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Nothing new. And, I am very surprised at the extremely delayed posting of this sort of story.

There has been a website since 1996 that has all this sort of funny information from Japan, China, and other nations. ****www.engrish.com

PS: Calpis is not a product. It is the name of a company. Calpis Water or Calpis Soda are the products.

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The video is nice. But, I wasn't sure where I was suppose to tear up.

Actually, it looks like a COPY of the 2006 "The City (Walter Robot)" by the Canadian electronic musician: Michael Milosh from his MEME album.

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Posted in: Alleged rape incident at Atsugi may grate on nagging defense issues See in context

I have served 15 years. 10 of which have been as a recruiter. Now, I am here in Japan. And, I can tell you that anyone being considered for enlistment must pass a background investigation, physical standards, and other administrative requirements.

Some states in the US give the option to join the military or go to jail.

This is completely false. And has been a "Hollywood film" rumor since WW2. It has no basis of truth.

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