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Vijayakumar comments

Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Why is Russia hanging on to WW11 gains which she acquired with US wartime aid. Isn't it fair and decent to return to the Japanese what is essentially theirs, especially since, they have been punished disproprtionately with two atomic bombs for their misadventure. This archaic behaviour is not reflective of a major power and a guardian of a peaceful world. The Japanese, on the other hand, have contributed immensely to economic growth and world peace and disavowed militarisation. They should not continue to be bullied. The ball is in the Russian court to end this injustice to the Japanese people and show their magnamity now.

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Posted in: Japanese Buddhist seeks to educate West on swastika of good fortune See in context

Hatred of the swastika is the folly of the western civilizations stemming from their hatred of anything different. Besides, their anti-semitism goes beyond the age of nazi germany and Hitler and, seemed to have pricked their conscience only when Hitler brutally massacred 6 million Jews in modern times. Then also, they stood and watched it happen. The West cannot be educated by the East as long as the West holds on to the belief that their culture is superior and, don't atone for the brutality they have committed, together, against the rest.

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