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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

All I can say now is that those women sadly wasted too much time of their lives.  People have to proactively change their lives for the better, instead of sticking to since long-gone wounds in order to die victims they shouldn't have been.  What did those women do or have they done since the war ended in 1945: over already over 70 years, people?!  They should have seized the 1965 Korea-Japan treaty as a positive turning point to remake their lives, or they have all along preferred to remain or have been made to remain victims until when or what conditions from Japan?  Not to mention how many other compensations and apologies from Japan. Oh, my God, they have had so many opportunities, both spiritual and materialistic, to rebuild their lives. Why didn't they?

So Korea: let it go what has been done far more than enough for you and instead do what you have never done but still owe so much!

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Posted in: S Korea's ousted leader Park arrested See in context


So you are already dreaming of another deal of that stuff?! Remember nothing is unlimited, even Japan's patience and generosity.

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Posted in: Kisenosato wins spring sumo title See in context

Congratulations, Shin-Yokozuna Kisenotasato!! All the more impressive in the end!

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Posted in: Don't blow it, says Japan's coach after UAE win See in context

No, it is not humiliating at all. Expressing euphoria over a hard-fought victory after a previous defeat is not humiliating, but seeing an ungrateful worker chronically rant against his host country is!

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Posted in: English FA condemns 'insulting' fan chants at Germany game See in context

That kind of "insulting" attitude is called "beggars living on the past" in my country. As soon as some English guys recently told me about their proud phrase "two world wars and one world cup" (referring to World Wars I, II, and the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England) in relation to Germany, I realized a kind of inferiority complex hidden inside some or many English people. But that can't be helped anyway, since, in reality, England today is overall technologically and economically inferior to Germany. Their ONCE best car brands, Roll Royce and Bentley, are now owned by the Germans; while they were the earliest developers of trains in the 19th century, Germany, together with France - oh another England's old foe, is now the best maker of high-tech trains in Europe, etc.... Well, the silver lining is at least the English can still console themselves that they are world's best exporter of English teachers! But wait a minute. I am not sure if the Americans agree with me on this last point here.

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Posted in: Japan pledges patrol vessels, $1.1 bil aid for Vietnam See in context


It was these words of yours from your earlier post, not this very different reply, that I found both false and insulting.

Japan has been doing this way before with their businesses in third world ASEAN countries. All they want is cheap labor, doesnt provide progress at all

I have no problems with Japan for Japanese people first. Without more help, or even no previous help, from Japan, most of our people still love Japan. We, ordinary Vietnamese people, don't play political games. We love (Japan) and hate (China) clearly.

what businesses will Japan get from Vietnam other than cheap labor? For you not to be labeled simplistic, I guess you should study some basic economics about international trade and investment. There are a few good posts up here about how ODA funds work, read, think, digest, and you can find some answer to your question.

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Posted in: Japan pledges patrol vessels, $1.1 bil aid for Vietnam See in context

ifd66 + noypikantoku + all the fools who gave you thumbs up

sorry to so cynical - but the roads and bridges there paid for by Japanese ODA = easier access to rainforest timber. New patrol boats = access to shrimp/tuna etc?

Not only are you guys cynical disparagers but also ignorant fools with simplistic brains that must be the size of a grape. Rainforest timber! What timber? We don't have timber for export; we have to import timber to manufacture wooden furniture for export. Access to shrimp/tuna? Hilarious! It's our marine products export companies that have been desperate to enter the Japanese market. It's not easy to gain entry into one of the pickiest markets in the world in terms of quality inspection. So many countries have shrimps/tuna wanting to sell to Japan, from nearby Taiwan, the Philippines, to Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, to even as far away as Panama. It's the BUYER's market! Japan is in the position to choose which countries to buy shrimps/tuna from; Japan does not need to lobby for access to shrimps/tuna.

"Roads and bridges there paid for by Japanese ODA ..." and "The money then gets funneled right back to Japan." Fair exchange! They got the money back but left us with top quality systems of high ways, road, bridges, tunnels, and other industrial complexes that have modernized our country.

Who would have built things for us free of charge? By the way, I am curious to know which country, (yours?), would have been so nice as to have advanced us with ODA without getting "the money funneled right back to its land"? Recently France provided us with a tiny amount of loan to make train cars for a new elevated route in Hanoi, on the very condition that the train cars be ordered from a French company! That's the rule of game, which we accept. In fact, we would rather have the top-of-the-world Japanese quality over anyone else's for our infra structure.

I don't deny that our relationship with Japan is a mutually beneficial one, but we know that we have received far more from Japan than Japan has from us. Without Japan's generous help, our economy would not have made as much progress as it has. And for this, we are grateful to the Japanese people; we feel indebted. In return, not only will we repay their loans, but we will also give Japanese companies more business opportunities over others as our economy keeps growing – fair enough!

If you guys can read Vietnamese, here's the same news as reported on Japan today:

No single word negative from any Vietnamese readers. Everyone is grateful, appreciative, happy, or at least friendly, unlike the disparaging dolts above here and maybe under this, those who were/are just too quick to bash but too slow to grasp.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to win Thai air defense radar contract See in context

It's interesting to see the simplistic comment get liked but the insightful one disliked!

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Posted in: Murray closes in on Djokovic at top of tennis rankings; Nishikori ranked 4th See in context


who claimed Americans were enormously huge

You should have brushed up on your English before critiquing against my post. FYI, "USA" is an abbreviation that stands for the United States of America, an enormously huge COUNTRY. On the other hand, "Americans" refer to the PEOPLE of the USA.

I referred to "the enormously huge USA" as the LAND that geographically and demographically dwarfs Japan, the LAND where Kei comes from. With any acumen at all, you would have been able to understand my words as an emphasis on the global scale of Kei's achievement: currently ranking 4 in the entire world! Instead, your semantic failure misled you toward an irrelevant stream of nonsensical blah blah blah.

Syndrome? I may be suffering from a syndrome of having difficulty standing those with too "small" eyes to read accurately, too small minds to think logically, and too SMALL hearts to comment equitably.

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Posted in: Murray closes in on Djokovic at top of tennis rankings; Nishikori ranked 4th See in context

A desperate disparager can even scent faults out of non-existence. Who claimed Kei would dominate?

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Posted in: Murray closes in on Djokovic at top of tennis rankings; Nishikori ranked 4th See in context

Of all the muscularly superior guys, only three, none from the enormously huge USA, rank above Kei-san. What an achievement, leaving little chance for the chronic disparagers to shrill about!

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Posted in: Bob Dylan says he will accept Nobel prize for literature See in context

He must have been too shocked in disbelief to come out earlier, before the Swedish had scolded him "impolite and arrogant."

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Posted in: Japan, Australia draw 1-1 in World Cup qualifier See in context

Despite the flock of disparaging crickets' shrills against it above, the team of Blue Samurais is advancing steadily! An away draw with its strongest opponent is an advantage. Eventually, Japan and Australia will qualify!!!

Still don't know what "deserve" means? Learn from Jimizo's definition right on top here.

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Posted in: Kerber replaces Williams at No. 1 in women's tennis rankings; Nishikori 5th in men's rankings See in context

Despite all these ill-intentioned disparagers shrilling at every petty chance to belittle him here at JT, Kei is the best tennis player in Asia's history. Big or not big, currently he has so few rivals in the whole wide world: one from Serbia, one from Scotland, one from Switzerland, and one from Spain. There may be another one from Argentina. From the vast North America? No one, since quite the past few years! Kei's fans keep cheering him on, having high hopes of him, but they have never deified him. Seeing deification out of nowhere as a means of criticism reveals not only the critic's semantic failure to comprehend but also the critic's arbitrary twist of others' words to fit his own bias.

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Posted in: Honda demands young players step up for Thailand See in context

Young players sometimes need pushing, and Honda, as one of the key senior members of the team, provided them with the needed impetus at the right moment. He was talented enough to join one of the best teams in Europe, and he has been consistently one of the best forwards Japan has had in the past ten years. He has achieved more than enough to earn his high stature, which simply cannot be disparaged by all these low aspersions shooting up at him.

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Posted in: Honda demands young players step up for Thailand See in context

OK, the Blue samurais, fight harder the next match! Shoot more, more strongly, and on target. And don't forget NOT to commit fouls inside the penalty area. You will win, I believe.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest over disallowed goal See in context

I see, Fadamor. You were a pro, and what you said shed light on where an amateur could see only irony or sarcasm. Like you, Honda is a pro, and what he said made a lot of sense: a game of this magnitude does need more eyes at the right spots. Anyway, I don't think the harm can be undone. The JFA should learn from this dear lesson; they have to review relevant details and get adjustments made BEFORE the game to make sure it will be played right and fair, instead of lodging a protest AFTER the harm has been done.

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Posted in: France, Iran qualify for volleyball at Rio Olympics See in context

The Japanese men stink

Not all countries can field both strong women and men teams for sports tournaments at the same time, which is normal.

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Posted in: Chinese New Year in Yokohama See in context


The lunar new year was used as the secret Tet Offensive and did major damage.

You were right! I think you were referring to the deadly stealthy attacks by Vietcong in 1968 Tet. You know that history; those who gave you thumbs down don't.

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