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Posted in: Nagasaki rejoices over Ishiguro's winning Nobel Prize in literature See in context

To all cinics and haters here, and everywhere: the topic is about Nagasaky enjoying the fact one if his son's getting the Nobel Prize!

Firts of all, Ishiguro is a good writer - that's whay he took that prize.

Second - it happens to be born in Nagasaki, Japan!

Third - he lives in England

Fourth - both Japan and England (and not only...) are happy and they express their happiness about this.

So, what is wrong with that, people?!

Just live your life and make it happy.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications See in context

There are huge cultural differences between Japanese people and refugees. If Japan is loosing its own population, it can't replace it with a hard adaptable population. I'm not Japanese, but Japan has to be sure newcomers will follow Japanese laws, contribute to keeping traditions and cultural values, as Japan is one of the last genuine places on Earth.

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