Posted in: Do patients feel more comfortable with male doctors? See in context

It is not the gender, it is the attitude of that doctor.............kind and really care from the heart as doctors do or just money.

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Posted in: Panasonic to move UK headquarters on Brexit fears See in context

I am not English but jumping ship so fast is ........................

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea held secret meeting in July: Washington Post See in context

Japan is it's own master, Why do Japan have to report to America ???.

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Posted in: Trump's claim Akie Abe wife cannot speak English generates buzz See in context

VERY WELL, I am sure , the current, Mrs Trump Speaks Japanese, Chinese, Arab, Russian, Indian & ....................................

without an transalator. I like Mrs Trump, May god bless U.

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Posted in: Tsukiji fish market may also sit atop contaminated soil See in context

THE WORLD IS A MESS, IF ALL PEOPLE think abt money and nothing else abt morals or honesty. This is what happens. Nothing to be shocked abt.

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Posted in: Memorial ceremony marks fall of Singapore to Japanese troops See in context

I am a Singaporean living in Japan and I sincerely think that all Japanese should study more abt their past. I still see ijime even among Japanese & Japanese , why have they not learnt anything ???. Could it be like a mean sickness in their DNA ???.ijime means being horrible to another human being. Only thinking of themselves in the most selfish way. But not everybody , among my friends , 90% of them are really kind and nice.

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Posted in: Abe hopeful 'Premium Friday' will boost consumption See in context


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Posted in: Trump tweets that Nordstrom treated Ivanka unfairly See in context

LOOOOOOK CLEARLY, she is producing in 3rd world countries,using cheap labour so when it come to his own daughter, it is different ???.can anyone trust a person like that ???. BE FAIR trumpin, POOR NICE Americans. BUY more nordstorm products, atleast , they care.

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Posted in: China to take fingerprints of all foreign visitors upon entry See in context

Well, look what trump had started.

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Posted in: A battle over U.S. courts' authority See in context

NOW, we are in the wild wild west.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka restaurants offering all-you-can-eat beef for Y290 on Meat Day See in context

It is very amusing to me,ads just say beef but it did not mention good Japanese beef or mad cow beef ???.

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Posted in: Who will gain and who will lose from Tokyo's new taxi fares? See in context

Nothing had changed.

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Posted in: Judges hammer attorneys on both sides of travel ban case See in context

When anyone is listening to a crazy man , it is not surprising that both sides goes crazy.

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Posted in: Bernie Sanders coming to Mississippi for march against Nissan See in context

Nissan should produce in Japan and why does Nissan want to feed americans when yr own japanese people are suffering ???.

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Posted in: Trump to team up with Abe for round of golf in Florida See in context

Money and employment speaks wonders.

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Posted in: I hope that local consumption of locally produced goods that was disrupted by the nuclear disaster will soon be back. See in context

Pls read more deeply abt nuclear disasters.

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Posted in: Trump's visit to UK still on as online petition opposing it tops 1.5 million signatures See in context

trump should stay in his place at home, in case, he suffers from the air of breathe by all kind of nationalities in England or worst, he could be attacked and he will blame the attack on non americans. u know, he is a child of a single thought.

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Posted in: MUFG profit down on Japan negative interest policy See in context

but why ??? they have not lowered my loan interest rate.Maybe something dishonest is going on.

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Posted in: Trump plan for tax on Mexico exports raises eyebrows in Asia See in context

one like trump has to becareful, why is he attacking weak mexico, try taxing the good,s he import from russia.If u like bullying, pls pick someone yr own size.

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Posted in: Weak household spending dampens Japan's recovery hopes See in context

Saving is good but the value of yr paper is dropping.invest in anything, U can sell.if U save too much, Yr bank might go bankrupt and wow and wala, all papers are gone.

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Posted in: Abe to propose major job-creating plan to Trump, reports say See in context

LETS see.

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Posted in: 200 protest in Tokyo against APA Group over Nanjing Massacre book in hotels See in context

U cannot change history ,just because U think U are rich and famous. It is not very intelligent.

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Posted in: Japan eyes U.S. job, investment plan ahead of Abe-Trump summit See in context

Abe's duty is to make sure that Japan benefits or on a 50 and 50 basis with it's trading partners. Abe duty is to make sure the Japanese people livelihood gets better NOT answering to trump and finding jobs for americans when his Japanese people are on welfare.

JAPANESE are not slaves of America or any white racists. what is abe thinking, maybe it is time, he take a rest and Japan have a new prime-minister.

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Posted in: Trump's visit to UK still on as online petition opposing it tops 1.5 million signatures See in context

Never let a barbarian into such a nice country, he might shock every English person to .........................................

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Posted in: Legal challenges to Trump's immigration orders spread See in context


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Posted in: Fired acting Attorney General Yates was troubled that order disadvantaged Muslims See in context

trump is a very small man, he had planned this move for a long time. This is a case of U do, U die U don't , U die too. Too unfair. He really have no respects for moral or human feelings.

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Posted in: Suga refutes Trump's claim that Japan manipulates forex markets See in context

Japan get yr facts correct and face trump straight in the face. He has 2 ears just like u , the only difference is, trump is loud and rude. It is not something, U cannot deal with right ???.

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Posted in: Trump fires acting attorney general who defied him on immigrant ban See in context

When we say trump is mad and a child, we are seeing reality. PLs see reality.What he is doing is like saying , every white man in America is a racists and a child.

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Posted in: Japan needs to diversify its export market See in context

Japanese have to get out of their mind that anything cheap is good or montainai. THE REASONS ARE, they are causing their own producers of good quality products from dying. The Japanese must buy their own products before they think abt export. How can any one living in this country believe that Japanese products are good when as the 3rd richest country in the world, they cannot even afford to buy their own products ???.70% of Japanese families eats are guru guru sushi ( the sushi with electric belt ).something is wrong in this country, maybe, they are still living in the after 2nd world war times. If one go shopping in big camera, 70% of things are make in china, with Japanese prices. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. WHY ARE THINGS MADE IN JAPAN BY JAPANESE EXPENSIVE ???.Why can't the Japanese make the correct prices for things that they produced so that their own people, the Japanese can afford Japanese products. Stand on yr own two feet first before U try to borrow someone else feet.

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