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Shibuya during Halloween is a nightmare even during a 'normal' year, let alone during a pandemic...

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Your a guest here as many of us were or are, imagine if a Japanese person went to your home country and said "things aren't fair here, they do it better where I come from" imagine how people would react.

All means stay home that’s your choice but don't think because you pay taxes you have the right to demand change.

Either become a Japanese citizen and make Japan your home country or learn to live with the Japanese way of doing things.

In the end no one is going to listen to you so your just making yourself frustrated without achieving anything.

Nope, I'm not a guest - this is my home. And no, I will never become a Japanese citizen, as long as Japan e.g. lacks in animal and human rights and fails to recognize dual citizenship.

I welcome each and every person living or even staying just for a short while in my home country to suggest how things could be done better. Because you know, that's how things progress, that's how things become better and more fair to EVERYONE THERE.

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Or will you quit your job, your wife too, lockdown yourself in your house, never go out anymore, go only 1x to the supermarket and buy Cup Ramen for the next 6 months???

Of course not!

Of course yes ! - if you understand science, facts and reason, and have even the slightest doze of self-discipline and constraint.

E.g., me: ever since February, I've been working remotely, avoiding all social outings, going to the supermarket max 1-2 times a week (mostly buying online), and going out only to the park or so, only walking or by bike, no public transportation. No exhibitions or events. Eating healthy food and using fresh ingredients - no need for cup ramen junk. And I know I'm not the only one.

I don't really understand though how or why would you "quit your wife"..? I'm in extremely good terms with my spouse, pretty much the only person I've been seeing face to face this year - and all is fine. We're both happy. (Would be happier though, if there weren't so many fact deniers out there, and people who are risking others all the time.)

And people who are Nonstop complaining about how Japan is handling the Virus, should consider if it is not better for them to leave Japan and go back to your home country.

Because Nonstop complaining about Japan and living here, doesn't match together.

Sorry, but it doesn't go that way. If you live somewhere, it doesn't automatically make that place "a good place". If something is wrong, try to fix it. Try to make things more fair. Try to make things better. Turning your back on the malpractices does not make them go away.

But if you go back to your home country, probably you will be surprised how they handle the Virus.

And surprised not in a good way...

Actually, I'm pretty content with the actions my home country has been making; severe restrictions on entertainment, nightlife, restaurants and bars in order to try to slow the spread down, but still enabling them to work. Majority of the people are remote-working and remote-studying, even the small kids. Finding new and inventive ways of keeping businesses afloat and people entertained through the use of new online solutions, gift certificates, crowd funding, etc. Being at the forefront of covid-19 research. Utilising new methods in detecting covid-19 at the airports. Encouraging anyone even with the slightest doubt and the slightest symptom to get a covid-19 test - and they will get it (unlike Japan, where even seriously ill people are turned away from the clinics and the hospitals). Being open about the contagion, not stigmatising the disease.

And nope, not going back, yet. My spouse means the world to me, and both of our lives are here now. We can't just suddenly drop it all off and go. Also, with the current (xenophobic) restrictions and demands in place by Japan, I couldn't easily just visit my country either and come back to Japan later.

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Wish I could have some! ^_^ The reindeer or the Arctic char.

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@robert maes

The excuse that it is a place for athletes to mingle, is just that. Athletes can ( could, before the pandemic) meet any where these days and do all year round. It is during the pandemic completely irresponsible to use an Olympic village.

Actually, wouldn't it be more irresponsible for not to have an Olympic village, in these times, if the Olympics are arranged nevertheless? I'd much rather have the athletes, their coaches, their medics, and all others involved with the games in one known place, rather than scattered all around the city, posing a risk to the ones that have nothing to with the event.

In addition though, I'd hope the clinic would be a separate and secluded entity, away from the village itself.

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The series is not just full of clichés, but also constant and ridiculous inconsistencies (e.g. in one scene French people speak French to each other, in the next, they speak English, even there's no American to be seen on the screen), and it has a very annoying way of portraying the American Emily as some kind of 'hero' who always solves the problems, has a magical way of befriending top designers etc, even though she is in a way, an intern. "The American way" is seen as the only "correct" way of doing things, American values are seen as the only "good" values. (I've found myself to agree with the Frenchies in the series pretty much all the time..)

Reality is completely missing from the series. I'm not sure who the series is made for? 12 year old girls, young adults or middle-aged people? I'd say it has too much sexual content and booze for the kids, but too much girly naivety and insta-loving for anyone older.

YES. I'm one of those who "loves to hate it" I guess, one of those who can't stop watching, for some reason.

I do enjoy the pretty as a picture scenes and colors. I'm simultaneously both amused and annoyed by the naivety and the inconsistencies.

I wish someone made a more realistic series though, about foreigners (not just Americans) who move to different cities - the struggles, the cultural features and differences, the discoveries, the joys.. You could make several seasons out of this; Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro,....

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Wish I was rich enough to shop in Ginza.

Oh they've got Uniqlo & Muji there.

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Of 27,000+ Tokyoites with Covid,only 21 in serious condition,yet the same ol',same ol' wailing and gnashing of teeth about testing.Look at elsewhere's figures and get a grip.Be grateful about being in Japan and calm yourself down.

What is considered as 'serious condition' in .e.g many European countries, is not that e.g. in Tokyo. Here you'd need to be at the ICU, AND on a ventilator, to be considered as a 'serious case'. Meaning there are many, many patients, who are seriously sick, but not officially counted as such. Merely being at the ICU doesn't count - which to me is pretty serious.


If the number of cases is actually much higher than reported, than that means - considering the very low daily deaths - that the virus is even less dangerous to life than previously thought.

Yet again - almost no autopsies are performed here, and majority of the deaths are marked off as e.g. respiratory issues, pneumonia, heart issues, etc.

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I totally wouldn't surprised in went like this:

Some bureaucrat has a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with one cell: RAND()*200+50 to generate a random number between 50 and 250.

It would be just as believable as their current numbers.

Or, I'm guessing there just might be a magic number of 5500 for the max. number of tests allowed. Including the repeated tests for politicians, celebs, etc...

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I think is a good thing they finally did this but i think is also better if they put a age restriction on the sales of these things.

Firstly teens might be a little too excited to seek it out if it can be easily bought. Curiosity is in our nature.

Last thing we want is have a huge spike in STD because the item becoming too popular. People might get too comfortable taking these because of how convenient it is.

The MAP needs to be easily accessed for the times when it's necessary, and believe me, nobody will take these because of 'convenience' or 'comfort'. Just like Victoria Maude pointed above, the pill can make you pretty sick and queasy, and I'm sure no woman wants to put that on herself on a regular basis. Remember condoms can also break, so the MAP is also needed by the 'responsible' ones, not just the curious and experimental ones...

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Truly appaling.

...and 194 cases of that miniscule 858 is extremely worrying.

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I find that the leaders of these "body positive" movements tend to be projecting their own personal failings and self-hatred.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Ms Aoi Murata..

What's your point? From the picture you have no way of knowing whether she feels some kind of self-hatred or not. And even though it's in a way irrelevant, as for her appearance, I think she's beautiful and looks very cool!

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Where can one sign? JT, please add a link to the petition?

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So I guess this law is only for completely Japanese couples? My spouse is Japanese, but we've both kept our family names.

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The survey also found that 32 percent would not wish it to be known if they or their family members become infected with the virus, while 47 percent believe most people would wish to keep it a secret.

Twenty-two percent said they would not want to play or hang out with those who have contracted the virus, even once they recover.

This is a very sad thing to read, and something I'm sure the kids pick up from their parents. I've lived in Japan for a long time but I'll never understand this kind of behaviour (= ostracising the infected ones by mean words and behaviour, I'm not talking about quarantine and self-isolation here, which of course should take place if someone's got the virus) . With covid-19 people should feel comfortable and safe enough to openly say if they've got the virus, or suspect it, so that others can take the proper precautions, and try to stop it spreading further. If someone is having a hard time and in trouble, you should support them, help them, not leave them to struggle on their own and bully them.

Commenting on the results, Mayumi Hangai, a pediatrician and researcher at the center, said parents should let children express their feelings freely rather than scolding them for being irritated, using violence or taking other actions.

I agree, but Ms. Hangai should also tell the parents not to stigmatise and shun anyone because of the virus, and that it's always ok to openly say if they're not feeling well.

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Posted in: Trump nominates conservative Amy Coney Barrett for court See in context

Blessed Be the Fruit - Under His Eye.

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Yup, completely agree. Those rejoicing over the "eased" of entry restrictions haven't perhaps realised yet what a smoke screen it really still is...i.e. how difficult and costly it still is to try to re-enter Japan (i.e., come home).

These limits and requirements are inhibiting me from temporarily travelling back home to see my family as well, especially my ageing parents. Haven't seen them for a year and half now, and will probably miss another Christmas (hugely important for us, and a magical time to be back home) with them.

The cost of getting the required PCR test, the letter from the embassy, and the private transport in Japan (=hired driver and car, as I don't have a driver's license, me & my spouse don't have a car) will easily add around 650 euro / 80,000yen on top of the flight ticket (which is around 900 euro / 110,000 yen), and even then there is a risk that you'll be turned away at the airport when you're trying to return home to Japan and sent back, meaning you'd have to fork out money to pay for that deportation flight as well. I simply can not afford it.

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I agree, more multilingual languages should be adopted.

To those who want to whine about learning the language and how multiculturalism negatively affects countries, get with the times. We are an international world.

I think so too. In the nordic country where I come from, official services and information (like the tax agency, job agency, banks, post office, etc.) are pretty much always offered at least in our own language, neighbouring languages and English. And from a request, you can often get at least some info on pamphlets also in e.g. Chinese and Russian.

Offering services and important information in several languages just makes things smoother and easier for everyone. Not just the person needing the service, but also to the staff and relevant authorities. Saves time, effort and also money in the long run.

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I'll add this quote from the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 as well - save you some reading time, @Vanessa Carlisle:

*"Japan’s gender gap is by far the largest among all advanced economies and has widened over the past year. The country ranks 121st out of 153 countries on this year’s Global Gender Gap Index, down 1 percentage point and 11 positions from 2018. Japan has narrowed slightly its economic gender gap, but from a very low base (score of 59.8, 115th). Indeed, the gap in this area is the third-largest among advanced economies, after Italy (117th) and the Republic of Korea (127th). Only 15% of senior and leadership positions are held by women (131st), whose income is around half that of men (108th). The progress achieved in the economic arena has been more than offset by a widening of the political gender gap. Japan has only closed 5% of the gap in this dimension (144th). At 10%, female representation in the Japanese parliament is one of the lowest in the world (135th) and 20% below the average share across advanced economies. Furthermore, there is only one woman in the 18-member cabinet. This translates into a rate of approximately 5% (139th), 26% below the peer (high income) average. Finally, like more than half of the countries studied, Japan has had no female head of state in the last 50 years." (* , p.31)

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@Vanessa Carlisle

Women's rights are heavily suppressed in Japan? I don't think you have ever been to Japan.

Well, I only live and work in Japan, am married to a Japanese person, have been involved with Japan for nearly 20 years, and have studied Japanese culture, society and history for years, at graduate level.

Perhaps you instead went to Afghanistan under Taliban rule and somebody told you it was Japan. I can't even. Heavily suppressed! I have had more female bosses than male, by far, both as managers and owners of the company. The doctors I have seen personally, including obstetricians, were maybe 15 to 20 percent female. Colleges are loaded with young women.

No point really in comparing to one of the worst countries for equality - if it's worse somewhere else, it doesn't mean improvements can't be done here.

I have had more female bosses than male, by far, both as managers and owners of the company. The doctors I have seen personally, including obstetricians, were maybe 15 to 20 percent female. Colleges are loaded with young women. There are female landlords and probably more female truck drivers than anywhere else on Earth. In many ways women are pampered in Japan, with like 4 out of 5 clothing stores catering to women, maybe more. Women tend to win in divorces, especially in custody cases. Husbands hand their bank books to the wife without a second thought. I seriously don't know what alternate reality Japan you live in.

Sure, universities are full of young women. But what happens to those young women after they graduate, get married and have babies? First of all, the maternity leave is very short, and not much support for the working women here. Women basically have to choose career or children, and having both is not encouraged enough. How many women CEO's in large size companies have you met? Or even in middle management? Is the salary the same for the man and for the woman, for the same job? How many men participate in taking care of the housework, taking care of the children? How many women are in the Japanese government?

Divorces then yes, are largely "won" by women, meaning they get to keep their children, which often means the father doesn't get a chance to see his kids anymore, ever. I know a few cases. This really isn't right either. Divorces should be settled, with keeping the children's rights in mind, not "won" or "lost".

As for Shiori, I still don't see why is it nothing but commendable for her to bring the horrible treatment of rape victims and the nasty attitudes in society into light. I also happen to know a woman, who was raped at her job, by her boss, and she was the one who had to quit and change her job. She ended up moving away from Tokyo altogether.

To finish: Global Gender Gap Report 2020,,

jump on page 9: Japan is on place 121. USA 53rd.

I'm from a country that's in the top 4, and I still think there's a lot of work to be done even there.

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@Sal Affist

28 people had severe symptoms (which must equate to hospitalization.) This number seems to always be around 30, every day, for the last two months.

Yup, and the test numbers on normal weekdays has been around max 5000 for the past couple of months.

I suspect set threshold figures, which hospitals and clinics are not allowed to surpass.

If there's any data to either support this suspicion or to go against it, I'd love to check it.

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@Vanessa Carlisle

Osaka should be influential as a good example, and Itoh as a bad one.

Could you elaborate a bit? How exactly do you think Itoh is a 'bad example'?

This comment surprises me, especially because as based on your nickname, I assume you're a woman. Itoh is fighting for women's right in a country where those rights are still heavily suppressed.

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4 - 1 - 9 tests. That is ridiculously low. Un-be-lie-vab-le and horrendous, to be more precise.

And 59 new cases from that ridiculously low number is also horrendous - 14%.

Holiday or not, at a time of a pandemic the phone lines, and the clinics providing covid testing really, really, should stay open.

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@Vanessa Carlisle

What numbers? New cases? Severe cases? Deaths? I think its only the last two that should be looked at to determine restriction policy. Plus you also need to consider not only up or down trend but also sheer volume. Japan has done amazingly well despite a fairly lax attitude by the government combined with a pretty pro-active response by the public. I have to wonder about the motives of those who insist Japan needs to shut down or not budge from current restrictions.

But you really have no idea of the real 'sheer volume' in Japan, do you, because Japan Does.Not.Test. Deliberately. There are still numerous reports how people are denied testing.

Motives, you ask? We could all return to our normal lives much faster, if people would all just "not budge" and control ourselves a little bit longer (=a few months). But we're in this mess for at least a year or two (until there's a working, safe vaccine), if people keep on ignoring social distancing, going to events, parties and whatnot. The waves will keep on coming this way. And that's my motive for the restrictions: I want the return to normal as well, rather sooner than never - and by scrapping the restrictions, by ignoring the social distancing, the return to normal will actually "never" happen (well, not until the forementioned vaccine).

Some examples of testing, as of September 15th 2020:

Japan: 17.34 tests per 1000 people

Ghana: 14.71 tests per 1000 people

South-Korea: 42.54 tests per 1000 people

Colombia: 58.74 test per 1000 people

Finland: 156.18 tests per 1000 people

Australia: 281.52 tests per 1000 people

Russia: 288.5 tests per 1000 people


...and yes, testing is essential in order to get the big picture, in order to try and get the spread in control.

I'm not saying everyone should be tested, but everyone a) showing any symptoms that could be covid or b) suspected of being in contact with a positive case. E.g. Finland is encouraging every person who has even the slightest symptoms to get tested, whereas Japan has a long list of conditions that patients need to fulfil -all of them - before they're even considered for testing.

And for the person who's now considering writing a comment: "But only deaths matter", I disagree with you, heavily. There are numerous reports on corona long-haulers, and recently, how it may damage the brain also in the mild cases - so no thank you to that. (e.g.

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It has nothing to be with being free, what a ridiculous comment. It's about respect for everyone around you. Even if you don't respect your own health. Respect everyone else's health

Exactly this. El Rata, you not wearing a mask, and blurting out comments like you did, does not show and convey your 'individuality' and 'freedom' - it merely shows how selfish and ignorant you are. But, if those are your goals, then...

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Because of the typhoon though, there's been no testing in the last few days in Kyushu...

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The media hyped it up as they do with everything. It was a little windy and rainy. The powered went out for a short bit of time when we were asleep. I had to factory reset my tv.

We really got to stop living our lives to the beat of the media. They are only looking to sensationalize everything for ratings. I blame the economy and all the problems we had in 2020 on the media. They are not looking in peoples be interest

How do you know how bad/mild it was if you were asleep?

I've been through a few very violent typhoons - my spouse was always sleeping through them and had no idea what was happening. With any emergencies, it's always better to be overly cautious, than ignorant. Better safe than sorry.

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Posted in: Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen says in book president disparaged Black leaders, including Nelson Mandela See in context


Next target will be women/evangelicals, probably something that tries to show him as a womanizer or doing something "unchristian" in nature.

Everybody already knows what a disgusting womanizer and a complete chauvinist he is - that's nothing new. If this is news to you, you can start by watching e.g. the Epstein documentary - Trump is also there.

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Posted in: 82-year-old man arrested after stomping on 10-year-old boy in Chiba park See in context

This happens in Japanese public schools as well, and somehow it's "ok" when it's done at school, and by teachers. I've witnessed it myself, with my own eyes, but any remarks or complaints about it are swiped under the rug as "we're not supposed to interfere".

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