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Undeniably speaking, in America this would result in a shooting. Japan is a very safety country and perhaps this is just a miscommunication problem.

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Posted in: Police probe claim U.S. serviceman punched 13-yr-old boy in Okinawan home See in context

Just-a-bigguy Is very right. I am sure he is a Japanese. If America disappear tomorrow, Asia would become a paradise like before America came.

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Culturally speaking., this is a cultural misunderstanding. Only Japanese eat tuna, therefore we should have all the tuna. I think therefore I am

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Japanese dramas are very realistic. I am sure this story will be amazing and realistic. I am sure the will be a love interest (tall handsome guy) , a rival, a gentle older boss who gives guidance, a strict boss. Perhaps she will start out with glasses (to hide her looks) but in the end everybody will find she is beautiful. Oh yes, somewhere in the movie, I am sure one of her relatives (most likely a close aunt) will be in the hospital with cancer. It will be a happy rending and there will be lots of crying. Japanese movie is very realistic.

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I agree

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It's the same with concerts, especially in Japan, where often the best seats are occupied by corporate sponsors. These seats are often occupied by people who don't want to be there. I was at an Elvis Costello concert a few years ago, and two middle aged business men in the 2nd row were sleeping.

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The samurai spirit can defeat all!

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It won't work. Bullying is just part of how the Japanese "harmonize" with each other. Look at every facet of this soiety : schools, work places, housewife groups, variety TV,'s all based on some sort of hierarchy where bullying is a prime ingredient. Back in my home country office bullying is rarely an issue...Here it is often "the" issue.... Bullying happens in every society. The difference is that the prevelance usually declines the more mature people become. In Japan however, it seems that the people are in a terminal state of stated growth. Overt bullying simply becomes more passive aggressive. I don't have hope things will change much here. The people just don't have the ability to change..

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