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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

How to Mislead with Statistics, DHS Secretary Nielson Edition:

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The more erratic things he done the more boosting for Communist China to emerge as world hegamony! Not a bad idea!

China has more to lose in this game!!

What happens if Trump follows through and hits all Chinese imports with tariffs?

That is the threat.

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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

The current situation is a problem because the number of families who enter the US illegally is skyrocketing.

Because the Trump administration is denying entry for asylum seekers, so asylum seekers are entering illegally.

There is no change in the number of families entering the U.S.

The other fallacy (part of your skyrocketing statistics) is that smugglers are using children to enter the country and escape incarceration. The number of people doing that is 6 in 10,000, and that hasn't changed.

The statistical methods to measure immigration are being manipulated to produce a skyrocket effect. The only change is a slow change to normal immigration after immigration slowed following Trump getting put in office.

Trump and co are too dumb to keep the lies going.

This is all about deterrence, which is criminal and unethical.

The people still supporting Trump on this should be ashamed.

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Trump and Xi are both dictators, but one of them is much better at it.

China will fight to keep the gains it has won through its unbalanced trade policies. They will not give in easily, and they have a stronger control of their country and economy.

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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

My state is a sanctuary state and to me I think it’s disgusting to watch to see how my beautiful state is crumbling and turning into a Third World stat us. All of the politicians in California are sick!

The horror. Being human is a sickness.

Your state has always been known for its Hispanic history and what that brings, gangs, poor people, farm workers, great food. It isn't all white, and it isn't all Hispanics. You see every ethnicity.

In the early days, the farms were completely dependent on migrant workers, and without the farms and migrants, your state would be half of what it is.

Even the biggest and most well known cities there are named using Spanish, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco.

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Posted in: China says N Korean leader Kim Jong Un visiting Beijing See in context

NK needs to get its marching orders from China.

The next statements from NK will be telling.

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Posted in: Trump wants U.S. to dominate space, moon and Mars See in context

Trump is just jealous of the real billionaires like Elon Musk and Richard Branson who have their own space programs. If he was serious, he wouldn't have appointed James Bridenstine to head NASA.

Why militarize space? Isn't there enough space junk out there?

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I’m still waiting to hear why liberals don’t discuss the Strozk and Podesta texts.

We can hear from him at the Congressional hearing. I see it as nothing. Talk between two intimate people that wasn't expected to see the light of day or be acted upon. Just some sexy talk between the two.

The obvious conclusion was his preference (or dislike of Trump) wasn't put into action, or we would have known Trump was being investigated.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

I don't think that's a conclusion people come to, it's just repeating that which they were told by people they were supposed to be able to believe.

There is that explanation, the parrot who repeats but doesn't know what it says.

The other one is illegal means dangerous.

Both are fallacies. Legal is often still dangerous.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

Marijuana is illegal and dangerous drug. I dont touch the stuff. Keep it out of Japan!!

Sure, it is illegal in Japan, but please tell us how you came to the conclusion that it is dangerous.

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump could issue pardons after Russia probe See in context

But they want to use it to somehow spin the story to blame Stone and Trump for what the FBI did, which was a clumsy attempt at entrapment.

The FBI's Russia investigation hadn't even started yet.

Stone willingly went to visit the guy to get dirt. Seems familiar.

They both lived in swanky places in S. Miami beach, but they went to a remote out of the way diner to meet.

Now, you (and Stone) are trying to defend the actions by saying FBI informant. The guy's friend who asked for the money Alexi also claimed to be a disgruntled Clinton Foundation employee, but they don't know of anyone by that name. Not to give you any more unsubstantiated ideas, but you should probably include the Clinton Foundation with the FBI in your conspiracy theory.

If you read the story instead of listening to Alex Jones, you would know that the so-called FBI informant was lot like Stone, Sater, Manafort, and a slew of other dirt bags surrounding Trump. He was only an FBI informant because he had contacts in (wait for it) . . . Russia, and he wanted to live in America but was imprisoned in the U.S. for assaulting someone. He had super model wives, and rubbed elbows with celebrities in Russia and the U.S. He stopped working for with the FBI a number of years before he met Stone.

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Posted in: 5 dead as SUV being chased crashes in South Texas See in context

driving a car at speeds of 100 miles per hour in an attempt to avoid law enforcement while breaking the law is the cause of this. Not any immigration policy. Just let criminals go if they are willing to drive fast and endanger US citizen and law enforcement lives?

How the law is being enforced is the cause of this.

So, by your argument, if a crowd of innocent taxpaying church going Trump supporting Republicans get hit by a fleeing vehicle, that is OK. They died in the service of the law, but at least they caught the criminals. Sure, the criminals are dead too.

What if it was your family or friends who were hit during a high speed chase? Feel the same way?

How about a shoplifter?

How about a jaywalker?

How about simple trespass?

All those are crimes. Should we chase them too and endanger the same crowd.

No, smart police departments know that high speed chases endanger their constituents and their officers, so they don't do it. Instead, they get the license plate and show up later.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

Inhaling solvents has a higher death rate compared to other ways to get high. Marijuana isn't the safe, side effect free substance many of it's fans like to think, but it is much safer tha sniffing paint thinner.

MJ is safer than aspirin, tylenol, or any other pharmaceutical drug you can legally buy over the counter or by prescription to include alcohol and tobacco, or any illegal drug. I've even heard of water poisoning from drinking too much water.

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Posted in: Melania Trump 'hates' to see families separated at border See in context

The policy is solely deterrence and is illegal.

The administration is so dumb, they couldn't even keep their lies straight. Of course, Trump can't keep any lie straight.

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Posted in: 5 dead as SUV being chased crashes in South Texas See in context

"This, I think, is a perfect example, of why are borders need to be secured," Boyd said.

Boyd isn't thinking very clearly. High speed chases and border security are mutually exclusive.

High-speed chases are dangerous for everyone, and there is no need for them except in the most extreme cases, like a risk to the loss of life, catching a violent felon, escaped prisoner.

Many police departments have changed their policies and will call off these types of chases.

This is another "perfect example" of the Trump administration and ICE going full gestapo.

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Posted in: Giuliani says Trump could issue pardons after Russia probe See in context

"The president is not going to issue pardons in this investigation," Giuliani said. "Because you just cloud what is becoming now a very clear picture of an extremely unfair investigation with no criminality involved in it of any kind."

It's always amazing how the lame stream media, and Hillary worshippers, will ignore this simple statement and concentrate their bile on unissued pardons.

It's always amazing that Trumpets ignore the more important implications of issuing a pardon or why Trump and his henchmen are even talking about this in public.

1 The person has to admit guilt. 2 There is no 5th amendment protection after a pardon. 3 Send a message to not talk.

Trump has established signals, "Unfair" with other pardons, and he is using that language to talk about trials that have not even finished, or in the case of "Flynn" who Trump personally fired for "lying".

Trump adviser Roger Stone reveals new meeting with Russian

Stone conveniently forgot about that. His attorney amended his Congressional testimony to mitigate perjury charges. Lucky for Stone, he hasn't been interviewed by the FBI or Mueller, or he would be charged with lying to the FBI.

How many Trump meetings with Russians have we learned about through the "fake news" and which Trump personally and people close to him flat out lied about? The count is around 10 meetings and growing. At least two were for the specific illegal purpose of getting information on Hillary from Russia. The purpose of the other meetings is still a secret among the conspirators until Mueller discloses what he finds.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

Alcohol and tobacco are OK, and Marijuana is similar to paint thinner.

That absurd result is what I got from this piece of government propaganda.

Force these so-called scientists to support their "belief" that MJ is dangerous.

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Trump's lies:

Democrats made me do it.

The bible allows me do it.

(What about the rule against lying? Trump and the GoP also have no problem violating others: adultery, envy, greed, and jealousy).

Fact, Trump made the decision on his own with support from the GoP. Another example of Trump's overwhelming unfitness for office and as a human being.

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Posted in: China carries out missile drills in South China Sea amid heightened tensions See in context

Looks like the NK playbook at showing anger came from China.

Just shoot some missiles to get attention when upset about "something".

In this case, the something is looming tariffs and the U.S. not accepting Chinese militarization of the ocean.

Is Trumpy still sparing ZTE?

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Posted in: North, South Korea hold military talks amid U.S. plan to stop drills See in context

No need for a hotline.

The generals should stay at the DMZ until there is peace.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks to assure S Korea, Japan after Trump-Kim summit See in context

America and the world can "sleep well tonight."

Instead of celebrating platitudes with platitudes, we need to know what concrete steps will happen next.

Hard to tell at this point since negotiating the details normally occur before the big signing and fist pumping.

There are no agreed details and there is plenty of room for things to go south, or north.

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Posted in: Video game bar managers arrested for alleged copyright violations See in context


Can the owners of an arcade be charged with copyright violations for letting customers (whether paying or not) play Space Invaders, etc? Both are video games, one is just larger (in original form).

The license owners obviously sold the game for commercial use and charged a higher price.

It was clearly a violation of the license.

Why was this a criminal arrest? Just curious. The U.S. has criminal penalties that can be charged if the violation is bad enough.

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Posted in: Trump tags U.S. media as nation's 'biggest enemy' after summit See in context

The greatest enemy of the country is Trump.

He is consistently violating the oath of office to uphold the constitution, and the GoP is letting him get away with it. Human rights violations are just the most recent atrocity.

The press are calling him on it, so the press is his enemy. The need for a free press was firmly settled by the SCOTUS in its ruling over the Pentagon papers. Nixon hated that ruling, and Trump is even worse than Nixon.

A shame when you can't make everyone sign non-disclosure agreements, non-disclosure agreements are no even valid, and people have to tell the truth when responding to a subpoena. What is the point of being king if you can't rule like a king.

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Posted in: Sheltered Canadian dairy sector skimming global exports, U.S. complains See in context

The US is no better than Canada, or anywhere else, when it comes to tariffs. Just look at the limited access and high tariffs applied to sugar in the US. That's one reason US fizzy drinks are full of high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.

Sugar has a super high tariff in the U.S. primarily to protect a family business in Florida. It distorts the global market, and no sugar producers can afford to compete in the U.S. The family is super rich because the prices are artificially high, and they use immigrants as cheap labor. Consumers are accustomed to the high sugar prices, and the only competition is the corn producers, which have their own government subsidies.

Since it is big business and politicians get their payoffs, it is OK.

I knew some professors who made a fortune buying sugar from low cost producers in Brazil and selling in Russia.

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But he didn’t, if anything, the left is trying to blow it, that nut job DeNiro and Maher would rather see all this fail than to give an inch to Trump, these guys are pathetic.

More fake indignation and false attribution. No one wants to see peace with NK fail.

I've heard Maher speak about hoping for a resolution, but he also pointed out how the GoP called Obama a traitor, communist and worse for suggesting the same thing Trump did. Now, Trump is compared to Jesus for the work done primarily by SK's president. Please, the grandstanding is sickening. Trump did good, but he's still an oaf, an idiot a racist, and a panderer.

Hypocrisy is alive and well, but don't point it out, because it is fake news or a lefty conspiracy.

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Posted in: N Korea calls summit a success as Trump halts war games See in context

Funny, progressives have a strong reflex to the negative.

I think that is a purposeful generalization.

Everyone has been hoping that this will work out, but to be pragmatic as you should when dealing with NK, we have seen all of this before. Trump could only blow it, as he has blown a number of deals recently even with friendly nations.

Kim is a wild card in this situation. He is young and has some experience with a life outside of NK. He could make this work. However, I have my doubts that NK, and China for that matter, is willing to give up their war machine or seek unification with SK. The whole country is held together by being in a perpetual state of war. That is a difficult place to come back from. It can be done without a war, but it will be difficult. Kim has to want it, and he must maintain the power to make it happen. As I have said before, Kim is in the driver's seat, assuming the deep state of China doesn't like what is going on.

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The summit with NK is a good start, but the game has only just begun. The signed statement was similar to all the other statements NK signed and covertly and overtly violated.

I don't know how I feel about ending the war games. Training is important, and the military needs to be at the top of their game if a war starts in Korean.

Presumably, NK will stop torpedoing SK ships, shelling SK, trying to blind pilots with lasers designed to track a persons eyes and blind them, covertly sending special ops into SK (and Japan). let alone the propaganda issued by their news painting the Western world as warmongers intent on burinng NK to the ground and Kim being a godlike ruler...

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Posted in: Trump, Kim launch charm offensive at summit; no word yet on discussions See in context

Hoping for the best on this one.

Kim had a tour of Singapore last night. Probably by design to see the possibilities.

I'm reminded by something James Clapper said to his NK counterpart that shut him up, America doesn't have permanent enemies.

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Posted in: Canada rallies around Trudeau after Trump's insults See in context

Ours is bigger with Canada, you know the very people that keep SNL alive.

Sure, if you exclude services there is a trade deficit, but including services results in a trade surplus with Canada.

Canadian tariffs will mostly impact Trump backing states where there is a trade surplus with Canada.

Dumb Trump. But hey, his base is happy with the lies.

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Posted in: White House calls Trudeau back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time See in context

In this particular instance, yes. He kinda had somewhere else he needed to be. To do things no one else in the G7 can do. You didnt see Kim asking to meet Trudeau or Merkel or Macron did you?

NK was never at war with Germany or France. Was it???

Trump said he wasn't preparing. It was all about 'tude.

He left because he wanted to get back in an ego friendly space aboard AF1 and maybe get in a few rounds of golf in Singapore.

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