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Posted in: Vaccinated Sydney residents get 'blueprint for freedom' See in context

The headline reads like something out of “1984”

To think so many on here think this is normal, they wanted and still want lockdowns here in Japan.

Never thought I would see the day freedom was taken away so easily from Australians.

It’s hard to watch how the people are being mistreated by the police and so called government officials.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested over attempted murder of sick son See in context


well said! I have a special needs son and I often worry about what will happen to him after I’m gone. I would never harm my son but Japan has a very horrible safety net for families like this.

Sad to see this happening but some people who dint understand what people go through especially at that age and having to worry about their child. No excuse for murder but still very sad for all involved.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

Knowing that fully vaccinated individuals can spread the virus and die from the virus still, what happens when a fully vaccinated individual goes to one of these vaccine passport businesss.

Everyone in the business is wearing double mask with face shields and gloves.

The individual ends up testing positive for COVID after their visit , they get very sick and pass away from the virus.

Is the business legally responsible for their death and how could you actually prove they caught it from the restaurant?

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Posted in: If you live in Japan and haven't already been tested for the coronavirus, do you wish to get a PCR test? See in context


More misinformation and propaganda your posting.

The PCR is completely misused. I used this in the laboratories I worked in.

Many of my fellow scientists here in Japan are frustrated over the government’s mandating the cycle rates here in Japan to be at 40+ Cycles.

Incredibly unethical!

We have no idea how many of those tested are False positive. The number of cases that the media like to hype up means absolutely nothing unless you can break it down to show the number of false positive vs actually positive.

@virusrex your misinformation on the Polymerase chain reaction is abhorrent!

As I mentioned yesterday before the so called mods who seem to be protecting you deleted my comments, I find it interesting that you just happened to pop up at around the time this whole thing started.

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Posted in: New Australian virus cases soar over 1,000 a day for first time See in context

Welcome to the new CAP, “Communist Australian Party” very sad seeing what’s happening there. I see so many foreign leftist wanna be communist in here making comments like it’s the fault of just a few people? Sorry!! Zero evidence that’s happening!

I grew up in the former soviet Russia and what’s happening in Australia and New Zealand isn’t a game! The police there have been turned into the stazi.

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