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Why anyone would ride a bicycle during a typhoon is beyond me. But i hope they recovered and everyone stay safe.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. But some people think those mamacharis make them invencible.


Why would someone go out during a typhoon let alone go out on a bicycle?!! Surely, concessions can be made for work or whatnot. It's not worth risking your life for.

A small eternity ago, when I was in Japan for the first time ever, I actually went out to cycle whenever there was a typhoon. Since there are no typhoons/hurricanes where I'm from, I didn't understand how dangerous they can be. I just really enjoyed the wind and the buckets of warm water pouring over me - it was exhilarating. I'd cycle on the empty streets and just feel the wind and the rain. I've come to understand the different perils that come with typhoons since then (and grown up to be a relatively different person anyways), and wouldn't do the same anymore. I still get a kick out of the (more milder) winds, rain and the scent though, and enjoy it up to a certain point on my balcony.

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As Revlon is far from cruelty free I won't touch this brand with a stick. Recommend the same for everyone.

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Liked it. The overall mood of it was positive, lovely.

I just wish they'd have the drones show up again, and also, that the little airplane-girl would've really been lifted to the air.

If you watched the whole thing and listened to the commentary, you'd know the idea/reason (including several, not just one, torches lighting up the fire) for all the parts of the show. Everything was well thought-of, I think.

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Posted in: Despite its reputation as a superfood, natto has failed to gain popularity outside of Japan. It has, however, attracted enough attention to end up in the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, Sweden. Have you tried natto? Do you like it? See in context

It's the smell and the texture that make it completely inedible for me. It's not that pretty to look at, either.

I reckon food should be enjoyable by all of the senses.

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I'm not sure how getting married would affect anyones economy in a drastic way, except maybe positively: splitting the rent and other bills, for example. I DO understand though how it can hinder you from having wedding parties and ceremonies, as well as making babies. I'm in the same boat. Married, but haven't had the funds to pay for a wedding party. I also feel it would be irresponsible to make babies without complete economic security - thus, I don't have any kids. Although - personally a bigger reason for no babies is the uncertain future of this globe / climate change.

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They are extremely sweet and have been very loving and caring towards me from the very first moment I met them years ago. There was a time though, when we lived closer to them, when my MIL would suddenly just drop by for a visit. That was a bit troublesome (I detest surprise visitors and it's not a habit where I come from - I reckon you should always call & check in advance if it's a good time to visit). My spouse spoke with her though and she understood our point of view without any issues. Haven't had any problems since. I have even been able to confide to my MIL about some issues, and she's been very supportive.

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Well, I think in reality the number is closer to 80% rather than 40%. The number of restaurants they observed was just a few hundred, after all. And this has been the case for over a year now, at least in Tokyo.


I agree with these bars and restaurants.

Closing them at 8pm and no serving alcohol is the biggest nonsens I ever heard, especially when coffee shop are open, companies force their employees to come to the offices, Olympics and other sport events are held, Disney is still open and so on...

What is the different between a bar and a coffee shop, if groups of young women packed the coffee shops from morning to evening, laughing and giggling during telling their Love Stories to each other?

For once, Monty, I can agree with you.

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Marcelito, it’s not about the salarymen, it’s about the partying&shopping youths. Majority of the current covid cases are in their 20’s and 30’s, and I see flocks of carefree young ones literally everywhere here in Tokyo (on my solo walks/during commute). It’s almost always groups of people, and way too often there either are no masks or the masks are on the chin, especially while they slurp their SB frappucinos and take selfies. Unis and schools are currently on holidays: and without any real restrictions it shows also in the covid stats.

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Xulux - I agree, but better brace yourself for tomorrow though. At least for Tokyo the forecast says +37c in shadow.

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N.M, I didn’t say he did. Some other teams have. His behaviour is a separate issue. Just saying athletes who don’t know how to behave have overstayed their welcome.

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No matter what’s the correct result this is simply childish, non-athletic behaviour. Him, like some teams (e.g. Argentina) breaking the playbook rules in the village and at the venues, really should be named&shamed and kicked out from the competition and the country. Not fair to other rule-abiding teams nor the local staff.

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So many of you are speaking like the Japanese nationals would be naive children, or somehow otherwise incapable of making their own decisions, and acting on their own, just waiting for instructions. We are speaking of adults however, and despite the serious situation, the people are in the shopping malls, the restaurants, the gatherings. More and more people are without their masks. The lack of self-restraint, responsibility for ones own actions & critical thinking is imo frankly rather appalling. Where I’m from, most people avoided crowds & gatherings even without orders from the government. You can be responsible even without orders or laws.

Yes, the government has done miserably. But if your boss is awful at his job, does it mean you can do your job badly as well? I think in that situation you should actually try to be even better.

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BlackFlagCitizen -

Majority of them have stayed in the country for weeks already, some of them live in Japan. They have every right to move where they want. The ones who would still be under their quarantine (although they’ve probably all finished them by now) are closely monitored, and have e.g. no permission to even get out of the cars during their commute from previously stated place A and B.

There’s already enough xenophobia spreading around in Japan, I’d wish fellow foreigners wouldn’t further fuel it with baseless claims.

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For once, I agree with the moderator (and Kentarogaijin).

So far I’ve loved the ceremony - stellar job, especially with the dancing carpenters. Some happiness in the middle of these dark times.

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Superhero, so did you approach them and ask who they are, and how long they’ve been in the country?

You know there are thousands of foreigners living, working & studying in Japan, and uni&school holidays have just started. And if they were Olympics affiliated media personnel, they are free to roam around just like you and me, after their quarantine. You think they’re gonna stay in their hotels, when the majority of the local folks are showing them the example of how not to care about covid?

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Sven Asai

That’s a niche only a very few richer people can afford all the time, what would be necessary to bring a substantial change. Buying there four times a year or going twice a year to organic cooking restaurants is maybe very nice and healthy, but is surely more for show because most people can’t afford such a lifestyle at all.

That's simply not true. If you only shop at Bio c' Bon, then yes, perhaps, as their products tend to be a bit pricey. But you can eat environmentally friendly food at a normal budget. One step in becoming environmentally friendlier is to eat at least less meat, if you feel you can't ditch it completely. Quite often the environmentally friendly/vegetarian/vegan diet can be also be a lot cheaper than the carnivore diet.

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Posted in: To close the gender gap, it is essential to improve the working environment on the set. There is harassment, working hours are long, and sleep time is reduced. Even if we train young women, they can't stand it and leave. See in context


It’s got nothing to do with women’s rights or working hours, it’s japanese culture. Change that, and the problems will disappear

Nope, it's simply toxic culture. If people are leaving as they can't stand the practices at the workplace, then the workplace really needs to change its way of thinking and working.

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Let's see whether we can hit the 2,000 mark to coincide with the Opening Ceremony... Seems likely by the looks of it...

2021 cases, perhaps?

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@Vinke @Tokyoite

Please do not spread disinformation. Not all athletes are vaccinated.

Err, where did I say anything about all athletes being vaccinated?

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Some dude

"All of you bashing the games and the village - what, in real & actual practical terms, are you doing every day to try and stop the virus and to protect yourself and the others?"

I intend to get vaccinated as soon as the government gets its act together, I wear a mask every time I go out, I avoid the busy train lines as much as humanly possible, I don’t go out drinking at night, and I’m teleworking every day.


Great! Same here. Mask every time I step outside of the door - even if its to take out the trash, or go for a walk. I have received 1/2 of the vaccination, and will get the second dose a couple of weeks later. I don't go anywhere by train/subway, if possible, but walk or cycle. I order much of the things I need online, and when I need to go to the supermarket, I go there outside of the busy hours - avoiding weekends especially. I haven't really met anyone (=friends, acquaintances) F2F aside from my spouse for the past 2 years. I don't go to restaurants, izakayas (even though I absolutely love them), cafés, movie theatres etc. I also telework (though - this is not possible for everyone, and am really grateful I have this opportunity). I use a hand sanitizer every time I see one - just to also "inspire" others around me. There have been countless times when, after I've used one, e.g. at the entrance to a supermarket - others around me have stopped, "realised its existence" and also used it.

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Everyone in the village is vaccinated and tested daily. I'd say the Olympic village is a lot safer than the Yamanote Line train at 08:15 this morning.

What do you think the test results would be if we tested everyone in Tokyo this morning?

THIS. Exactly this. I'm so tired of this lynch mob mentality of everyone, just bashing down on everything that just has the word 'Olympics' attached to it, and people not really rationally thinking things through, and, looking themselves at the mirror. Of course some cases are appearing from the village, since they're testing so vigorously. Just imagine the cases that would emerge if they tested the regular offices of the regular Taro & Keiko ever so often!

I'm extremely happy that some people I know (some with pre-existing conditions) are working exactly at the village, and don't have to take any crowded trains to crowded regular offices in Tokyo. The village really IS much safer than anywhere else in Tokyo. Regular tests, regular screenings, monitoring of movements, hand sanitizers at every corner, staggered mealtimes, etc. Security screening at the entrance. Their own clinic, their own testing station, and so on, and so on.

All of you bashing the games and the village - what, in real & actual practical terms, are you doing every day to try and stop the virus and to protect yourself and the others? Now think of that and compare it to what they're doing at the village. Seen any friends at any cafes or bars recently? Been to a mall to do some shopping? Been at a face to face meeting with anyone? Been in a rush-hour train? If so, then you have no right to complain about the village, as you are the one risking others and yourself.

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...just imagine all the cases they would find, if they tested the regular office workers in Japan at the same efficiency and rate they test everyone at the Athlete's Village.

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Sōmen, hiyashi chuka, fruit smoothies. And lots and lots of cold water.

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Saw many of foreigners roaming around freely near Toyosu today! They were definitely the team officials from the Tokyo Olympics. I thought they weren’t allowed to leave the Olympics village! So much for having the rule book for a safe Olympics!

Hundreds, if not thousands, of foreigners who live in Japan have been working as officials for the games for years already. Since the action is about to happen, and their preparation offices are closing, they're just gathering more actively near the key venues, like the Olympic village and Tokyo Big Sight (=media) .

Again, as they live in Japan, they do not need to stay in the village bubble. (It is, however a good point, whether they should?)

I'm also a foreigner, and often roaming near Toyosu. Not an official for the games though. How do you tell the difference?

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Who will check if they abide the rules ? Big Brother ?

But I am quite sure athletes themselves will be careful as they do not want to be positive and have to withdraw from their competition

They have officials and police officers present at the village at all times. There's also a police station right outside of the village.

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I really don't understand the complaining and moaning about the cardboard beds? What should they be then? Heavy oak? Just to be discarded after the games? Then you would be complaining about "how dare you waste so much money and timber to something so temporary!#%!"

This solution is excellent in my books. It's actually very economical, ecological and practical. Believe it or not, cardboard actually makes excellent temporary furniture and other fixtures. See for example this:

As the pieces can be assembled and disassembled quickly, without tools, surely it's also a safer option - with covid in mind- than having staff members drilling, screwing and packing and stacking for hours, that you'd need to do with e.g. wooden furniture?


OMG its just a cluster waiting to happen .. all they need is ONE positive in there and its like Army of the Dead .. Close the gates and lock 'em all in lol .. its just a cruise ship without the cruise .. or the ship ..

I've been to the village. It really is quite safe, and I'd feel much, much safer there than in any neighbourhood, supermarket, train, office or a shop anywhere else in Tokyo.

What is also not visible from the photos here (or mentioned in the article), there is actually a lot of greenery and outdoor places to chill and relax behind the apartment buildings, with direct views to the Rainbow bridge.

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The superspreading is happening in offices, schools, trains, shopping malls at restaurants, as we speak. I'd much rather be confined in the Olympic Village or any of the Olympic event locations, than in packed subway cars or trains during a normal weekday in Tokyo.

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In another article it is written Japan is doing verything to have high measurements during Olympic games. But I partly agree with that Japan is not doing much. Official lock down has never exist and already 4th state of emergency. Even TV news is broadcasting that people go drinking outside without wearing mask and talk loutly.

Signs mention not more than an X amount of people inside are ignored, trains are full.

I agree. I think that in Japan, compared to other countries, there is genuinely a difference of interpretation or conception, of what really are 'sufficient' or 'high' measures against the virus. Based on what I've witnessed for nearly 2 years now (in addition to an endless amount of news articles, tv programs, etc), people & businesses here seem to genuinely think that what they're doing is "enough" to protect from the virus: sufficient physical distance is around 20cm here, wearing the same and the one mask on your face (or your chin) for the whole day is somehow acceptable, quickly rinsing your hands in mere water after going to the toilet is somehow enough, etc. People around me keep on nodding their heads and saying in a serious, solemn tone, that "we need to be cautious and follow thorough preventative measures" - right before gathering together, side by side, either for a face to face meeting (that could've happened online), or to eat lunch together, or to meet other moms with their maskless kids at a playground, etc.

I'm also shaking my head to all the comments bashing the Chinese athletes just because they happen to be Chinese. If you're American, and your government does something questionable (there are numerous examples of this), would it be ok to label all of you under the same umbrella, and say you're all at fault? That since you're American, you automatically represent everything that comes out from there, that you automatically have the same opinions and agenda as, e.g. your president? If your country does something wrong, are you not allowed to say comments that are of the opposite view point?

These athletes have nothing to do with any labs or any possible cover-ups. If they spot a breach in the safety measures, then they are most definitely allowed to voice it out, and I applaud them for doing so.

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"Tokyo has been notorious for its stifling summer for years."

The caption is correct, yet it still baffles me how many people walk around in long sleeve shirts, and without sun hats mumbling that it’s hot.

I saw a guy in a full suit and tie walking along the main road through our city center at 12:30pm yesterday. It was registering 30C on my car temp gauge and there’s no shade along the road.

On Saturday I went to the supermarket at about 1pm and there was a group of old ladies weeding the parking area. Again it was 29C. Why would you do it at that time? Is it some kind of macho show of gaman? Is it punishment? Is it just idiocy?

Most other countries I can think of that suffer extreme heat in summer have developed their cultures to take into account the stifling heat. Cooler and more relaxed clothing, lighter coloured clothing, siestas, a change to the working day, education to wear sun hats and sun cream, education to keep hydrated, a common sense culture of keeping out of the heat in the middle of the day etc etc etc.

Wear yukata to go to work. Companies - develop yukata so it resembles a uniform with the company logo or something.

Supermarkets - ask the old ladies to stop doing manual labour in the middle of the day in summer.

Business people - wear more sensible clothing.

People - sun hats, and sun cream.

Come on!! It’s flipping common sense.

Yup. Add to this all kinds of schools (from kindergarten up to high schools), who force children & students to have their PE classes outdoors in the heat, right under the scorching sun. There have been several cases where kids have died at school because of heat exhaustion.

Where I'm from, outdoor PE classes are cancelled ( moved indoors) when the temperature goes below -20c. I don't understand why Japan doesn't implement the same, for example when the temperature goes above +27c or so.

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That photo shows us a high-tech state of the art facility that probably cost hundreds of millions of Yen whose task is to teach people how to bend over and hold a pillow on their head.

Anywhere else in the world this task could be accomplished by simply telling people "Hey, just bend over and hold a pillow over your head" without the need for the super ultra high tech facility.

The thing they're on is probably also shaking, to imitate a quake.

I actually really recommend everyone to visit one of these facilities, like the Sona Area in Ariake. Thrilling and exciting, but also a little bit scary, and very educational. Free entry.

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