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I am Italian and I have to say that many comments are not correct and even superficial,and I want to add some data. First of all we have many contacts with China. We have in the European Union, the largest legal and illegal Chinese population in the EU (check it on Wikipedia) and we have many many Italian businessmen visiting China. Italy was the first country in EU to be part of the "Silk road initiative". Many Italians love China and we have a long history of relationship with China, think to Marco Polo (Google it if you do not know that).We are a very warm country, like Spain, and we love gatherings, meeting friends and family sport events, going to bars and sport events: actually most of the population did not realize the huge danger that was coming: the beaches and mountains were really crowded a few weeks ago. For this the virus spead.They just wanted to enjoy life like it happened in Spain. Before of being judgemental try to know Italians if you cannot visit the country. I had some Japanese friends and I know Japan better that you know Italy. Last but not least we have a wonderful healthcare system and for that Italians are the oldest in the world after Japan: think to that. We have wonderful food, design, architecture and art museums and we can enjoy life (it is the "Italian way"). One cannot say the same of many other countries in the world!

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