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Posted in: Masuzoe fumes over Olympic stadium demands by gov't See in context

When I thought LDP couldn't get any more disconnected from the reality, they pull this. Why do the locals keep voting for them?

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Posted in: One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old See in context

I may be a bit of otaku but this is clearly a child exploitation.

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Haha, they cannot help themselves, can they?

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling girlfriend See in context

This happens waaaaaay too often in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan says it will try again with scientific whaling program See in context

They should realise the whaling hurts the reputation of Japan but also the economy, so why are they so insistent on continuing a culture that was not even widespread and rich as the others.

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Posted in: I faced extreme bashing from Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga and other members of the prime minister’s office. See in context

LDP doesn't even treat their own country's people well and how are they talking about peace and bollocks?

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Posted in: Tea Party's Ted Cruz launches White House bid See in context

Political stance doesn't matter in the slightest. What matters is how extreme the view of his and his supporters are. So far it is bad news especially when the religion is mixed with politics.

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Posted in: Abe's advisers split over how to describe Japan's WWII actions See in context

MrBum MAR. 26, 2015 - 09:49AM JST It's been over half a century, and they're still arguing about something so basic as whether Japan was the "aggressor"? And people accuse China and Korea of not being able to move on? You know you're in trouble when you have to resort to "we were better than the Nazis."

And you're in even more trouble when that retort is not arguably true when it comes to the treatment of prisoner of wars and conquered territories. LDP seems to be their own worst enemy that they destroy their own reputation just to keep their national pride.

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Posted in: S Korea, China, Japan seek to ease tensions See in context

titaniumdi0xide MAR. 12, 2015 - 08:15AM JST When the CCP collapses and Pak resigns. Then It'll be happy ending.

Happy ending for LDP and big business owners, as for the rest not so much especially the working families in Japan.

I would like to hope for the best but I'm not counting on it. All three countries have their best interests in petty political hissyfit than caring for wellbeing of their citizens.

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Posted in: Murayama says Abe risks alienating neighbors if he dilutes war apology See in context

Illyas MAR. 11, 2015 - 03:57PM JST Seven decades ago. 7 decades ago. Why didn't you specify that what happened, happened seven decades ago? Not a 1. Not 2. Seven. The average human life span is between 70-80 years in developed countries. Very, very few people living today, lived through those years. They don't hate Japan because of what happened, they hate Japan because they were taught to hate Japan by their country. Instead you offer some non-specfic 'decades ago'.

Somewhat true but just because it happened a long ago doesn't mean they can get over it. Especially, those 2 countries have one of the largest population in the world, there bound to be loud nationalists indoctrinated by propaganda from the very young age. Still the attitudes of the LDP doesn't help matters either. If anything, they seem eager pouring oil in the lit fire.

Around the period Muslims invaded Constantinople, I'm sure a lot of their forces have been destroyed by the armies sent by Pope Pius, so it wasn't a complete domination either.

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Posted in: Japan forms ninja council to kick up tourism See in context

Underdawg MAR. 09, 2015 - 09:12AM JST It all ties into their Cool Japan thing.

I've always felt 'Cool Japan' to be oxymoron. If anything, it's cringeworthy and very undignified. Japan always seems to focus on wrong ideas instead of legitimate attraction when they are trying to appeal to the international tourists.

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

I feel that rather than repeating the apologies countless times, Japan should just make a penalty law like everytime a politician says something stupid or controversial, they need to pay a penalty fee or increase their tax amount. If that system had been implemented, most politicians in LDP would have received them. Japan cannot afford to to grand gestures at this time when their mainstream media is mostly nationalistic.

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Posted in: Abe faces questions over improper political donations See in context

Abe keeps easily proving himself as the worst prime minister not just in Japan but most likely the world. He isn't even that subtle about keeping his agenda.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

igloobuyerMAR. 02, 2015 - 04:59PM JST Sounds like projection on your part to me. I agree Korea is fairly hyped up about it all, but not without reason. All they want is recognition and a greater expression/attitude of remorse from Japan. From the Abe regime that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. We'll have to hope for a more liberal government which there never really has been in Japan. The Liberal Democratic party is the most inaccurately named party in the history of modern politics. Japan is losing face by the day. Shame, I've always loved my second home Japan.

I'm sorry but it's a waste of time asking for apology from LDP when they even have much trouble acknowledging Japan's intention in WW2. I mean they are still spinning that narrative that the imperial army was protecting the Asia from European Invasion and South Korea is asking for sympathetic retribution from such party as LDP. Also this party doesn't seem to want to give up its seat any time soon, I think there are better ways to raise the awareness for comfort woman issue rather than just rallying and squabbling with LDP.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

Why don't you just stop reporting about South Korea demanding apologies? I find this counter-productive. Just like Japan, South Korea has as many nationalists believing on every propaganda from the books they read. I don't believe South Korea will ever forget as long as the president like her keeps the presidential position and reminding more of the past. Believe me when I say this, South Korea is emotionally charged about everything especially about the history, no way they will let go. And you must admit, Abe's government clearly is giddy about upsetting the neighbours even though it's all obvious how they would react.

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Posted in: Amnesty Int'l criticizes Japan in 2014/15 human rights report See in context

Isn't it funny sight every time there's someone criticising Japan, there are usual suspects coming out of woodwork to defend Japan fervently. Don't get me wrong, we like Japan but certainly there are areas that Japan can improve on. Just mindlessly liking it means you should perhaps open up your perspective before even debating. Just from this article, I can gather that Japan has such a problem learning from the mistakes. It seems they already forgot about the treatment of Hakamada.

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Posted in: Anti-Japan protest in Seoul See in context

Nationalism is such a cancer.

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Posted in: Education minister denies receiving illegal funds See in context

The obvious question is why would he admit it when he has a chance to run away from it?

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Posted in: Education minister denies receiving illegal funds See in context

jinjapan FEB. 26, 2015 - 08:42AM JST May have?? I believe receiving illegal funds is the norm in politics.

Only in Japanese politics, more specifically Abe's cohorts.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift officially world's top-selling musician in 2014 See in context

I don't like her music but she seems like appropriate enough as a role model for teenage girls. At least better than Lindsay Lohan and all those Disney Popstars. For one she doesn't seem to get into trouble just for tabloid attention.

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Posted in: Crown prince warns of need to remember World War II 'correctly' See in context

I guess this is why royal family in Japan is needed. They are very careful with words and influential enough for Japan to maintain the sanity LDP keeps throwing away.

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Posted in: Sex slave rally in Seoul See in context

jerseyboyFEB. 18, 2015 - 10:08PM JST Vince -- as opposed to Japan, including Abe, who further antagonizes SK and China with their paying respects at Yasukuni all the time -- right? Who exactly "is too bullheaded for their own good"?

I believe rallying in front of Japanese Embassy doesn't send a message. I believe Korea could express it in more articulate method. I feel sending the awareness globally is the first step like making a documentary. Basically what Japan does about Nuclear Bombing. The problem with comfort women issue is that it was swiftly swept under the rug, most people are apathetic about it. If more people gave a damn about it, Japan will probably give in due to pressure like that CP ban.

As for Japan antagonising their neighbours, that's their hobby nowadays. They could stop any time but apparently, they enjoy the reactions of both countries so much, Japan will probably set them off as long as they can afford. Now come on, by now everybody should know Japan likes to antagonise any countries that criticise Japanese customs by making up excuses and using confirmation bias. Everytime I see Korea getting offended at every little thing Japan does, it acknowledges itself as a country without backbones. I feel Korea always gets caught up by Japan's baiting. It's like a chess game where Japan seems to be always 2 steps ahead of Korea.

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Posted in: Sex slave rally in Seoul See in context

As understandable as South Korea's situation is, they must know they wouldn't get a formal heartfelt apology from the current Japanese administration. Why do they bother? Is Korea so desperate to further antagonise Japan? Why are they asking for impossible when PM Abe is on the seat who makes no qualm about being an ultra-nationalist any more? But I forgot Korea is too bullheaded for their own good.

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Posted in: South Africa slams newspaper column praising apartheid See in context

Japanese Government needs to set up a new law a person over 70 shouldn't hold government positions. I'm seeing most of these old generations are walking timebombs ready to spout something that drags the reputation of Japan much further. The older you get, the more likelihood to reject the progressive ideas that are foreign to Japanese culture. You see it in the very comments of certain news section.

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Posted in: Japan's global PR message could misfire with focus on wartime past See in context

I like Japan but its hellbent obsession with history reform and the thinly veiled democracy takes a lot of points from fully liking it. For a country that needs a lot of improvement in various areas, the government is financing it in the least important matter. That money could have helped Fukushima crisis a lot. Here is the evidence they don't really care about the locals. Most politicians are still in the mindset of 1930's.

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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

Abe should remember what the outcome of the US troops being sent to Iraq by President Bush. The result wasn't good. Also the terrorists will definitely shift the attention on Japan once Japan sends the troops.

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Posted in: Some Japanese see slain hostages as troublemakers See in context

Japan should remember ISIS is nothing like China or Korea. They should approach with caution dealing with ISIS. While China and Korea make empty threats but ISIS is easily provocative and judging by their actions so far barbaric. Of all the problems LDP had to deal with, I'd say ISIS is easily the most difficult opponent.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

I think AKB supporters are missing the point here. The problem is not the girls themselves but the sleazy producers backing them up for the opening ceremony for the Olympics in this particular issue. Japan could've brought a real musician to open up (Even if they want to go for cute, there were plenty of performers with looks beside the idol group). I'm sure there would be just as much outrage if they went for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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Posted in: AKB48 founder plans Japan48 idol group for Olympics, Phillipines spinoff See in context

kurisupisuJAN. 29, 2015 - 01:42PM JST Only the best modern talent that Japan has-I'm blown away....

Japan has some of the legitimately talented musical bands, yet of all the choices, they had to go with the Idol group for the Olympics.

I bet the sexism would dramatically reduce if the government put some harsher restriction on the entertainment business with the idols. So far, Japan seems to show a very little initiative in positive progress.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

I have no idea why Matsuko Deluxe's appearance has to be taken into account before taking his/her opinion but I guess her point is spot on it's hard to come back with counter argument.

Japan seems to lack self-awareness how the world is going to see the country when you send AKB as an opening act. They are an idol group mostly there for looks not the musical skills.

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