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Posted in: U.S., Japan warn China on 'coercion, destabilizing behavior' See in context

Such inconsistency of Japanese and American actions vs words are so glaring that the authoritarian leaders in China must be giggling so hard each time they hear Washingjing's and Tokyojing's da-kine 'international order' , blah-blah-blah speeches! Lol!

The risks China poses to Taiwan are not overlooked by the U.S. Expect support for Taiwan to increase from the more subtle support in the past.

As it stands, Taiwan attended Biden's inauguration, and the U.S. military knows that the timetable for China to invade Taiwan has shortened substantially. All it would take is Taiwan to declare independence or some perceived slight on the Chinese government.

Frankly, Taiwan is likely one of the biggest reason for these talks.

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Posted in: Trump encourages his supporters to end vaccine resistance See in context

"I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly."

After reading the headline, my first thought was, how will he make it about him?

Maybe Rupert Murdock will also tell his Fox conspiracy theorists to stop making baseless statements about whether the vaccine has been tested or that no one is answering questions.

Rupert got the vaccine quickly and like Trump secretively, but his network is still pushing conspiracies about the virus.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan warn China on 'coercion, destabilizing behavior' See in context

 they desperately need the help and protection from a west country,U.S.

Japan, the U.S. and other allies need to work together.

Allies share the risk and costs, and China has to bear the risks and costs alone.

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Posted in: World awaits WHO mission's report on China COVID origin See in context

From the beginning and up to now, the Chinese government has not been forthcoming.

During this recent UN investigation, information on the earliest cases was not released, and this could have pointed to a source of the outbreak.

I believe that the source is rather mundane though. It started in the wet markets and spread when the Chinese government lied about it. The Wuhan wet market has been closed, similar to how the Chinese bullet train that crashed was immediately buried before an investigation could be conducted.

The problem is that wet markets are an ongoing risk and will likely continue to operate and put everyone at risk. China will continue to lie about these kind of events and put many at risk again.

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Posted in: Mizuho hit by 4th glitch in 2 weeks See in context

Don't worry there is probably a huge warehouse with paper based records of every transaction with appropriate hankos.

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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

OWH wrote that laws should be designed narrowly to stop the "bad [person]" otherwise the law will eventually fail by being overbroad or not broad enough. I don't see the bad [person] this law is trying to address.

Don't you think parents would pull their children out of a sport if they learned that a trans-female wanted to compete? So, it will not be a widespread problem.

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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

Male to Female Transgender athletes would have far too much advantage in most sports competing against women. It would be grossly unfair and put back womens sport by decades.

If it were actually true.

I don't think that they should compete cross-gender, but I also don't think the law was necessary outside of placating the faux outrage.

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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

This does look like legislation in search of an issue that doesn't exist.

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Posted in: Biden signs huge stimulus bill ahead of coronavirus speech See in context

Now the legislature should move to get rid of the filibuster and pass election reforms.

That would remove the power the minority party has exerted over U.S. national politics.

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Posted in: Top U.S. commander fears Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027 See in context

An ambitious Chinese government has been bad for everyone.

Accelerating that ambition is even worse.

The US should take a side here and stop expecting China to change its abusive actions.

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

Except for Trump republicans in the US. Those people eat up all information from Russia.

True. Barry Goldwater would be freaking out at the current state of the GoP.

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Posted in: Top Japanese banker sounds alarm over Hong Kong freedoms See in context

Kitao's comments are unlikely to go down well with Beijing.

Extremely bold to express the reality of the situation.

I worry that Beijing will consider this a violation of the restrictions to think freely.

He is right, why pay the high cost of living in HK.

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested for killing husband with saw See in context

Sounds like battered wife syndrome. Tragic.

Always amazed at the horror people can inflict on each other.

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Posted in: Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers See in context

Anything that makes a woman feel uncomfortable constitutes harassment.

There is certainly a lot of truth to this statement.

If the advance is accepted or just welcomed, then there are no problems.

If the advances is not accepted, then what? Is is automatically harassment?

It is a complicated topic, and I don't know all of the facts. However, Cuomo sounds like an idiot rather than a predator.

Liss told the Journal she initially thought of Cuomo’s behavior as harmless and never made a formal complaint about it, but it increasingly bothered her and she felt it was patronizing.

Not to victimize her, but Liss could have made a formal complaint or at least had a venue to discuss what, upon later reflection, bothered her.

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Posted in: Chinese cyber-espionage unit on U.S. hacking spree: report See in context

1) Governments often have a hard time bringing in high level IT, as it can be hard to compete with the salaries offered by the private sector.

It depends on the government agency.

The NSA is notorious for competing with the private sector for talent. However, their operations become so secret that nearly nothing leaves the agency. Worse still is the operational security that could prevent the use of intelligence or know-how gathered.

RF will almost always create leaks even in the most secure systems. RF espionage has been the "hack" for nearly a 100 years.

2) Smaller software teams, building custom built solutions, have a harder time writing secure systems, as they have less manpower for doing testing, and a smaller user base for testing upon.

Linux is open source and easier to adapt and control than say a MS OS, which is using Facebook business models of treating the users and their information as the product. As it stands, large software teams are a necessity at large corporations to modify IT to be less leaky.

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Posted in: 33 years later, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall return to Zamunda See in context

Eddie was always a good looking guy, but damn, he doesn't look like he has aged at all.

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Posted in: U.S. conservative group pushes proposals to tighten voting laws See in context

I disagree and millions do as well, more reason why the Dems will lose the House next election cycle, even Pelosi is worried and with good reason.

Many people are worried that a lower number of GoP voters will win more elections solely because of GoP imposed voting restrictions. It is a valid fear of voter disenfranchisement.

6 million more people voted for Biden (and even Clinton won the popular vote) than Trump. Trump strategists played a good electoral college game in 2016, but he lost bigly and got outvoted in 2020.

Biden has a higher approval rating than Trump was able to achieve at anytime.

Dems should abandon the filibuster and pass a universal mail-in ballot for federal elections. That would curdle the GoP's noodles.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

Hostage justice at work.

Will be interesting to see how someone trained to resist interrogation will do going up against prosecutors and police accustomed to easily intimidating suspects into a confession.

They have probably been counseled to remain silent before the extradition. They would be well served to remain silent.

It cannot be understated how important remaining silent is. Anything you say cannot help you. It will only hurt you.

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Posted in: U.S. conservative group pushes proposals to tighten voting laws See in context

RNC attorney (Michael Corvin told the S.Ct. that the reason for the restrictions was to help Republicans win elections.

Fair elections put them at a competitive disadvantage.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

DOJ reported that 52.7% of all hate crimes in 2019 were committed by whites and 23.9% committed by blacks.

So, it is hard to swallow the right wing position that this uptick is primarily from black people.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

Trump spread hate and racism even before he was elected. It was part of his platform. He never stopped or slowed down.

Early in his presidency, it caused many unhinged people to attack Americans of Latin descent. People would demand to see someone's green card thinking that they were illegal immigrants. Only, they were full on Americans.

In 2020, he has focused racism on China as a diversion for his failures to contain CV. Now, these unhinged people are lose on another group of Americans.

That man was a cancer on America.

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Posted in: 2 Americans wanted in Ghosn's escape now in Japanese custody See in context

Classic subterfuge.. Under Biden they were handed over...Trump in all probability would have blocked.

There is a difference between the two. One follows the law (hint: Biden), and one doesn't.

At the end, even AG Barr choked on some of crap (hint: subterfuge) T'bone wanted him to swallow.

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Posted in: 2 Americans wanted in Ghosn's escape now in Japanese custody See in context

Vanity Fair?? Really??

Probably trying to get publicity for a future contract and should have just kept his mouth shut.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon says Tokyo Olympics may be chance to revitalize diplomacy See in context

How many times does Japan have to pay Korea?

I would say just stop doing business with them.

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Posted in: Republican calls grow for U.S. to boycott 2022 Olympics in China See in context

If they want to boycott the Olympics, go the full monty and boycott all things China. Otherwise, it is just political theater.

The costs to attend a China based Olympics are much higher because the countries have to bring everything with them. Athletes are warned not to eat locally because there is no telling what is in the food. They could be eating a chicken with growth hormone that makes them fail a test. So, countries usually have to bring all the food with them.

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Posted in: Trump hints he may run again in 2024, proposes new voting limits See in context

Read about the "coincidental" nazi symbol for a stage. That fits in with the current CPAC group.

Oh, the golden statue was also laughable. It was made in Mexico. Go figure.

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Posted in: LA police probe fire, vandalism at Japanese Buddhist temple See in context

Pointing out the possibility does make the point

Recursive logic at work.

And I was hoping that the susceptibility to conspiracies would be on the decline.

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Posted in: LA police probe fire, vandalism at Japanese Buddhist temple See in context

Antifa or BLM? Fits their pattern.

Probably something repeated on Fox news or at CPAC.

That is the only pattern and the pattern has nothing to do with facts or reality.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court inclined to expand warrantless entry into homes See in context

 I would suggest TIGHTENING the rules on warrantless entry to only when a life is in danger. 

Those would be my thoughts.

No knock warrants are typically an arrest warrant, or where there is a risk of evidence being destroyed. I don't see that this case would have any effect on no knock warrants, but no knock warrants are issued too freely and without sufficient time spent to make sure the information is correct.

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Posted in: China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War See in context

China "should not harm a third party's interest or endanger regional peace and stability"

China last month passed a new law authorizing its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels and destroy structures on features it claims. 

Not much of a cold war.

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