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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

not a sports lover obviously Zoroto ... its been a treat this first few days. Glad it's on!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

i would like to see how many tests comparatively - seems almost convenient numbers have gone up since the Olympics have started. A few out there that didn't want it to go ahead maybe ....

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Posted in: Aussie Spirit See in context

fantastic - can't wait to see some of these athletes in competition

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context


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Posted in: Major companies, universities apply for on-site vaccinations See in context


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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

hopefully this gains some traction. Sleepy Suga needs to wake up his government

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Posted in: Health ministry panel to make decision on Moderna vaccine on May 20 See in context

Vaccine hub in center of Tokyo for people over 65?? That's the most ridiculous idea I have heard. Imagine all the 80+ year olds trying to navigate their way in on trains or maybe tour buses with walking sticks in hand. Brainless idea

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Posted in: Table tennis star's alleged illicit romance bouncing all over Asia See in context

she had that high pitched squawk when she played. quite annoying

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Posted in: Do you think Olympic athletes in any country should be allowed to "jump the queue" and be vaccinated before other people? See in context

that's a very leading question your honor

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Posted in: Ex-Australian rugby league star Jarryd Hayne found guilty of sexual assault See in context

the old Hayne Train has finally come to a stop.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 255 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,439 See in context

good to see low numbers. most Tokyo cases are coming out of the red light district in Shinjuku. Avoid this area and things like rave parties, underground clubs with little ventilation, or bars / restaurants with doors and windows closed

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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

@mate j: how is this propaganda? They are just saying how economic output grew in the 3rd quarter - based on widely available and transparent trade data both external and domestic. and they expect it to contract again when the stimulus packages dries up. Which is why Suga has suggested another stimulus package. i don't think the article is saying Japan's economy is booming - merely that it grew by 24% in the 3rd Qtr

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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

@robert maes - imagine if people weren't out spending money or the government not providing stimulus and those figures were in the negative? I guess all those restaurant and hotel chains would be bankrupt.

surely that's not ideal. would you suggest the government not provide the economy with stimulus and encourage consumer spending with all the knock on effects from that? E.g Hotel chain goes bankrupt, employees lose jobs, can't pay mortgage, can't feed their kids get on government welfare costs the government and society a lot more in long run.

Please provide me with an example of a government which hasn't provided economic stimulus during COVID - and how that economy is going

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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

robert maes - if consumer spending goes up on things like restaurants, domestic travel, and many other goods ands services surely those business owners who were basically on the brink of bankruptcy also benefit, employees are retained?? fascinating understanding of economics you have ...

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo top 300 for 1st time since Aug 20 See in context

seems awfully high from 1100 tests ... and yes would be good for them to tell us where the hot spots are

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 293 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,270 See in context

yep if you go out to dinner or drinks make sure the establishment is well ventilated and have the door open so wear something warm and no complaining about being cold inside - keep your jacket on!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 157 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 779 See in context

yes these numbers are weird because the testing rates fluctuate so much with widely different positive cases found each time. but just went back to one of your posts Zoroto and like the thinking - never considered this: 'My guess is a set of people (politicians, athletes, tarento) get tested weekly regardless of any symptoms, and it just happens to be on Thursday/Friday. So, of course, they mostly come back negative'. Can't wait to read the freakenomics take on all this stuff whenever they figure it out!

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Posted in: Japanese workers putting in longer hours as companies struggle to overcome virus-induced slump See in context

agreed @Reckless some moronic stuff to observe. Things slowly changing though - change largely driven by foreign companies here shining the light for Japanese companies to follow in terms of employee welfare and encouragement of more efficient work practices. 'Work smart, not longer' is the motto that should be on every Japanese company entrance.

Blimey ... if Japanese phone makers like Sharp and Panasonic etc had 'worked smart' and got their cool little phones out to the world with LCD screens (or whatever they were) in the 90s and 2000s when Nokia dominated, they would have been swimming in cash. Every time I went back home and showed my Japanese phone to friends and family they all wanted one! But an opportunity lost ...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 102 new coronavirus cases See in context

brilliant figure - possibly a few times higher than that, but still very low.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

a lot of negative comments amongst this group - but you've probably all just been put under hard lock down again in your respective countries. Japan - no hard lockdown and people acting responsibly, getting on with lives, and as far as can be seen hospitals are not having any troubles - which is the key indicator. can't wait for Olympics 2021. Negotiating tickets now for 100M sprint final.

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