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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

Ok so one more diamond cruise passenger tests positive once back in Israel. So this plan has failed horribly and we will see the repercussions in the coming weeks in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

There you go !

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

"2 new cases in Australia, passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship".- Oops,is this true?

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Posted in: Tourists in Japan cautious but upbeat amid virus outbreak See in context

Well the US just issued a travel advisory for Japan and other countries might soon follow if more cases appear. Tourists , are you still upbeat? Geez...

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Posted in: Gov't says 2 elderly people from cruise ship have died; another 2 officials infected with coronavirus See in context

If any one of the passengers that left the ship and currently quarantined in their country test positive in the coming days, it will be a direct link to say the governments plan has failed. Wait and watch this space!

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Posted in: 6,000 hygiene masks stolen from Japanese Red Cross hospital in Kobe See in context

"They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve. -The Joker”

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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi takes 12 days of paternity leave See in context

He probably was on Nintendo switch the entire 12 days

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Posted in: Japan issues coronavirus medical guidance as infections rise See in context

People trying to berate the system and run away from the virus while there are medical staff and personnel risking their lives to keep you all safe. Trust the system,take precautions and leave the rest to your immunity and fate. Neftlix and chill..

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Posted in: Patient at infected doctor's hospital tests positive for coronavirus See in context

whatever the race no bashing doctors and healthcare workers please. They are our only front line for this outbreak and are risking their own lives too. Respect!

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Posted in: Japan torn over whether to test all on cruise ship for coronavirus See in context

Test the remaining Japanese passengers and quarantine those infected in hospitals. Let other nationals be evacuated by their respective countries.

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Posted in: Virus transforms daily life on Hong Kong's fearful streets See in context

and yet life seems normal on the streets of tokyo. Is one supposed to feel more worried or less?

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases on cruise ship in Yokohama jump to 61 See in context

Is there a reason why Japan hasn't closed its borders for all people from china , like what US and Australia have done? we have flights coming in everyday with passengers possibly carrying the virus with no initial symptoms. How will you stop this spread??

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of foreign travelers from China's Hubei Province See in context

From SCMP - around 9000 people from Wuhan landed at Narita Airport between December 30 and January 21 before the lockdown . Tokyo is compromised already.

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what best job for a husband is, with architect topping list See in context

How about a Cloud Architect?

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Posted in: Boeing crisis escalates as planemaker halts 737 production See in context

Either way, I am never boarding a 737 MAX again ...

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display says exec embezzled ¥578 mil See in context

Failure of the auditing committee . Time and Time again these events make me think the worthiness of these committees in corporations.

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Posted in: Takeda agrees to $62 billion takeover of Shire See in context

Glad to see a Foreign CEO push the boundaries in a Japanese company .

However, with Takeda's share price falling almost 20% since March and the shire shareholders to receive .839 new takeda shares, I dont really see much of a return for the shire shareholders. With a huge debt coming onto takeda's balance sheet and heavily relying on Shires Hemophilia, they might pull it off if they spin off some assets and reduce the workforce. Very Very risky deal indeed but for now the advisers and bankers are all opening bottles of Champagne.

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Posted in: SoftBank to buy Fortress Investment for $3.3 billion See in context

Probably a good investment as long as Rajeev Misra stays with Softbank ......

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Posted in: Population trends deliver boost for Japan's micro M&A boutiques See in context

Though I agree that domestic micro M&A deals are on a rise, its probably not the case for cross border M&A deals outbound from Japan. Oubound micro M&A deals face culture barriers with Japanese SMEs acting very cautiously.

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Posted in: Strategy key as Japan’s M&A market takes off See in context

Interesting article but I am surprised there is no mention of the huge language barrier as part of the "insider" culture. I think thats what has to be tackled first.

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