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Posted in: Death toll from Hokkaido quake hits 44; gov't sees no rolling blackouts despite power shortage See in context

Ithe does have some. However exploiting it to the full as an energy resource means closing the onsen industry and it still wouldn't provide enough.

I think the amount of energy required for onsen is negligible compared with the total energy potential.

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How can you have "biblical" floods in a country that doesn't believe in the "bible"?

"Biblical" means "very great; on a very large scale", in English dictionary. Like it or not, Christian or not, this is a proper English word and is commonly used regardless of belief.

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer arrested for molesting woman on street See in context

No "I was drunk and I didn't remember anything" line? What a surprise!

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Compared to most of the rest of Japan, here in Hokkaido it is sparsely populated -- especially outside the cities, only one of which (Sapporo) has over a million people.

Yeah, Sapporo itself is pretty large and dense, reminds me somewhat of Nagoya. I remember driving from Sapporo to the Shiretoko peninsula, which is on the eastern part of Hokkaido, and at some point I was driving through miles and miles of farmlands and forests, where the next conbini is something like 20 kms away, with absolutely no traffic. Coming from Honshu, Hokkaido is a completely different experience.

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Posted in: Domestic flights at Kansai airport to resume Friday after typhoon damage See in context

The main reason why Itami and Kobe are not capable of becoming International Airports is that most flights coming in from overseas are long-haul extended fuselage planes (that are longer than domestic) and require a minimum 3,500m runway. The A380 requires a 4,000m runway which is partly why KIX built a second runway to add to its existing 3,500m one.

False. A380 to KIX is only used by Thai Airways. Most international flights to/from KIX are served by medium wide-bodies (B767, 787 or A330, A350), which are also used everyday by ANA and JAL in ITM even for domestic flights. Heck, even many flights to S. Korea or China are using narrow-bodies (B737 or A320), especially the low cost carriers.

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I guess it all depends on where one lives. Surely KIX will be pretty convenient for people living in south Osaka. But for the people who live more north it's quite far. For them the ferry in Kobe won't be an option either.

As a person who is living and working in Himeji, I can relate to this. It's technically still in Kansai area, but whenever I want to travel internationally, going to KIX takes about 2.5 hours by direct bus, and going by train isn't much faster either. So I end up travelling domestic first via Kobe or Itami to either of Tokyo's airports to reach many international destinations; this routing also applies whenever my company books for overseas trip, so I think this kinda defeats the purpose of moving all international flights to KIX altogether.

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Posted in: Domestic flights at Kansai airport to resume Friday after typhoon damage See in context

Hmmm, why? Itami seems more convenient.

Why not both?

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll reaches 11; thousands being transported from Kansai airport See in context

papigiulio: KIX needs ferry access or another bridge from Kobe.

Actually there is a scheduled ferry service between Kobe Airport and KIX, departing every hour or so, and watching the news this morning, it is now being used to evacuate thousands of people stranded in KIX; gotta be a busy day!

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Posted in: Map showing where people can see Mt Fuji released online See in context

Something caught my eye; why is Sakhalin island north of Hokkaido still split in half? (the old border is still visible) I thought it was already ceded to Russia after WW2?

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Posted in: 2 dead, many injured as typhoon hits western Japan, shuts down Kansai airport See in context

Speed: Two, it makes the weather service lose credibility. I'm finding myself more and more checking overseas' weather sites for more accurate and detailed information.

Actually, the last time I checked one of the leading overseas weather sites, Accuweather, it stated that the typhoon made landfall in Shikoku as a category 3 typhoon, not cat. 1, and it still categorizes Jebi as a "life-threatening" typhoon. And yes, it's true that it will be downgraded to a cat. 1 as of Tuesday night, but based on the map, it will be already in Hokuriku moving to Sea of Japan, so much of the heavily populated Kansai area will still bear the brunt of cat. 3 or cat. 2, at least.


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Posted in: Japanese sprinters race to gold in 4x100 meters relay See in context

Diversity? Its only Asians

I think you missed the point here

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Posted in: Conan O’Brien announces trip to Tottori Prefecture’s Conan Town See in context

Even though Tottori is quite off the beaten track, it's a great travel destination; pretty underrated imho. I live in Kansai area and regularly visit Tottori to escape the relentless crowds these days (I'm looking at you, Kyoto!), it has many things to offer, from the sand dunes, beaches, highlands around Daisen (one of the best autumn spots), not mentioning its great seafood. Although you would probably want to rent a car once you arrive there.

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At least the effect is somewhat felt in Honshu too, due to cool wind blowing from the north, today is rather cool with low humidity; I hope this lasts long!

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Posted in: KFC Japan creates new fried chicken eating gloves to keep grease off your hands and smartphone See in context

How about operating a smartphone after you've done eating and washed your hands? It seems that simply enjoying your food while having a good talk with your partner or family is a lost art; most people nowadays are eating while their face is buried to the smartphone, completely oblivious to the surroundings or even the food themselves.

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@wanderlust: it is ingrained in our brain to think that blue colored foods must be abnormal or even poisonous, hence unappetizing, as quoted here "A million years ago, when our earliest ancestors were foraging for food, blue, purple and black were "color warning signs" of potentially lethal food." Link to the article:

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Posted in: We will have to get used to these kinds of summers. There is no doubt that there is a link to climate change. We need to take heat waves seriously around the world as something that we need to adapt to. See in context

@cla68: Did you even read the article? He stated "climate change" not "global warming" which is rather a misnomer, since climate change affects all aspects of weather and climate, be it hotter summers or colder winters with more snowfalls.

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Posted in: Tokyo company debuts Mobile Mosque ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

But if someone should wish to pray, whatever religion, it would be nice if there were more vehicles for various believers.

I agree. I think it's because prayer rooms are a new concept in Japan, and somehow Japanese people think that only Muslim people are using prayer rooms. It's different from western countries where people are used to many different backgrounds of faiths, hence the name meditation room or reflection room is more commonly used.

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Yes indeed, why the bias? Christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, jains etc arent being accomodated but only muslims are. Why?

I am, myself a Muslim that has living in Japan for many years, also intrigued, because I didn't remember that I demanded a truck for praying (or any praying spaces in train stations or airports, for that matter), since I always arrange my schedule so that I could pray at home or in mosques whenever possible. I think it's because recently there has been a sharp increase of tourists from Indonesia and Malaysia due to the easing of tourist visa procedures and Japan wants to welcome those muslim tourists even more, so the reason is more or less about business. Plus as far as I know, muslims are obliged to pray 5 times every single day, whereas there is no such thing in Christianity or other religions, where one is obliged to pray once in a week, or anytime they wish.

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Posted in: I hope drivers will become conscious that they are being monitored from the sky and will hesitate to tailgate. See in context

I found truck drivers are the worst, often tailgating at high speeds and although driving at 10 or 20 km/h over speed limit seems to be the norm here, trucks are even faster than that.

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While Olympic organisers remain under pressure to come up with ways to beat the heat, Japanese athletes will not be complaining if gets a little toasty.

Yeah, with the infamous 'gaman' attitude, I'm pretty sure they won't complain at all until they suddenly collapsed, a recipe for disaster

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haloerika: Grew up in a tropical country. This is still in the normal day to day bracket. But I guess it’s gotten worse there too, they’re being hammered with stronger than usual storms.

No, it's already way hotter than tropical countries, where in my home country, Indonesia, daily highs rarely exceed 34 C and the mornings and evenings are still rather comfortably warm at 22-24 C until 8 AM, which is not the case in Japan where it's already 30 C that makes me drenched in sweat whenever I go to work.

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Posted in: Heat is on Tokyo 2020 organizers to combat high temperatures See in context

I wonder what is the rationale behind holding the Olympics during the hottest summer period? So that it will be in sync with summer holiday period to make the event full of spectators? I'm curious...

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Posted in: 3,473 taken to hospitals nationwide due to heatstroke from June 25-July 1 See in context

It's not the heat alone that is the problem, HUMIDITY is the biggest culprit. Sure it's "only" 30-31 C now, at the beginning of July, but the humidity always hovers around 60-80%. In comparison, when I visited Los Angeles, it was similar in temp, around 30 C, but with only 30% of humidity, it felt much comfortable; a simple wind breeze or just by staying in shade keeps your body cool, whereas in Japanese summer, a wind breeze still feels damp and hot. Then, you get to the end of July and August, which will be worse, with temp above 35 C and humid. I always laughed when I saw Doraemon and Nobita complained about the summer heat, when the temp is not that hot. After moving to Japan, now I knows why.

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Posted in: One dead, 45 injured in bus-car collision See in context

This news video from NHK described the probable cause of accident more clearly:

According to the video, there is a gentle upward slope of ground with approx. 70 cm in height between the road and the median guardrail (skip to 3:56 part of the video), so it seems that the car was driving too close to the median at high speed, somehow climbed the slope and jumped to the other side of the road.

The driver who died was a doctor travelling from Hamamatsu to work at some hospital in Aichi prefecture, probably in hurry, and it was a rental car since his own car was being repaired, according to the news, so suicide is highly unlikely. (3.33 part)

What a sad news indeed, RIP to the doctor.

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese documentary makers out of Papua See in context

Well, regardless of the press freedom track record in Indonesia, law is law, and one cannot simply work just with a tourist visa.

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I'm interested to know how Muslims pray when they're on a long flight for example, as not many planes have an on-board prayer room. Or trains for that matter.

Muslim here, and have been living in Japan for more than 2 years. During long journey, it is allowed to combine prayers, so 5 times becomes only 3 times (morning, afternoon, evening). Even prayer could be done by sitting during very long flight, if other options are impossible.

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Posted in: JR East to open prayer room at Tokyo Station See in context

You shouldn't be in a train station for more than 20 minutes.

Actually prayers could be done for less than 5 minutes

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Posted in: JR East to open prayer room at Tokyo Station See in context

Japan is simply open for business.

True. Also I have noticed that in the prayer rooms, the instruction boards are often written in English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Malaysian, representing the largest tourist demographics who come to Japan. Note that no Arabic language is used whatsoever, despite the largest user of prayer rooms are undoubtedly Muslims. Clearly, it is rather intended to the Southeast Asian tourists.

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Why not a church or temple in Tokyo Station? Why muslims will need special treatment everywhere? Prayer room, halal food? Everyone else need to compromise for them?

The room has not been even opened yet and you are already judging with negative assumptions. Also, have you traveled to many countries? It is not like multifaith rooms are uncommon...

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