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In Olympics, if you are in the US, TV only shows US players, not Kiwi, nor French. It happens in any country. We cannot blame it, I realized.

Japan refused Japanese nationality to Kawaguchi's Russian partner in 1999, but Russia gave Russian nationality to Kawaguchi, so now Russia will get the medal for the Russian-Japanese pair.

Oh is that so? Probably Japan had some reasons to refuse or his case was not suitable in the law. It is all right. It is life.

tmarie at 09:18 PM JST - 15th February

I so hope the Russian pair get a medal. Japan needs to wake up with immigration and dual citizenship.

I do hope any good pair get a medal. Why does tmarie want to change Japan? It sounds strange. Each nation has its own law under consequence of its own history and geografic location. Many countries forbid dual citizenship and even PR visa for national security reason, as you know. We are so lucky because we are not in communist country. So many people in this world can't view this drama and beauty. Let's enjoy Olympic and learn something from the players.

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Sichuan is originally Tibet area, I heard.

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