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Posted in: Simply ordering hospitals to accept patients is not the solution. The government should provide additional financial incentives to encourage more medical institutions to go along with the plan. See in context

Settled that.

So you only had to go back more than two years to find an example of a supposed (not even confirmed) underreporting because of not recognizing the new disease? and this is 200 out of a total of 30,000? obviously not even close to the over 90% underreported deaths from China, which are even recognized by their own Chinese experts.

There is no comparison possible between the amount of expected underreporting from not being able to recognized every single case in Japan and the systematically hiding of deaths done by the government of China.

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

Hard to believe this is the most efficient way they found to use the money in order to correct the energy cost problem.

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Posted in: 2 missing from Hokkaido tour boat identified by DNA See in context

May this bring some closure to the families of the identified victims.

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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from Yamanashi orchard See in context

Sad to see farmers losing so much to thieves. I hope there is some kind of insurance against these thefts, but seeing how much insurance companies charge in Japan it may not make economic sense to get a policy.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,181 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,815 See in context

 Sure hate to see another SOE

Not likely unless a new variant comes and changes the situation, even when SOEs were much more easily justified they only came delayed and limited, at this point there is no realistic possibility people in charge will use them taking into account the current economic situation and how the people are used to the pandemic already.

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Posted in: Simply ordering hospitals to accept patients is not the solution. The government should provide additional financial incentives to encourage more medical institutions to go along with the plan. See in context

When you have a monopoly on training medical personnel, monopoly over drug distribution and sales, and regulations that prevent any competition, you must accept the patients. These are not sales of consumer goods or something, people die when turned away.

The thing is that for many places this means not doing anything then. The system has a monopoly, but the individual places are not that resourceful, if they are given extra responsibilities that will impact their profit and no support the only solution left for them is to close their doors and see which big and expensive hospital has room for one extra doctor. At the end you can't force a business to lose money, you can only force it to close.

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Posted in: Why monkeypox may soon get a new name See in context

Why wait until now? Doesn't the WHO have other more important matters to deal with? Like, a worldwide pandemic called Covid? Or is it trying to play down that disease, just as it tried to play down the importance of wearing masks?

The change of names to better reflect the reality of the diseases is something that has been gaining strength now that people more clearly understand why it makes no sense to relate diseases with names of people or places and it can have a negative effect.

It may be difficult for people to understand the importance and size of the WHO, but it is currently coordinating dozens and dozens of projects, many unrelated, so there is no need to distract any resources from the fight against the pandemic, the same as when it keeps their efforts towards any of the many other projects it has, like malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, etc.

OK, people in Africa catching the virus from monkeys.

From rodents, as explained in the article this is the most common route of transmission.

OH, we all know.

If you know making false accusations against other commenters is proof of not having an argument, why keep doing it?

You misunderstood the comment. It has nothing to do with this person.

But it does, because he is the one saying rodents are the ones mediating transmission, this is the person, the authority that is contradicting you. not anybody else.

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Posted in: Is the AKB48-style idol singer promotion system limiting Japanese music’s global appeal? See in context

I think the lack of actual quality of most of the music is what limits the appeal, you can't make much with the few things of actual quality being produced locally, specially with the language barrier acting against it.

For some reason the local industry is very much focused in the national market and only very few artists actively look to have international projection. Maybe the problem is that they make enough money here to justify the extra effort to make it big in the world.

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Posted in: Simply ordering hospitals to accept patients is not the solution. The government should provide additional financial incentives to encourage more medical institutions to go along with the plan. See in context

Japan, like many other countries, is underreporting its Covid related deaths. It pressures potential patients to stay at home with their Covid symptoms.

Any source to demonstrate this happens in any significant quantity? how many deaths are hidden this way? 1%, 0.1%?

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Posted in: For readers who are married to Japanese persons, how much does your spouse know about Japan's actions before and during World War II? See in context

This seems like a terribly loaded question. It clearly assumes this to be somehow not the case for many people.

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Posted in: Simply ordering hospitals to accept patients is not the solution. The government should provide additional financial incentives to encourage more medical institutions to go along with the plan. See in context

If a hospital is close to bankruptcy and can only mantain itself by not accepting risky patients (so all other patients still use their services) penalties are not going to improve this, and instead the place will be lost making the situation worse.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines saved 20 mil lives in 1st year, scientists say See in context

Seems to be a slight glitch in the data by about 1.3 BILLION...

This calculation would make no sense, the 40% reduction is obviously not of 7.5 billion deaths, from where did you take this number? do you think the whole of humanity would have died from COVID?

And not only a glitch in the data presented here, but the exclusion of the largest single national entity because of 'uncertainty' when we know that if 'uncertainty' is the issue, the greatest 'uncertainty' is what OUR health officials tell us, or DON'T tell us such as the 250,000 people a year dying of iatrogenic causes in America's industrialized healthcare system.

The report do not include China because their numbers are not considered reliable, also because their vaccination is low and with a vaccine of reduced efficacy, that has been replaced by lockdowns instead of something actually effective against Omicron.

One very important thing for scientific reports like this has been taken from computer science and that is "garbage in, garbage out" which means that if the authors include biased, unreliable data in their study their conclusions would become also biased and unreliable, so the only way to get proper results is not to include that unreliable data in the first place. In this case the actual number is impossible to know because of censorship from the CCP.

And then there are the naive souls who ascribe disbelief in medical recommendations to "anti-science"

People can distrust medical recommendations for many causes, in the US because of the lack of quality of their medical "professionals" that frequently are scientifically illiterate for example, that would not make the people anti-science.

This label applies to people that systematically reject what science says, and instead give more reliance to personal opinion and irrational thinking. Even when it can be demonstrated as wrong.

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Posted in: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi moved to solitary confinement in jail See in context

She is not going to outlive her imprisonment. The military coup has too much invested to let her risk anything.

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Posted in: Record numbers of Chinese graduates enter worst job market in decades See in context

So, no matter how the media tries to portray Chin in a negative light, the reality is, other countries are experiencing similar or worst economic conditions.

And other countries much better economic conditions, without any significant disadvantage because of it. And even on those countries that are in difficult situation the population at least still have enough human rights to protest and replace their goverments because of it. That option is no longer available in China.

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Posted in: COVID vaccines saved 20 mil lives in 1st year, scientists say See in context

Very interesting report that took a lot of work to be made, obviously nobody can say exactly how things would have been without the vaccines, but the authors make a very good job controlling for everything they could think off and to justify their assumptions, so the numbers they got are very likely to be correct.

Scientific advancement allowed for an unprecedent effort to result in safe and effective vaccines and for 15 to 20 million lives being protected thanks to them. Pandemics will keep happening (more often even thanks to human intrusion on wild animals territories and the climate change) so preparations should be done to repeat or improve these accomplishments for the next one.

These kind of news make everybody happy, except of course for the anti-science groups that will always fail to accept when something good happens because of scientific advancement and feel actually angry about being proved wrong about their predictions of useless and dangerous vaccines, for them more deaths would have been better because then they would have been right.

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Posted in: Record numbers of Chinese graduates enter worst job market in decades See in context

A cohort of graduates larger than the entire population of Portugal is about to enter one of China's worst job markets in decades at a time when youth unemployment is already more than three times China's overall joblessness rate, at a record 18.4%.

The youth got betrayed by their government and the control it has over the population will make their only option to just accept it. The pandemic is of course one important cause of the unemployment, but the lack of an exit strategy for China will only mean that the situation is going to remain as now or maybe even worse from now on.

The culture will make this specially though for the unemployed, too bad that the current government don't seem to care too much about it.

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Posted in: Taliban say rescue effort almost complete one day after earthquake kills 1,000 See in context

Over 1000 dead people speak of the huge amount of destruction caused by the earthquake, but the people of Afghanistan have demonstrated to be resilient and determined. One more humanitarian crisis on top of those that are already happening in the country, may the help reach those that are in most need soon enough to make a difference.

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Posted in: City in Hyogo Prefecture loses memory drive with info on all 460,000 residents See in context

Er.. Cloud storage? Data encryption?

These are things that exist...

And by law not all can be used precisely because they are not perfect and can be accessed improperly, which leads to these kind of situation.

I've been working in the internal audit / internal control and risk management-field in Japan for the last 18 years. In 2022, I still have to tell people to not share their passwords or tell their password to people calling them on the phone. Also haven't seen much encryption in this country. (full disclosure: I haven't worked on the public side, only corporate-side.)

Public service is a huge mess of paperwork and infinite redundant processes, depending on the place for the information to leave as in that USB several forms have to be filled first asking for permission, then informing the intention to do it and finally to report it was done, checklists with the sofware used for encription and the password used, etc are also common. The contractor should also be qualified by whatever biosecurity committee to handle the information, but obviously this was not enough. For example it is explicitly prohibited for the USB to be separated from the person carrying (putting the bag on the space above the seats in the train is not even allowed). The password is also supposed to be send by e-mail separately, so unless the info is leaked on purpose it can be considered relatively safe.

There are probably many leaks already happening, but this case is not a likely source.

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Posted in: COVID-19 vaccine scheme for world's poorest pushes for delivery slowdown See in context

So now you are saying the WHO is correct in advising people not to wear masks to protect against Covid?

As clearly writeen in the text you quoted what I am saying is that at the time the only evidence available indicated the masks were useful on health care, which is exactly where the WHO recommended for their use to be prioritized. Scientific authorities around the world did the same on their own and this did not change until new evidence appeared that also said masks were useful in the community.

This is what scientific institutions and specially authorities have to do, to recommend only things where the evidence is available. If the evidence leads to new information then this also means the conclusions will also change, as it should be.

In this case there is no mismanagement, if anything there is the opposite, because the whole point is to reduce the amount being asked so there is no waste produced. Poor management would be to ask for everything produced and then see if they could deliver it before the vaccines spoil. This is part of the roles of the WHO as a global health authority.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after stabbing man at shrine See in context

I wonder why it choose the Shrine to do the attack, maybe the place is isolated and without too many people that could intervene?

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Posted in: Court rejects claim Seven-Eleven unjustly ended franchise contract See in context

The manager seems to be someone that quickly confronts anything he thinks is wrong, which is not necessarily bad, but it can explain why there are so many complains against the store. This may not mean he is a bad manager, but it obviously gives a clear reason for 7-eleven to terminate the contract even if the real reason is the reduction of hours.

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Posted in: Sharp to make English its official language in a year: CEO See in context

I have heard there is no change in Uniqlo after they made English their official language, nobody uses it on e-mail or even on official meetings, much less in informal conversation.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court expands gun rights, with nation divided See in context

The decision is just a reflection of the gun culture of the US, you can kill their children before you can take their guns.

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Posted in: Amazon's Alexa could soon mimic voice of dead relatives See in context

I wonder how they are planning to handle the very real possibility for abuse this technology means.

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Posted in: City in Hyogo Prefecture loses memory drive with info on all 460,000 residents See in context

But there may be a silver lining, as the city says the data was encrypted and the USB locked with a password. So far, officials said, there was no sign the information had been accessed.

All public servants in Japan are required by law to do this to all electronic devices where sensitive information is stored, so at least the person that handled the USB to the contractor did things correctly.

Very soon this incident will be included in the yearly training of cyber-security the officials also have to take.

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

The claim seems clear enough to prove the harassement, that the court rejected this speaks a lot about the problem that plagues the country, it is not only the companies that are in the wrong, the courts are also in complicity.

Next time an article explore why the Japanese population is shrinking this incident should be also mentioned as an example of how parental responsibilities are seen as something negative, so it is natural that people choone not to be a parent instead of being only a lousy one.

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Posted in: Japan to provide aid for Afghanistan after earthquake See in context

A disaster of this magnitude requires support and aid so Japan should offer as much as possible, the problem is still how to make that aid reach the people that are in need because of the lack of infrastructure.

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Posted in: Layoffs and exits: Firms in China teeter under zero-COVID pressure See in context

You misunderstand the basic geographical concept of Antarctica, which is not a country. And just for consistency, neither is the Diamond Princess.

and those are not the only ones causing China to be at 9th place, which still proves your comment is false.

No one is guessing; someone is pretending.

It is the same, you may pretend to know things about other commenters that in reality you have no idea about, that is baseless speculation and have no value.

Shanghai's economy is growing more than the UK's, the US', Japan's, and New Zealand's, which went into a recession, then abandoned zero covid, is seeing its economy decimated, as it is negative growth of .20 this recent quarter.

Why mention only things happening before the lockdown? Shanghai has needed urgent support from China, that is not something a growing economy does.

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Posted in: Why monkeypox may soon get a new name See in context

The WHO is not any kind of global authority, it is just an agency of the UN, and this name change is a kind of as campaign, something like Dentsu engages in.

It is a scientific and medical authority as demonstrated to you repeatedly, you not being able to understand what is a scientific authority is a different problem.

There is nothing wrong with making a campaing of the change of names, that is part of the responsibilities and obligations of the global medical and scientific authority that the WHO has,

That is a misunderstanding of what occurred in those monkeys, as explained below.

No, it is not and the article explicitly says so, rodents are a more common vector.

That is a fundamental misunderstanding. According to the CDC, a global health authority, non-human primates (like monkeys) may harbor the virus and infect people.

So what? the same happens with all the other diseases I mentioned, for monkeypox rodents not only can also harbor the virus and infect people, they do it much more commonly than monkeys.

This is a plainly wrong conclusion. According to the CDC, monkeypox was first discovered in 1958. So, it is not new disease; or, it is certainly one discovered before 2015.

The lack of understanding is yours, this comments comes as a reply about someone that is not talking about monkeypox but COVID which IS a new disease. Try to read with more attention.

Founded in 1948, WHO is the United Nations *agency 

An agency can be an authority, so your comment makes no sense. According to the UN the WHO is a global authority on public health matters.

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Posted in: Why monkeypox may soon get a new name See in context

So it's still kind of monkey disease, right?

Because it can infect laboratory monkeys? that would also make Influenza, Rabies, Dengue, Leprosy, etc. etc. monkey diseases, which obviously makes no sense.

OK, now we know, it is a monkey disease! So why rename it? Monkeys live in many countries other than Africa...

Because it is more commonly found (and transmitted to humans) by rodents, which would make it much more adequate if this was the reason.

Translation: WHO got a whole load of cassssshhhhh from CCP not to call it CHINA VIRUS, which is exactly what I call it everyday!

That would be a wrong translation, because the appeal to change the names of new diseases fully began from 2015, which obviously is long before covid began.

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