Posted in: S&P 500 plunges in worst loss of year as U.S.-China trade war escalates See in context

it is just one man trump greediness. Those who follows ???.

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Posted in: Japan signals it will act to curb any excessive yen rises See in context

Why is the yen rising when exports are not moving ???. Trying to kill local manufacturer ???. Speak of lost brains.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's planned live-fire drills off disputed island See in context

Why protest when U are also doing the same things ???.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

Very guilty conscience , this Nagoya major. There is a proverb, if u had murdered no one, why be afraid of ghosts ???.

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Posted in: China warns of countermeasures if U.S. puts missiles on its 'doorstep' See in context

Look at trump , big bully , this kind of action is the action of a greedy child. China must fight back. Trump has no human considerations, only money. When trump cannot get his money, this is what happens. abe learn something from this trump's action. All good Japanese , pls learn some thing from this trump action.

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Posted in: Power cut stops Tokyo trains; 15 passengers ill as air conditioning fails See in context

No considerations for human beings.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor urges Japan to join nuclear ban treaty; Abe declines See in context

How can abe stops when he has to please big brother trump , who are selling them ???.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

I am very sorry for all people.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

trump & abe are the only 2 persons on earth that like to make people unhappy. I always wondered, how do they treat people staying with them ???.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

With these shootings, anyone can see hate exists very much in America, Hate had escalated with trump. That's for sure.

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Posted in: Raffles: One of the world's most iconic hotels reopens in Singapore See in context

Nice hotel.

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he is tolerant of N Korea's short-range ballistic missiles See in context

Who sold them ???.

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Posted in: Chinese filmmaker shines spotlight on Japan's wartime sexual violence See in context

Japanese have to remember that what they had done during ww2 had been criminal & will not be forgiven.

even in modern times like now, some bad Japanese still abuse other nationalities.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese make fewer charitable donations than people in other countries? See in context

That's not true, I have seen good Japanese that are very kind . It is the same in case of donations all over the world.

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Posted in: Toyota profits up, Honda's down; both lower annual forecasts See in context

Good work Toyota, pls keep this up.

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Posted in: How Trump's latest China tariffs could squeeze U.S. consumers See in context

Pls change trump before yr lives are over.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault eye restructuring for Fiat merger: report See in context

With current management bodies at Nissan, I will not invest my yen at Nissan. saikawa is a bad example of Japanese co-workers, no good Japanese will invest in Nissan until current operators are changed. Alibaba or even abc or no name company is better.

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Posted in: Samsung Electronics Q2 net profit slumps 53% See in context

I love Samsung phones for their colors but service in Japan is very bad. Nothing in English even for current new phones. Also phones should not be made of glass material.

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Posted in: Huawei still world's No. 2 smartphone seller despite U.S. sanctions See in context

Pls work hard. We support U , Huawei, is Great good example of wise Asian companies.

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Posted in: U.S. presidents have made racist gestures throughout country's history See in context

From an uneducated country , what do anyone expect ???.It is time such very poor mentality ends. America is no more respected these days.

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Posted in: Trump tweets threaten to disrupt U.S.-China trade talks See in context

Who is trump trying to frighten ???.Himself ???.

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Posted in: Panel proposes average minimum wage of more than ¥900 for 1st time See in context

Which country are we in ???.

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Posted in: Switzerland helping Japanese prosecutors with Ghosn investigation See in context

This case with Carlos in Japan was a real bad example of poor minded, mean heart Japanese co-workers that use back-stabbing methods because of their jealousy and wanting to take everything that Carlos owe. Why this case is impossible ???. Nissan has all Japanese team that are controllers, top management, accountants and Japanese in every part of their company. Carlos is not god, he cannot have done everything by himself and his foreign assistant. This is Japan , the controls are all in Japanese ( very poor system ) for any company that have a future that claims globalization. Now they are not even arresting saikawa in Nissan that have everything with this case , just because of his birth rights ???. I am very glad that Japan to-day reported abt the real going on in investing Carlos case.

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Posted in: Governor rocks See in context

Good work , Tamaki san.

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Posted in: S Korean cities suspend exchange programs with Japan See in context

Start bulling for no reasons and now , all in the world can see , what is happening ??? to real Japanese. Copying trump do not work because we are in Asia. I cannot say , I am sorry for Japan this time.

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Posted in: Kyoto’s awesome fire ramen: A one-of-a-kind dining experience See in context

I am sure this visitor is new at traveling. Eating whole sparrow, nothing new...................nothing new. Flame ramen just a show. Have she tried, anything really awesome ???. Pls research more before anyone writes.

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Posted in: Trump says director of national intelligence is resigning See in context

Now, trump can do the job himself.

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Posted in: Beijing says millions of tons of U.S. soy shipped to China See in context

forget america. waste of time.

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Posted in: Marubeni stops some new soybean sales to China amid trade dispute See in context

Japan anything have to follow big brother trump, it is a sad story, Marubeni have just given the slot space to remote countries that need soyabean exports. good bye america marubeni.

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Posted in: Trump says he is not upset by N Korean launch of short-range missiles See in context

Ofcourse, trump is not, guess where did N.Korea import these weapons from ???.

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