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Posted in: Gay marriage postal vote sparks fury, debate in Australia See in context

Consulting the people is the right way to settle these social issues. Well done Australia! Wish we did the same in the US.

Why should the decision of whether or not minorities are given equal rights be determined by the majority? That sounds like a recipe for nothing good.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake strikes off Wakayama coast; no tsunami alert See in context

I was kind of proud of myself for feeling the very faint shaking up in Gifu. I hope everyone's okay down where it was stronger!

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I can't wait until ANA-style fixed shell seats are adopted by other airlines. The seat itself doesn't move back, but the inside cushion part slides forward, creating the same comfort as recline would without pissing off the person behind you. I'm around 5'9 and have suffered through 10 hour flights with a passenger in front of me who decided that they wanted their seat all the way back. I mean, I don't fly that often, but even I know that there's a certain courtesy involved when flying coach. Recline a bit, but not such that your seat is in another person's lap.

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Posted in: Fresh violence in riot-hit Missouri town; new autopsy ordered See in context

Stealing a box of cigarillos does not justify public execution. There is also no definitive proof yet that the man in the store video was Michael Brown. Even the store owners have spoken out through an attorney saying that they never believed the man in the video was Michael Brown. Only the police have claimed as such. Besides, the police officer who killed him did not know that he was suspected in connection with the robbery, so that wasn't why he killed Brown.

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My boyfriend and I are planning to visit this summer, and we are 26 and 30. This attraction will most likely do very well. Harry Potter is a sure classic (whether you like it or not is irrelevant), even my students who weren't born when the books were released love the books and movies.

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Please arrest the parent, who leaves their kids in the car with the keys in it!

Yes! Let's punish kids who were almost taken away from their parents by taking their parents away from them! /s

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl in coma since June 10 pool accident dies See in context

To my knowledge, public school teachers do not have the training to oversee so many children in a swimming pool. When I was a lifeguard, we had water scanning techniques that we used to make sure that the number of people in the water didn't change. I always get nervous at my schools when I hear that they're going to open the pool for the summer. I've offered to oversee the PE lessons, as I was a lifeguard for nearly 6 years, but they always tell me that they've got it under control. No accidents so far, but you never know.

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Posted in: Man stabs ex-girlfriend, her parents in their home in Aichi See in context

I'm sorry, why is the ex-girlfriend in question being judged on her choice of partner? Unemployed people aren't required to go it alone in life. Maybe he just recently lost his job, we don't know. Even if he was chronically unemployed, the attack is not this woman's fault.

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Posted in: 'Frozen' tops box office in Japan for 5th consecutive week See in context

I never really understood the meaning of the word "overrated" when it applies to subjective opinions. Some of you didn't like it, other people did. That doesn't make the film overrated.

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Posted in: Biggest threat to Japan whaling: Declining appetites See in context

The elementary and junior high schools that I have worked at have served whale in their school lunches about once a year. On those days, I often hear the students remark that they don't really like it, and that they'd prefer beef, chicken or pork. It might just be because it's a mass prepared school lunch (though most kyushokus are quite delicious compared to their overseas counterparts), but whale tastes like tough, fishy beef to me (though I'm sure it tastes better when prepared carefully). Not the most delicious meat I've ever had, so I agree with my students. I'd rather eat something else. It wouldn't surprise me if that generation rejects whale as a meat when they are the ones calling the shots.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl missing in Saitama since March 10 See in context

Similar thing happened at the school where a work. A first year junior high school girl got into a fight with her dad and ran away to her friend's house in the next prefecture over. Best part of the story is that the friend's father picked this girl up from the train station without calling her dad to see what was going on. Fortunately, the situation never escalated like this one has, but hopefully, something similar is happening to this girl.

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Posted in: JAL Dreamliner makes emergency landing in Honolulu See in context

I flew on a 787 from Doha to London, and it was a lovely plane. This issue doesn't sound like it's related to the previously known battery issue, and is only really making the news because it's a 787. Sounds like the crew did the right thing!

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons See in context

There's a high school girl who rides the same train as me in the morning, and in the 6 months that I've ridden the train, I've never once seen the bottom half of her face. I find it kind of worrying that people can get away with never confronting their social problems here, just by putting on a mask. How do young people in other countries where surgical masks aren't worn survive?

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Posted in: Oita woman arrested over death of 7-year-old son See in context

Ebulda, you seem to want to execute almost every criminal.

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Posted in: 4 die after choking on 'mochi;' at least 10 hospitalized See in context

I dislike New Years mochi for this very reason. I remember eating it for the first time when I was about 18, and feeling like I was going to choke. Mochi balls, especially in soup, are too big for safe eating. I like the flavour, but I always feel nervous eating it.

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Posted in: 4 students arrested for beating up younger student See in context

I don't get why LINE gets dragged through the mud in stories like this. When I was in high school not that long ago, we used MSN Messenger or just the phone. If we had wanted to organise something like this, it wouldn't have been that hard. Don't shoot the messenger.

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Posted in: 2 school girls detained in Fukuoka for mugging 12-year-old girl See in context

Why was a 12-yr old carrying a handbag? Was it a Louis Vuitton (or burando neimu something) and getting up the other girls' noses? So many possible scenarios...

Wow, nice victim blaming. I carried a handbag when I was twelve, as I had a wallet, house keys, a bus pass, etc., and needed a place to put them. Kids these days are probably carrying around even more than that, so I don't get why her carrying a handbag could even factor into why she was beat up. Do all women carrying designer bags deserve to be mugged? And if she was "getting up the other girls' noses", them being 14 and 15 means that they have the maturity to walk away from the situation. I can't think of too many reasons to defend people who steal from others.

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Posted in: 4 Dalmatians escape home, attack passersby in Sakai See in context

I thought Dalmations are not considered an aggressive breed. Must have been mistreated.

Depends on the Dalmatian. After 101 Dalmatians was released, there was a run on the breed, and many bloodlines became tainted due to indiscriminate breeding practices. I've heard horror stories of people with Dalmatians that are aggressive and bite, while purebred Dalmatians are wonderful dogs.

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Posted in: Camping plans let girls rough it by day, enjoy butler service at night See in context

Apparently women even want to turn camping into something girly. Nice "roughing it" ladies

Excuse you. I know many women who go on amazing camping trips and are more than happy to actually rough it. I, for one, have camped in a tent all across the States and Canada several times. As others have pointed out, this is "glamping" and is not really camping. Though, by Japanese standards, I suppose it is, as camping really isn't a popular activity.

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Posted in: Chinese exchange student rescues 9-year-old boy from fast-moving river See in context

This story was on Yahoo Japan the day after it happened, and I told the story to my third year junior high school students about it. After I told the story, I gave them 3 choices as to who the rescuer was: an old man, a police officer or a Chinese man. To my surprise, almost all the students picked the correct answer without having seen it on the news. After, my co-teacher talked with the students about how the mass media in Japan likes to pick on Koreans and Chinese, but this kind of story didn't make big TV news. The students seemed to agree with her, and thought Yan Jun was a real hero. I was glad to hear that my students didn't seem prejudiced towards Chinese people (I had a student before who wrote on his assignment that he didn't like fish and Chinese people), and that they found the story quite moving and inspiring. They all seemed very grateful for the young man's selfless actions.

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Posted in: English students get to try movie read-throughs See in context

I don't think it's meant to be a way to study English, more like a way to practice English in a different way. They can practice sentence rhythm and inflection while reading materials that they are already familiar with. Sounds like a good idea to me, especially for any of them who think they might want to get into acting or public speaking!

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Posted in: Gays celebrate landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage See in context

@ The Chronic - oh yes, because straight couples never do that, and if they did, we'd ostracise them too, right?

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Posted in: What do you think about those people who are holding parties to celebrate the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? See in context

It's one thing to hate her when she was alive and in power for her policies, but it's another thing to take joy in a fellow human's death. She was old and hadn't been in power for a while. You might have hated her, but throwing a party to celebrate a woman's death is just tasteless, in my opinion.

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

It's a ceremony, guys. The standard dress code for a ceremony is usually black suit and tie.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

So what you are saying is, "I defend your right to express my opinion."

I never said that. Please don't put words in my mouth. I support your right to free speech, but I also have the right to find the opinion you stated through such free speech terrible, and am allowed to use my freedom of speech to express that sentiment. If you express an opinion on a public forum, be prepared to defend it. If you want others to agree with your opinion, you'll have to express it only around like minded people.

Also, I have seen no bullying on here, apart from people saying that the women in the photo are in some way disgusting or repulsive ("eew", "yuck", "oddball", etc.). If the kids at my schools said words like that (kimoi, kisshoi, hen, etc.), they'd be accused of bullying.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

All those condemning those with different opinions, are just as guilty of being intolerant...

Opinions are not immune from criticism. You have free speech, and so do I. I will defend your right to express your opinion, no matter how much I disagree with it, but you can't just say "it's just my opinion" and expect others to just leave it alone like it's sacred or something. You said it, you get to deal with the reaction that it brings.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

when are the heteros getting their marriage parade?

Everyday is a heterosexual parade. Are they allowed to flaunt their heterosexuality in public? For instance, hand holding, kissing, and such.

Under Japanese law, homosexuals cannot marry. Therefore Disney is condoning breaking the law to children.

Anyone can buy a wedding dress and have a wedding ceremony, heterosexual or straight. Wedding ceremonies do not legally marry the couples. All marriages require a marriage license to make them valid, and yes, you are correct that that is not legal in Japan yet. No-one involved in the TDL ceremony broke the law, they simply held a wedding ceremony to show that they are married in their eyes, as well of those of their families and friends. Disney is not condoning breaking any laws, they are simply helping people of all kinds experience joy at their park.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Ok, let's say you are right. and just quick question: how do you see the feature look like if this keep going then, say another 50 years?

Not quite sure what you mean. What will happen 50 years in the future if gays continue getting married? Well, probably a lot more money being put into the economy by the divorce business, added revenue from weddings and people being happy. If we extend it to gay adoption, then probably more children being placed with loving homes. Gay people don't make others around them gay, so the myth of homosexuality spreading like a virus is pretty much a nonissue. If it were, it would have started a long time ago, since homosexuality has been around since the dawn of time.

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No where in time has the world and people's morals and values been more scr*wed up than it is now

Whose morals and values would those be? Yours? To me, morality means not killing, not stealing, not hating anyone, not destroying other people's things, all that jazz. Pretty similar to the Biblical ten commandments, even though I'm not religious. I guess the difference between me and you is that I value everyone's capacity to love, and feel like the freedom I enjoy as a (normally) heterosexual person should be extended to everyone. Gay relationships have been around as long as man has been, so if you think that the good old days were the better time, then you must realize that not a lot has changed. All that has changed is that people don't have to hide themselves anymore. If a man is not judged for holding a woman's hand in public, and vice versa, while a man and a man or a woman and a woman are, then something is wrong. "Judge not lest ye be judged", right?

Society is constantly changing and evolving. Homosexuals have always been around, in multiple species. They're just more open now. Let them be, and they'll let you be.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

There are a lot of issues with redefining marriage. It is the children whose rights are ignored. Every child has a right to their father and mother.

Shall we outlaw divorce in marriages where children are concerned, then? Even if let's say one parent is being abusive towards the other and the child? Since children have a right to a mother and father. No?

I have a friend raised by two mothers who is by far one of the best people I know because his moms wanted him, treasured him, and raised him right, and then I know lots of people from traditional father and mother homes who are so screwed up for various reasons. The children were unplanned so they grew up feeling like they weren't wanted, the parents weren't prepared for kids so they didn't know how to raise them well, all sorts of different reasons.

Having a father and mother is not a magical recipe for a balanced, lovely child, and having two fathers and two mothers does not mean that you will turn out gay or damaged in some way. Look past the rose-tinted glasses of "tradition" and check out the real world.

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