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Posted in: Tokyo reports 856 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,571 See in context

*And for those betting on the safety of the vaccinations, the WHO has a different view, "Once again, the WHO has stepped in to offer some confusing comments about the coronavirus vaccine, warning that there is "no evidence to be confident shots prevent transmission" and that people who receive the vaccine should continue wearing masks and following all social distancing and travel guidelines.The comments were made by WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan during what appears to have been a virtual press conference held Monday."*

Correct. We simply don't know how transmission after vaccination works because those studies are still underway. That does not mean that the vaccine is unsafe or not worth getting, as you seem to be implying. No one should assume a false sense of security after being vaccinated in terms of endangering others, as while the vaccine is extremely effective at preventing symptoms and thus severe illness in the vaccinated person, we do not know about their ability to contract the virus and pass it on to others. So yeah, keep wearing your masks and distancing until everyone is vaccinated or the virus fizzles out on its own, but get the damn vaccine ASAP.

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Where do people get this 99.98% survivability rate? It’s so easily disproven, and yet people keep parroting it like it’s gospel, while simultaneously forgetting that the outcomes are not death or perfectly fine. With around a third of survivors experiencing some kind of long term effects which we don’t yet know the extent of, we should be embracing this vaccine with open and eager arms. Calling the COVID vaccine “experimental” demonstrates a dogmatic opposition to vaccines as a whole that is not based in reality.

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Posted in: Tokyo tourism sector worried as elderly asked not to use travel scheme See in context

Does the government (and some commenters here) not realize that many households in Japan are multigenerational? You can’t keep jiichan and baachan safe if they live with their adult children and grandchildren.

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

Some of y’all are really showing that you don’t know how compressed vaccine development works, huh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating mother in 80s with bamboo sword See in context

I would speculate that he had not capacity to pay elder care giving costs, and suffered from care-giving fatigue. May the mother's soul rest in peace.

Is it really necessary to "speculate" when there is zero excuse for abusing anyone else? The article clearly states that this was a repeating thing. Even if those were his "reasons", they're inexcusable and don't diminish the abuse this woman suffered at the hands of her son.

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One thing I don't get is the whole "media don't call the election" argument. No, obviously they don't. They report the vote tallies. I have a phone screencap from 2016 when the BBC clearly announced that "Donald Trump [was] elected the next president of the United States" by the end of election day. I believe Trump also had a victory speech event that very night as well. Why wasn't that the media "calling the election"? The electoral college hadn't case their votes, but Trump was named as the next president. This election isn't even that close either, certainly not to the point where recounting is likely to change the president elect. Why is this election held to such different standards with regard to how the media is commenting on it?

Oh, wait. I feel I already know the answer to my own question.

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171 out of 971? I really hope there's a typo there, cause a 17.6% positivity rate is terrifying.

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Posted in: Second night of clashes in Philadelphia after police kill Black man See in context

Police simply aren't trained to react with anything less than lethal force. Police have been overburdened for years, being the only ones who are called to deal with a huge scope of social and medical issues (mental health crises, drug overdoses, etc.). It's time for us to divvy up the responsibility among those who are trained for specific incidents like this and go into these sorts of situations prepared to deescalate. This man needed help, not an execution.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

Loooot of people here showing that they've never taken the MAP.

To quell some fears, there is little evidence showing that the availability of the MAP is related to lower rates of use of other forms of contraception, to my knowledge. It is much easier and cheaper to use a condom than it is to get your hands on the pill, even in places where it's easily available. The times I've gotten abroad it I was lectured at by self-righteous pharmacists, and in Japan, obviously it took getting an actual prescription. Many people have stories of pharmacists refusing to sell MAP or even standard birth control to them. Secondly, the MAP is like a massive dose of daily birth control all at once, so it can make you feel quite sick after taking it. It's also pretty pricey. I wouldn't jump to assuming that people will pop them like candy if they're made easier to buy.

Kids are already having sex, but they're largely uneducated about it and more protection is always better. With the number of stories we read in Japan where women kill or abandon their newborns, I would hope this would be great news welcomed with open arms.

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Posted in: Female LDP lawmaker says some women might make false reports of sexual violence See in context

As soon as I saw female LDP lawmaker, I knew it had to be Sugita. She’s shown herself time and time again to be not worth listening to, and this is just one more example.

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University also manipulated male applicants' scores: sources See in context

I don't want a doctor who needed 4+ visits to the exam board to pass a test. Doesn't bode too well for their competence in all the other areas they'll need to be fluent in along their career.

That may be the case, but then the institution should limit the number of times one can take the test. Taking applicants' money and letting them think they have a fair shot at getting in is fraud.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

I wonder if she knows that plenty of LGBT people do, in fact, biologically reproduce. I'm a member of the LGBT community, but my partner and I could absolutely have kids if we wanted to. Trans people can have kids depending on who their partner is. Lesbians can artificially inseminate. Gay men can use surrogacy. Aside from giving birth, plenty of LGBT couples around the world adopt kids given up by other people.

And really, if she is going to go off like this, she'd better be criticizing the otaku who marry their dakimakura. LGBT people are the least of Japan's reproductive problems.

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Posted in: Forced from home by floods, Japanese go back to school See in context

@AgentX, the article does not say that school is back in session. The middle of the article even says the school is closed until at least the end of the summer holidays. This article is about how evacuees are staying at schools many of them haven't been in in decades.

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Posted in: Gay marriage postal vote sparks fury, debate in Australia See in context

Consulting the people is the right way to settle these social issues. Well done Australia! Wish we did the same in the US.

Why should the decision of whether or not minorities are given equal rights be determined by the majority? That sounds like a recipe for nothing good.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake strikes off Wakayama coast; no tsunami alert See in context

I was kind of proud of myself for feeling the very faint shaking up in Gifu. I hope everyone's okay down where it was stronger!

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Posted in: 'Legroom war' rages as planes grow more cramped See in context

I can't wait until ANA-style fixed shell seats are adopted by other airlines. The seat itself doesn't move back, but the inside cushion part slides forward, creating the same comfort as recline would without pissing off the person behind you. I'm around 5'9 and have suffered through 10 hour flights with a passenger in front of me who decided that they wanted their seat all the way back. I mean, I don't fly that often, but even I know that there's a certain courtesy involved when flying coach. Recline a bit, but not such that your seat is in another person's lap.

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Posted in: Fresh violence in riot-hit Missouri town; new autopsy ordered See in context

Stealing a box of cigarillos does not justify public execution. There is also no definitive proof yet that the man in the store video was Michael Brown. Even the store owners have spoken out through an attorney saying that they never believed the man in the video was Michael Brown. Only the police have claimed as such. Besides, the police officer who killed him did not know that he was suspected in connection with the robbery, so that wasn't why he killed Brown.

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Posted in: Universal Studios Japan in Osaka See in context

My boyfriend and I are planning to visit this summer, and we are 26 and 30. This attraction will most likely do very well. Harry Potter is a sure classic (whether you like it or not is irrelevant), even my students who weren't born when the books were released love the books and movies.

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Posted in: Car stolen with two young children in back seat See in context

Please arrest the parent, who leaves their kids in the car with the keys in it!

Yes! Let's punish kids who were almost taken away from their parents by taking their parents away from them! /s

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl in coma since June 10 pool accident dies See in context

To my knowledge, public school teachers do not have the training to oversee so many children in a swimming pool. When I was a lifeguard, we had water scanning techniques that we used to make sure that the number of people in the water didn't change. I always get nervous at my schools when I hear that they're going to open the pool for the summer. I've offered to oversee the PE lessons, as I was a lifeguard for nearly 6 years, but they always tell me that they've got it under control. No accidents so far, but you never know.

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Posted in: Man stabs ex-girlfriend, her parents in their home in Aichi See in context

I'm sorry, why is the ex-girlfriend in question being judged on her choice of partner? Unemployed people aren't required to go it alone in life. Maybe he just recently lost his job, we don't know. Even if he was chronically unemployed, the attack is not this woman's fault.

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Posted in: 'Frozen' tops box office in Japan for 5th consecutive week See in context

I never really understood the meaning of the word "overrated" when it applies to subjective opinions. Some of you didn't like it, other people did. That doesn't make the film overrated.

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Posted in: Biggest threat to Japan whaling: Declining appetites See in context

The elementary and junior high schools that I have worked at have served whale in their school lunches about once a year. On those days, I often hear the students remark that they don't really like it, and that they'd prefer beef, chicken or pork. It might just be because it's a mass prepared school lunch (though most kyushokus are quite delicious compared to their overseas counterparts), but whale tastes like tough, fishy beef to me (though I'm sure it tastes better when prepared carefully). Not the most delicious meat I've ever had, so I agree with my students. I'd rather eat something else. It wouldn't surprise me if that generation rejects whale as a meat when they are the ones calling the shots.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl missing in Saitama since March 10 See in context

Similar thing happened at the school where a work. A first year junior high school girl got into a fight with her dad and ran away to her friend's house in the next prefecture over. Best part of the story is that the friend's father picked this girl up from the train station without calling her dad to see what was going on. Fortunately, the situation never escalated like this one has, but hopefully, something similar is happening to this girl.

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Posted in: JAL Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Honolulu See in context

I flew on a 787 from Doha to London, and it was a lovely plane. This issue doesn't sound like it's related to the previously known battery issue, and is only really making the news because it's a 787. Sounds like the crew did the right thing!

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons See in context

There's a high school girl who rides the same train as me in the morning, and in the 6 months that I've ridden the train, I've never once seen the bottom half of her face. I find it kind of worrying that people can get away with never confronting their social problems here, just by putting on a mask. How do young people in other countries where surgical masks aren't worn survive?

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Posted in: Oita woman arrested over death of 7-year-old son See in context

Ebulda, you seem to want to execute almost every criminal.

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Posted in: 4 die after choking on 'mochi;' at least 10 hospitalized See in context

I dislike New Years mochi for this very reason. I remember eating it for the first time when I was about 18, and feeling like I was going to choke. Mochi balls, especially in soup, are too big for safe eating. I like the flavour, but I always feel nervous eating it.

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Posted in: 4 students arrested for beating up younger student See in context

I don't get why LINE gets dragged through the mud in stories like this. When I was in high school not that long ago, we used MSN Messenger or just the phone. If we had wanted to organise something like this, it wouldn't have been that hard. Don't shoot the messenger.

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Posted in: 2 school girls detained in Fukuoka for mugging 12-year-old girl See in context

Why was a 12-yr old carrying a handbag? Was it a Louis Vuitton (or burando neimu something) and getting up the other girls' noses? So many possible scenarios...

Wow, nice victim blaming. I carried a handbag when I was twelve, as I had a wallet, house keys, a bus pass, etc., and needed a place to put them. Kids these days are probably carrying around even more than that, so I don't get why her carrying a handbag could even factor into why she was beat up. Do all women carrying designer bags deserve to be mugged? And if she was "getting up the other girls' noses", them being 14 and 15 means that they have the maturity to walk away from the situation. I can't think of too many reasons to defend people who steal from others.

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