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Posted in: Japan, Sri Lanka agree to build stronger maritime links See in context

Rajapakshe hoped Abe will give him full fledged support for Himan rights violations like China does,but Abe gave a clear reminder that he should cooperate with the UN was crimes probes and stop current human rights violations of minorities and opposition activists.

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Posted in: Australia, NZ fear Japan may try to sidestep whaling ban See in context


thanks to Sea shepherd warriors and Aussie Greens!

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Posted in: Toyota workers in India down tools despite end to lockout See in context

it is shocking that " worlds largest automaker" pays only 50bucks per MONTH to the workers supporting its earnings.Sounds like modern day Japanese Imperial slavery...

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Posted in: Japan's biggest slum not on maps or in film festival See in context

been there a couple of times,and kind of liked the people there,compared to the "ordinary" japanese outside.

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Posted in: Toyota to pay $1.2 bil to settle investigation over defect cover-up in U.S. See in context

unbelievable,400 wrongful-death and personal-injury lawsuits and the fine means little as long as no executives(including the one who went to US senate to explain) face jail time. The facts of the case describe a level of coordinated lying and greed that warrants stiffer punishment.

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Posted in: Boeing making ultra-safe smartphone See in context

the Boeing trademark is smoke coming from the battery...

actually it GS-YUASA trade mark,made in kyoto-Japan!

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 1.9 mil Prius cars worldwide See in context

Looks like Toyota has learned to be honest and quick to admit their mistakes,instead of blaming "gaijin driver errors" after the largest ever recall by any automaker in history! hope nobody dies..

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Posted in: Japan asks Netherlands to act against anti-whalers See in context

and they expect the dutch to agree? unfortunately japan has not learned that animal cruelty is considered seriosly in europe..

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Posted in: U.S. to jail Japanese auto execs over price-fixing See in context

price fixing and such shady deals are common in big-corporate Japan.US should ban imports from such Japanese companies altogether!

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Posted in: Driving force See in context

still too slow to join the big boys of F1 again? if I remember right,the V10 LFA was slower than the V6 McLaren!

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Posted in: U.S. probes Camry hybrids for power brake problem See in context

Prius brakes are horrible,I think Toyota needs to get the "regeneration" thing sorted out before using in series vehicles.

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Posted in: Honda first Japan automaker to be net exporter from U.S. See in context

a good example how free trade shoud work,hope othe J-automakers learn from Honda-san!

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Posted in: Toyota remains world's top selling car maker for 2nd year See in context


Not according to the figures at the link below.

Toyota sales being less than Hyundai are kind of self explanatory,right?

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Posted in: Toyota remains world's top selling car maker for 2nd year See in context

with or without Hino commercial vehicle sales? neither GM,nor VW have a CV business,so this is cheating..

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Posted in: Japan to open door further to skilled foreign workers See in context

been there ,done that...thank GOD,I left after 9years as an Engineer in the auto industry.Europe is way ahead and open for integration!.

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Posted in: Swimming Santa See in context

the usage of saint Nikolaus in such commercial campaigns (including this) is disgusting and is an insult to Christianity...

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