Posted in: Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you? See in context

NO, AND THAT IS IT ???.Pls do not play with people's lives to save yr necks and increase yr profits.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime laborers See in context

The other way round, what will japan ask for ???.Pay and say sorry from the heart.

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Posted in: Abe criticized in Diet after pension report highlights income-savings gap See in context

abe has to learn that tax payers money is given to him for doing the right job. Not for entertaining people like trump, who is for America only. imagine a normal Japanese working from morning to night and in retirement cannot feed themselves ???.What is the motivation in life. Work to die ???.

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Posted in: Get your fax right: Bungling officials spark nuclear scare after quake See in context

Why are such people in the gov't ???.

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Posted in: Macron to discuss Renault/Nissan with Abe next week See in context

Why are they discussing this case ???. It is very simple, both of u are politicians and not experts abt the car market. Pls just do yr jobs. Like taking care of uyr citizens , that is one of yr main duties , we are paying for.

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Posted in: Kyoto police officer arrested for swindling Y11.8 million from elderly man See in context

For kyptoics, there is this term ' kanchigai ', I guess, it is time we stop anyone for using this term.

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Posted in: Japanese companies oppose U.S. additional tariffs on China See in context

Yes, and abt time. Japan will be next.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate falls to 47.6% amid pension system controversy See in context

No middle class Japanese wants to slave all their lives and comes to eating sand at retirement. abe is rich, aso is rich but not us, normal people.

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Posted in: Restaurant row See in context

Eating place or establishments, not restaurants.

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Posted in: Renault and French gov't trade blame over failed Fiat deal See in context

Blame , that habit must disappear. Looking for scape-goats ???. The supposed to be joint venture was a failure because the parties involved felt the other was unsuitable , that's all. Pls stop wasting time and move on.

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Posted in: French home of ex-Nissan chief Ghosn searched in Versailles marriage probe: prosecutors See in context

Now, when Carlos was making deals for Renault & Nissan , nobody was making any noise abt anything. I truly want to know , how many people from Renault and how many people from Nissan attended his wedding ???.Name-list of all people at both companies,please. A wedding of any business-man of his status is always paid by those involved , who kindly make the offers when the calibre of Carlos level is involved. In Japan , this comes in a form of wedding gifts in cash or gift packages, In China, it comes in a form of red packets, car ,houses, sailing boats and etc etc esp for people of a certain calibre. Should we investigate all, those gift givers or venues of the wedding even before any kind of weddings, that is important. ???. Try investigate trump's wedding. Why not ???.

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

I thought , we are into clear area scans ???.

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

Very honest person with a great saving of time. abe, accept the truth abt trump.

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Posted in: Proxy company advises Nissan shareholders to vote against Saikawa See in context

History is a very valuable issues in life & companies but this time everyone , is correct Nissan needs to break with the past where saikawa is involved. with saikawa, who has no intergrity , Nissan is doomed to fail if saikawa remains in Nissan or anywhere near Nissan. He is very very bad news & example.

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Posted in: Trump says he would take info on 2020 presidential opponent from foreign countries See in context

Don't worry, trump has so much time that he will take time to fight with the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo Electron to honor U.S. blacklist of Chinese firms See in context

Well, be slave to America. Black list this company in Asia.

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Posted in: Proxy company advises Nissan shareholders to vote against Saikawa See in context

At last, some people woke up. saikawa is a trouble maker and a time waster, he spends his time making trouble for Nissan instead of doing his job. There are many salarymen like him. I have 2 in my office like him. Always wasting time and making hard-working honest kind people upset. This world , do not need such types.Nissan is wasting share-holders money keeping him. I fully agree with the proxy.

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

Pri me-minister abe should solve the problems in his own country, instead of wasting money on behalf of America, this is taking personal friendship with trump too far.

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Posted in: Former Empress Michiko diagnosed with heart valve abnormalities See in context

Empress Michiko is a very kind person, who appreciates music. I hope that she will have a good life & health

after her retirement .

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa got higher stock-linked bonus after payout date changed, Kelly says See in context

Nissan paid the rat ???. So, it was jealousy and greed after all. Nissan , I want my money back on those stocks.

This is accounting ???.Japanese style ???.

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Posted in: Trump defends Mexico migration deal; says more details will be released soon See in context

Waste of time, trump has to stop wasting time.

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Posted in: In historic first, G20 weighs aging as global risk See in context

I surprised that with so many heads, no one of them knew ???. Are U sure these are ministers ???.

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Posted in: Too much Dolce Vita can get you banned from Rome See in context

This is a case of not writing rules in English. Learn from Singapore, dropping rubbish , 50 Singapore dollars fine. Vandalising anything, Jail & fines. There is a saying, in Rome do as the romans do. Maybe, it is the romans that wants money from tourists but doing these kind of blaming.

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Posted in: Trump acting budget chief asks for delay on Huawei restrictions See in context

Big talking & loud bully. Everything is fair and chances of life & business is fair. ???. good work, we will see.

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Posted in: Facebook to cut off Huawei to comply with U.S. sanctions See in context

Face book ???.it say a lot abt face-book. Huawei should start their own social media. Talk abt , monkey with no tails or correct principles. Hwa Wei should stop using face-book in the world. Big bully.

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Posted in: France ready to cut Renault stake to shore up Nissan partnership: finance minister See in context

BAD choice or desperate ???.There are other more reliable partners in Japan. Very poor business move.

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Posted in: French gov't hopes to fortify Renault-Nissan alliance See in context

France Renault have many choices, forget Nissan with it's low level , low back-stabbing management under saikawa. Life for Nissan is over, all my friends have even stop talking abt Nissan. My friends are mainly Japanese.

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Posted in: G20 finance leaders say trade, other tensions 'intensifying,' but pledge action to counter risks See in context

For the common intelligence in me, why are they attacking China when they should be attacking Trump & the U.S.A ???.

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Posted in: British PM May quits as party leader, starting succession race See in context

CONGRATULATIONS MAY, I agree that U quit. There are better efforts to put in the people that appreciate U.U are on the right track. Trying to save yr own country, unappreciated. Where is the justice for U ???.

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Posted in: Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger idea See in context

What do u expect of saikawa ???always stealing someone's hard work like ,the leaf and talking loudly that he is the man that he did the work which he did not. Great now, the merger can go to Toyota or Honda or B.M.W. Sorry, talk is cheap, another 20 years of same level of Carlos hard work please.

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