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Posted in: Japan still regards ties with U.S. as 2nd to none amid thaw with China See in context

Business is business !

As long as the CCP is still in charge of China, not many can trust and feel safe as neighbor.

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Posted in: Photos from Japanese space rovers show asteroid is ... rocky See in context

Wow !

Bravo to Japan’s space exploration achievement.

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context


The whole world know China took advantage of the war in Vietnam, and took over those islands in the South China Sea by forces in 1974 & 1988.

Agreeing to the ridiculous 9 dash line claims by the CCP is just like.. agreeing to a bullying neighbor, to come into your back yard, demanding to share your resources.. Don’t you see how ridiculous that sounds ?

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Thank you Japan and the UK !

That the way to enforce international laws of freedom of navigation, and upholding UNCLOS. That’s the only hope for poorer nations like Vietnam can fully utilize our exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.

China has put pressure, stopping our government drilling for our much need nature gas, in our southern coastal zone.

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Posted in: 88 dead, over 50 missing after massive flood, landslides in southwest Japan See in context

Safery of the people of Japan are in our thought and prayers !

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Posted in: Japan completes domestic procedures to ratify TPP without U.S. See in context

It is so great to see Japan is leading the TTP.

Japan shouldn’t be worried, and just focusing on leading the financial services developing, and producing quality high tech stuffs.

It will take us many decades to catching up with Japan’s current high tech industries.

No point to concern about cheap rice, meats, fruits flooding your market, because one of your average car would trade for a few hundred tons of good quality rice, meats, or fruits. One smart phone on the palm of you hand would trade for a few tons of rices, etc. Show us how to produce the best quality of foods to meet your standard, and you would be just fine..

Your heavy machinery industries, ship building, space and aircraft industries are on high demand for quality and high tech...

I am sure the US will join the TTP in the later stage when see us are all doing well, whether under Trump’s administration or the next.

Well done Japan !

We are with you on this journey...

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Posted in: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months See in context

FizzBit & Halwick.

HCM prepared the Independent Declaration of Vietnam in 1948 was mostly based on the US’s 4th of July Declaration of Independent.

Given the choice, without pressure from the CCP and the Soviet at that time, he could have led Vietnam following the US model ?.

Invasion of the South was under pressure from the communist block, mostly from China because many of his senior communist officers at the time were members and under the control of the CCP.

Anyway, no point crying about the past because we cannot change it. Let’s look forward to the peaceful future of the world !. The question is how can the world convince China to progress in peace without harassing and invading other countries ?.

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Posted in: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months See in context


The young people of Vietnam like me have finally learned about the truth.

China only encouraged and supplied arm for North Vietnam, so our parent generation sacrificed their lives in the 70s fought the US to protect the chinese communist interests.

The CCP sold Vietnam out, and attacked us from 1979 to 1989 in order to show off to the US that it can control Vietnam.

As the result, it gave the CCP a better negotiating power for US’s economic aid created the morder China as it is today.

Vietnamese owe the CCP nothing, and that the truth of the modern history the CCP is trying hard to rewrite atm.

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Posted in: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months See in context

It is a great comfort to hear Japan and the US continue with the freedom navigation exercises on south china sea.

However, China will get angry and send more paramilitary vessels to harass and sink poor Vietnamese fishermen boats.

We sick and tired of being a whipping boy when China gets angry with the world !

This is one of the main cause for our recent demonstrations.

I do not understand why our government hasn’t joined force with the Japanese Coast Guards to protect the freedom of navigation, and the traditional fishing right of our fishermen.

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

Couldn't find this in China Daily, but Xinhua gives the Chinese view of this incident: Quote: "A Vietnamese fishing boat capsized after harassing and colliding with a Chinese fishing boat in the South China Sea at around 5 p.m. Monday, a source with the Chinese government said on Tuesday. Crew aboard the boat were saved after their ship jostled a fishing boat from Dongfang City in southern China's Hainan Province and overturned in the waters near China's Xisha Islands, according to the source.

Dear nandakandamanda!: does this sound logical to you ?. Why would a small Vietnamese wooden boat dare to harass 40 steel ships of much larger sizes in this case ?. Other Vietnamese wooden boats rescued the 10 crews while those big Chinese ships were circling the scene. We hear about this kind of harassment from China's ships every week of our poor fishermen. These 10 men are the lucky survival in this case.

China's media are always twisting the facts. May I ask are you a Chinese in any case ?. Most of the educated Chinese would feel embarrass in this case..

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

Dear Jimozo, Viet Nam country is a "Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam" meaning "Socialist Republic of Vietnam". I believe we will soon move in to a Democratic society after this event. I like the sound of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

"If I got angry I would start setting factories on fire, looting and attacking offices? No I wouldn't." Dear cleo, you are indeed an Angel if you can do just that. A bow of respect from me !

I was referring to the massive anti china bullying demonstration. I won't come here to offer my apology if approved such wild destruction of properties.

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

Dear Freshie, If you know about the history of Viet Nam then you can understand why our southern youths are angry enough to organize this massive demonstration. Just only some people went mad and damaged properties. You can read better information about the situation from Voice of America;

Dear ferrariboy69, There are many china nationals employed in Taiwan and Singapore businesses and factories. Many are arrogant, unkind and bad bosses, hence caused trouble on those properties by those mad riots.

Dear Fox Cloud Lelean, We do feel much anger as human like you. Thank you.

Dear Kenny76, You are correct about the cause of the people anger. I am staying up all night following news. Things are much calmer now. I do hope things don't get bad for our government like you say.

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

Taiwanese and South Korean plants were affected along with Chinese factories.'

Dear mr Jimizo. It is a wrong information because there is no Korean companies or properties effected. You will read the real news over the next few weeks.

Some confusions with the Taiwanese companies because the mad no educate people don't know the differences between China and Taiwan. I think you would do the same if get angry like us and won't say sorry.

It started as a peaceful demonstration and some people went mad. Things have now calmed down, and all those mad people got arrested by the authority.

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

The pressurized cooker is finally explored. We are really angry and our government try to control but can not keep the lit on this time to stop us expressing our anger.

We are getting sick and tired of hearing our poor fishermen sad stories every week from china harassment for fishing within our 200 miles coastal of the East-sea. Many fishermen boats got mashed, burned or sink by china big ships. Some lucky survived to tell the real story on news papers. The lucky boats got towed to china controlled ports holding for ransoms.

We all love our country Viet Nam, but could not take any more bully and beating from china without doing something about it.

It was a initial peaceful demonstration, but some people went a little mad. I understand it look ugly, and I am here offer my apology to our friends around the world. We thank you for your strong support.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

/If okinawan people declare independence, following well-known example of the Crimea, the infamous problem of US bases will be finally solved. No more rapists, abusers and other negative signs of foreign occupation./

You are kidding rite !

Who will jump it and play Russia's role I wonder ?. LOL

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