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hm being a music fan well ok being as music runs my life i tend to agree with most of what this says. J-pop though it's just like pop music everywhere it's a required taste. But I am disappointed when music industries take talentless people and then market them to the point where when they get older they think they can make it on their own and well they can't. In the US Disney is a prime example it started off with the mickey mouse club and went on from there, Nickolodeon studios is not any better. They take these kids market the hell out of them and then they grow up with problems. In my opinion if your going to try to be big in the music field wait until your out of high school try then but also go to college so that you have a back up in case it doesn't work out. I'm tired of hearing these teenage singers sing about love...ok your 15 how the hell do you know what love is like? how do you know what loneliness is like? Now I might just be biased because I have always liked bands who well had talent and could play an instrument which is why I like the Visual Kei scene and the J-Rock scene. One they waited until after high school to try make it big. Two because they have more life experience and three they are mentally prepared better. This is my opinion though. Pre-Packaged johnny's and cute little girls who have no talent need to go away. the only j-pop star I like is Ayumi Hamasaki I like some of Koda Kumi's work but not all and I have never liked Utada Hikari's music..ever. well i'm done ^^

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