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Posted in: Teen saga 'Hunger Games' hits big screen See in context

Battle Royale had teens killing teens to survive on an island, but calling The Hunger Games the 'American version' is like saying that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is the same because they have magic, castles and wizards.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

A student of the Japanese language who has been trying to scrape enough together to visit Japan, I am finding this news rather exciting even if I am not of the "highly influential blogger" profile another article claim they are aiming to find.

The program, which will require travelers to cover other costs such as accommodation, is expected to start from next April, subject to government budgetary approval.

If the program begins in April, then I guess I won't be getting there in time for Sakura Matsuri, or do they perhaps mean that winners of the tickets will begin traveling in April? No matter. I plan on being one of these people no matter the travel season.

Despite criticism, I believe this kind of publicity will increase tourism and bring back the funds they are using to recover the devastated areas. It is possible that many winners will travel or split costs with companions who have not won tickets, thus adding to the tourist count and the number of people spending money in Japan. I would be glad to spend my money (prudently) in Japan after a complimentary round-trip flight! I am encouraging all my friends from Japanese classes to apply when the time comes, and with luck we can all go.

I am so excited that I can't wait for the rules and the website to be announced. I am going to start making plans and writing my essay now.

See you soon Japan! (^o^)/

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