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Framing a fetus as “innocent” implies that they have the capacity to be guilty, which they do not. Fetuses are truly neutral beings, and abortion is thus not about “penalizing” them. It’s about allowing the pregnant person the right to control their own reproduction and thus life as a whole. No being has the right to sustain their own life at another’s expense without consent, plain and simple. There’s legal precedence for this where grown humans have been allowed to die because those who could have helped them survive didn’t wish to donate the means to do so. Fetuses are not special. An ongoing process like 9 months of pregnancy requires 9 months of ongoing consent.

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From the bank documents the news got a hold of, it looks like he made the first money transfer the same day. I was thinking he might have transferred the money overseas, but I don’t feel he’s quite clever enough to have done so so quickly. He’s ruined his life for nothing, but he probably needed help long before this happened to him and he didn’t get it. Kind of tragic all around.

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To those making snide comments asking if she knows who the father is, she’s engaged. It must be exhausting to be cruel to someone you don’t even know so needlessly.

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Neither of these women have much interest in advancing women’s rights in Japan. Takaichi is particularly awful. As a a feminist, the argument that women need to vote for female politicians, particularly at this level, because they’re female is bizarre, especially when women like this are the options. Politics is still a man’s world, so women in it unfortunately still aren’t much more than pawns. If we want to support female involvement in politics, this should be at the local level where they are still campaigning for themselves and their interests rather than those of the men in their party.

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Posted in: The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them. See in context

I flew my cat from Montreal to Tokyo under the seat in front of me. I'm sure the vast majority of people on the flight did not even realize he was there. Not sure why there's concern about noise when people bring babies on to flights all the time. Bring ear plugs just in case. Airlines have an unfortunate habit of delivering dead animals when they're put in the cargo hold.

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Over 60% of Canadians voted against Trudeau.

O'Toole actually got more votes than Trudeau.

Canada has a multitude of parties, meaning that people aren't forced to throw their support "against" another candidate by voting for "the other party". I voted NDP, which means I agree with the Liberals (and have voted Liberal every election up until now) on most things and would rather they be in power than any of the right wing parties, but think we can do better. It doesn't mean I "voted against" Trudeau or don't support him or his party in anything they do.

As for the numbers, I'd be more curious to see what they look like if you add the Liberal + NDP + Green + other left wing parties together vs. the Cons + PPC etc. (not sure I'd lump the Bloc in with them) together. I feel the weight might be a bit different.

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I do have a problem with people using Covid as an excuse to do mail-in ballots. It's legal, but in my opinion, it's a nonsense excuse, especially since upwards of 70% of people have been vaccinated. Talk about encouraging vaccine hesitancy....

But why? Why would I want frail elderly people who might be vaccinated but still at risk to put themselves at risk? Why would I want people with young unvaccinated kids to bring them to stand in line for hours surrounded by other people? Not sure in what universe an election would be the reason someone still isn't vaccinated, either.

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Furthermore, this idea of mail-in ballots are necessary during a pandemic is nonsense. If people can go to work, go food shopping and other such actions, then voting in person should be fine. Voting in person is pretty easy in Canada.

I voted by mail from Japan because voting in person is, shockingly, very difficult for this Canadian. There are also many people who live quite far away from the nearest polling station, or those who are quarantining. There are many reasons why mail-in ballots are necessary at any time, not just during a pandemic.

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Posted in: Police arrest Tour de France spectator who caused mass crash See in context

Female solipsism has consequences

What is inherently female about holding a sign?

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors call lost loved ones on 'phone of the wind' See in context

Time to move on. Memories don't have to drive you to unfathomable depths of grief.

You're welcome to deal with grief how you like. Don't tell others how to deal with their own personal losses.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

"Stories" like this are dangerous journalism. Without any proof of causation, stories like this will cause many readers to automatically assume a connection between the two and not get the vaccine. Correlation =/= causation. How many people who didn't get the COVID vaccine have died of brain haemorrhages in the same amount of time?

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Posted in: A mister no more: Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral See in context

Right-wingers: The free market is everything!

The market: is free

Right-wingers: NOOOO NOT LIKE THAT.

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I hope you do not promote childlessness as a way of life for everybody.

I think anyone who read what I wrote would immediately understand that I in no way said or implied that. Didn’t realize it was so controversial to say that people ought to do some careful thinking on whether or not they’re in a good position to be taking care of a new life before doing so.

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Well, it is a biological inevitability. Without children, you take yourself out of the gene pool. Gone forever. Most people know that instinctively, even if they do not verbalize it. However, if that is what you want, good for you to acting honestly.

My point is that not everyone has this instinct or is ready to act on it when society tells them that they should, and thus resisting social pressure to reproduce and discussing the issue is key. All children deserve loving, caring families, and some of us simply don't have the programming to be the kinds of parents kids deserve. As for us childfree folks "taking ourselves out of the gene pool", I've never understood the tragedy in this. We exist to perform good deeds and leave positive effects on the world, not merely replicate our DNA. If I ever get the sudden desire to have children, I'll happily adopt a kid who's already here.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

Heartbreaking to read news like this.

As a woman who is enthusiastically childfree (I've known I didn't want children from a young age), I'd really like it if more people examined themselves to see if they really want kids. Not just in Japan but around the world, having children is framed as an inevitability, particularly if you find a partner and get married. While children are of course wonderful for those want them and are prepared to care for them, not everyone is built that way, and that's alright. I would personally make a lousy mother, so it's in everyone's best interests that I not have kids. Of course, I would never dream of hurting a child, but I wouldn't be able to provide the best life for them simply because I'm not driven to be a mother. This mother may very well have wanted to have kids, but to start abusing her daughter at just a month old suggests to me that she and her husband could have stood to do a bit more discussing before choosing to start a family. As was mentioned above, many husbands here view childrearing as the sole domain of the mother, so the decision to have kids can be seen as more dependent upon finances than all the other factors that go into raising children.

Of course I'm making a lot of assumptions about this couple, but I feel it's a topic that could stand to be discussed more. It's okay to acknowledge that you aren't currently or will never be willing to have children.

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The absurdly high positivity rate days are always weekends, particularly Sundays. I would assume this happens because most clinics are closed on Sundays and thus only the sickest are able to get tested anywhere, whereas during the week, people who wouldn’t have qualified to be tested on a Sunday do get tested. With this said, the number of tests performed daily is still a joke, but it would explain why Sundays are the outliers.

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Posted in: Despite sexism uproar, Tokyo Olympics chief finds high-level support See in context

It is what it is. Since childhood I know girls talk more than boys. I just wish people just reconcile that there is a difference. And do not get offended.

It only took me about an hour in my first undergrad class to know that that's untrue in many scenarios. The number of male students talking over female students (but not each other), male teachers talking over female students (but not the male ones), male students simply rephrasing what a female student just said, it was all staggering. After a while, the female students just stopped trying, or only talked with other female students.

Obviously, there are going to be situations where the opposite occurs, or the above doesn't occur, so the point should be that blanket statements like "X gender do this everyday thing more than Y gender" is unfair because it hinges on so many conditions. In studies where students are asked who they think talks more in class, male students tend to overestimate women's contributions. Perhaps Mori and other men like him only notice when women talk because they stand out as the minority?

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Posted in: High school student arrested for sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl in toilet See in context

However, I'm sure we can all agree that a person who looks like a man should not enter the same restroom as a little girl if they are not relatives.

And you would know when a man with a girl is and isn't related to her how? How is a single father meant to take his daughter to the washroom under your watchful eye? Maybe instead of fantasizing about playing toilet police, we should focus on the root causes of child abuse and sexual assault.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 856 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,571 See in context

*And for those betting on the safety of the vaccinations, the WHO has a different view, "Once again, the WHO has stepped in to offer some confusing comments about the coronavirus vaccine, warning that there is "no evidence to be confident shots prevent transmission" and that people who receive the vaccine should continue wearing masks and following all social distancing and travel guidelines.The comments were made by WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan during what appears to have been a virtual press conference held Monday."*

Correct. We simply don't know how transmission after vaccination works because those studies are still underway. That does not mean that the vaccine is unsafe or not worth getting, as you seem to be implying. No one should assume a false sense of security after being vaccinated in terms of endangering others, as while the vaccine is extremely effective at preventing symptoms and thus severe illness in the vaccinated person, we do not know about their ability to contract the virus and pass it on to others. So yeah, keep wearing your masks and distancing until everyone is vaccinated or the virus fizzles out on its own, but get the damn vaccine ASAP.

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Posted in: Takeda CEO urges transparency in virus vaccine rollout See in context

Where do people get this 99.98% survivability rate? It’s so easily disproven, and yet people keep parroting it like it’s gospel, while simultaneously forgetting that the outcomes are not death or perfectly fine. With around a third of survivors experiencing some kind of long term effects which we don’t yet know the extent of, we should be embracing this vaccine with open and eager arms. Calling the COVID vaccine “experimental” demonstrates a dogmatic opposition to vaccines as a whole that is not based in reality.

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Posted in: Tokyo tourism sector worried as elderly asked not to use travel scheme See in context

Does the government (and some commenters here) not realize that many households in Japan are multigenerational? You can’t keep jiichan and baachan safe if they live with their adult children and grandchildren.

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

Some of y’all are really showing that you don’t know how compressed vaccine development works, huh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating mother in 80s with bamboo sword See in context

I would speculate that he had not capacity to pay elder care giving costs, and suffered from care-giving fatigue. May the mother's soul rest in peace.

Is it really necessary to "speculate" when there is zero excuse for abusing anyone else? The article clearly states that this was a repeating thing. Even if those were his "reasons", they're inexcusable and don't diminish the abuse this woman suffered at the hands of her son.

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

One thing I don't get is the whole "media don't call the election" argument. No, obviously they don't. They report the vote tallies. I have a phone screencap from 2016 when the BBC clearly announced that "Donald Trump [was] elected the next president of the United States" by the end of election day. I believe Trump also had a victory speech event that very night as well. Why wasn't that the media "calling the election"? The electoral college hadn't case their votes, but Trump was named as the next president. This election isn't even that close either, certainly not to the point where recounting is likely to change the president elect. Why is this election held to such different standards with regard to how the media is commenting on it?

Oh, wait. I feel I already know the answer to my own question.

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171 out of 971? I really hope there's a typo there, cause a 17.6% positivity rate is terrifying.

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Posted in: Second night of clashes in Philadelphia after police kill Black man See in context

Police simply aren't trained to react with anything less than lethal force. Police have been overburdened for years, being the only ones who are called to deal with a huge scope of social and medical issues (mental health crises, drug overdoses, etc.). It's time for us to divvy up the responsibility among those who are trained for specific incidents like this and go into these sorts of situations prepared to deescalate. This man needed help, not an execution.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

Loooot of people here showing that they've never taken the MAP.

To quell some fears, there is little evidence showing that the availability of the MAP is related to lower rates of use of other forms of contraception, to my knowledge. It is much easier and cheaper to use a condom than it is to get your hands on the pill, even in places where it's easily available. The times I've gotten abroad it I was lectured at by self-righteous pharmacists, and in Japan, obviously it took getting an actual prescription. Many people have stories of pharmacists refusing to sell MAP or even standard birth control to them. Secondly, the MAP is like a massive dose of daily birth control all at once, so it can make you feel quite sick after taking it. It's also pretty pricey. I wouldn't jump to assuming that people will pop them like candy if they're made easier to buy.

Kids are already having sex, but they're largely uneducated about it and more protection is always better. With the number of stories we read in Japan where women kill or abandon their newborns, I would hope this would be great news welcomed with open arms.

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As soon as I saw female LDP lawmaker, I knew it had to be Sugita. She’s shown herself time and time again to be not worth listening to, and this is just one more example.

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I don't want a doctor who needed 4+ visits to the exam board to pass a test. Doesn't bode too well for their competence in all the other areas they'll need to be fluent in along their career.

That may be the case, but then the institution should limit the number of times one can take the test. Taking applicants' money and letting them think they have a fair shot at getting in is fraud.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker says LGBT couples lack 'productivity' See in context

I wonder if she knows that plenty of LGBT people do, in fact, biologically reproduce. I'm a member of the LGBT community, but my partner and I could absolutely have kids if we wanted to. Trans people can have kids depending on who their partner is. Lesbians can artificially inseminate. Gay men can use surrogacy. Aside from giving birth, plenty of LGBT couples around the world adopt kids given up by other people.

And really, if she is going to go off like this, she'd better be criticizing the otaku who marry their dakimakura. LGBT people are the least of Japan's reproductive problems.

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