many evil industries to tackle ... from food processing via the lovely TEPCO to other polluting industries ... Smoking kills but a lot of other things do too in industrialised societies.

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Posted in: Diversity and inclusion— Where to start? See in context

Oh well, I am not holding by breath, Japan is lightyears away from diversity and accountability :-)

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Posted in: English will be taught once or twice a week to third- and fourth-graders, and three times a week to fifth- and sixth-graders. See in context

It's always facinating to see that the solution to a problem is 'piling up' more of the same instead of changing the method, which isn't working that well to begin with. Having said that languages are best learnt early.

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Posted in: Abe likely to visit Yasukuni Shrine by end of year, aide says See in context

The question for me is always why are they hanging on this tradition? Is it meant to be a provocation or are they really honouring the war dead? Either way these people seem to be stuck in a not so glorious past.

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

For me it would be:

dressing up babies like cute animals and dressing up animals (dogs mainly) as cute humans.

some school uniforms - if we take away the sexy/romantic representation - are overpriced, not stylish and not very practical.

I agree with Cos on the uniforms too - If I am in trouble I want my nurses or police officers in practical clothes that allow them to move fast. Not some kind of minidress and higher heels which a TV nurse would wear.

I am not a guy but ties don't make much sense to me. But a lot of women's stuff too, long earings for example ...

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

Nothing wrong with a fun little PR survey to stay in the news, but if this is a serious attempt by Japanese Olympic Committee to get started, they'll just repeat the same mistake most Japanese companies make. Instead at looking at Japan from a rest of the world perspective, they start to looking inside Japan. The average non-Japanese has no idea about the Jimusho and Tarento stuff. But if I were in charge, I would just ask Kudo Kankuro to script the opening and lean back. Bet it would turn out weird and cool.

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Posted in: Fukushima Industries unveils new mascot with an unfortunate name See in context

Lol - but now I understand why I see people in Tokyo wearing this dreadful F* y T-Shirts, backpacks and caps. They think probably it means something like Ganbare ;-)

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Posted in: Police to probe Mizuho over loans to gangsters See in context

Not only in Japan, my former employer white-washed money for the Mexican druglords. Yes they were fined, but did anyone go ever to jail? No!

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Posted in: Sony CEO praises 'Abenomics' See in context

Yep, if I were the head of a global corporation I would have sparkly eyes too. Weak yen -> better for exports, corporate tax cut -> can keep more of my profits. And who says I have to raise salaries, I can always give promises and post-pone them year by year :-)

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Posted in: American casting for 'Hana Yori Dango' (Boys Over Flowers) TV series receives harsh Japanese criticism See in context

I watched the rather serious anime in the 90ties, and saw bits of the Japanese "live action" comedy. But really, all this is is a story about a rich kid who stalks and bullies (leading to an almost rape) a poor dependent student to make her fall in love with him. It works out for him and it's portrayed as romantic and idealistic... mmmh.

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Posted in: The importance of 'aisatsu' in Japan See in context

I don't know if this is unique to Japan, there was a time not to long ago in the West when greetings were equally important. People would say hello in your neigborhood, at work and people also just stopped by at your house to say hi. I just think we need to find a little of that back, and great that Japan hasn't lost it all.

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Posted in: Fashion model proposes violent punishment for people who smoke while walking See in context

I agree it's dangerous, but aren't there are already laws against this and that would in theory allow cops to fine people? I guess it's one of the many things that is not enforced... Correct me if I'm wrong But as pointed out by ambrosia, another societal no-go should be slapping your partner in the face, not matter what he did. That's DV!

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Posted in: Bad weather linked to train suicides in Japan: study See in context

Is it not more that the weather impacts people who already suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or severe seasonal affective disorder? I doubt that perfectly healthy people after 7 days of rain decide on a wimp to jump. Whatever it is, if the blue lights help a little, bring them on.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

Nothing wrong with wanting to be a housewife but for the 66.6% who want to continue working there should be better options. In fact like many pointed out above, if Japan doesn't want to shink as an economic power they have to let the women in or the dreaded immigrants.

And women need to consider the following if they want to be a full-time housewife:

does her husband make enough money to support a family, and what would happen if he loses his job. is there a back-up in form of life insurance for example when the husband passes away or gets ill. what happens in case of a divorce, will she be able to receive enough financial support and will she be able to re-enter the workforce. Sorry that it's about money not love, but housewifes are a group at risk to slide into poverty if one of the above things go wrong.

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Alphaape - I think that scam works so well because of the need for the Japanese psyche to save face. The good appearances have to be kept up first. And since people think in groups or entities, if family member risks to be exposed, you are being exposed. As opposed to you and me they don't think about individual responsability first but the image of the group, the family. I reckon especially older people still have this mindset. But yes with all the awarness campaigns, this type of crime should be dying out ... Well done lady!

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