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Posted in: Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters See in context

let's not forget that our American and European forefathers in the previous 200 years are the ones who brought whales to the brink of extinction. The last US whaling vessel was decommissioned in the 1920s. The proper jursdiction on the whaling issue remains to IWC and it is up to the IWC to close these so called "loopholes" if they deem it necessary. The Japanese whalers are complying with IWC rules. Why is it that there is no furor against the IWC to amend the rules? Too much common sense?

Off topic we are talking about Japan, any reference to other countries is immaterial. Science in the 19th century had no real way of tracking whales. Once science caught up, the world was presented with the evidence of near extinction, so they all/mostly all agreed to stop the hunting. SO what's Japan's excuse? They know better, at least 19th century fishermen didn't.

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Posted in: Earth calling Keanu Reeves See in context

DOn't remember in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure pt 2, Keanu had a evil robot twin........hmmm

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Posted in: Yakuza may also be eligible for jury duty See in context

The defendent stops by the jury box and high fives his Brother YAK... and then heads to the witness stand.

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Posted in: How not to get fired in a bad economy See in context

Sinple! Don't be a forienger!!!!! Remember Japanese first,scraps for the rest!

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Posted in: Remember the bubble economy years See in context

The demise of the US and the free market economy! Premier Khrushchev said. We will bury you. The US buried the USSR. Japan Inc in the 1980's at their peak blasted US Newspapers that soon they'd buy all of America and all American's would be working for the Japanese. Bubble deflated. The point is that there will always be the "Number11's" of world proselytizing the evils of the US and it’s so called over-rated way of life. And the poor misunderstood Japanese. You are right Number 11 in that the US economy and Japan’s are entirely different. The Japanese are the premier manufacturers and the world certainly needs to learn from them. But naysayers plot the end of the US and its dominance; there is somebody in a garage or lab somewhere in the USA coming up with the next big thing like the PC, or the iPod. And when it happens the number11’s of the world will shut up for a few years and wait for the US to stumble again, then pop up like some know it all professor and recycle the same dribble he is today……. Thanks for the laugh.

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Posted in: Bush's Iraq-Afghan farewell tour marred by dissent See in context

More than 4,209 members of the U.S. military have died and $576 billion has been spent since the war began five years and nine months ago.

And when the US is gone. Will the Iraq's honor the sacrifices the US made on their behalf? Will they put up a statue like the French did in Normandy?

We'll see what the substance the Iraqi people are made of.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor ceremony focuses on U.S. response to Japan's attack See in context

General Shinseki and his forebears of the the 442nd are 100% American, their Japanese ethnicity is just incidental.


You are spot on. Anyone who is friends with Japanese Americans will attest that they're Grandparents who suffered the indignity of internment camps came out of that experience with a pure hatred for Japan and their forefathers for starting a war they had to pay for with their civil liberties, businesses, homes, and futures. I think only in Hawaii will you find Japanese Americans whose decendents to this day speak Japanese. On the west coast its a dead language for them.

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Posted in: Renting brand-name items getting popular See in context


If what you say is true about fashion then nothing that comes off the runway is truly fashion since none of it relates to what people actually buy. Customers using the service has nothing to do with fashion, since when I used the word in my post I meant it as metaphor for what they see as their ideal "look". Meaning having that purse that every other OL wishes they had. Whether these people are fashionable or not is your opinion, since in fact it is a matter of opinion. And though they may lose interest in the concept clearly there is a niche market for it. And intead of using dot.coms as an anology, I would have used "Pet clothing" stores its a much better example to use. We are in Web 2.0 now. Dot.com days are over, or did you not get the news. Google.com at 300 billion net worth is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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Posted in: Daryl Hannah makes splash with whale campaign See in context

The rest of the world is wrong and Japan is right. Gotta love that train of thought.

"Not only is she a once famous actress that nobody hardly remembers" ... how provencial

My favorite;

"She could have joined Greenpeace and pushed her cause in a respectable manner."

As should the Japanese whalers abide by their agreement by only taking what is needed for science and not for what they think is the market value of the whale meat.

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Posted in: Renting brand-name items getting popular See in context

"If you have to really fake the image of a hand bag that costs me 40,000 yen to rent, then I probably don't need it. You can take that money, go to Hong Kong, and get a knock off and still have money left over, and still get the same effect. Why, renting one that is not yours is just about the same as owning a fake one. I say go with owning the fake one."

Going with the fake one would be spotted in a minute by those who own these things. And it would be far more embarassing o get caught at that special occaission with a fake. My wife has about 6 LVs and can spot a fake better than J-Customs.

"This business model will simply fail in Japan. There's no point in having a different purse every month if it's not yours and everyone you know knows it. The business model works in the US because people are simply more superficial about it. Temporary image is the goal."

Clearly you know little about women and fashion, if a woman could change her purse to something new each month she'd be in heaven.

BTW fashion just like makeup is a shallow thing we all inherited from antiquity. Its not purely some American thing. Japan just takes it to a high art.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for possessing 108 cannabis plants in Fukuoka See in context

Aren't there enough national parks to anonymously slash little farms?

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Posted in: Aso among 9 leaders to speak with Obama on phone See in context

oooo the dear leader, the great hopiate spoke with a mere motal like Aso?

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Posted in: Rays of hope from Obama See in context


Despite 80% of what you say was way off topic, I see you get your facts on the out comes of elections from Lib-Dem propaganda machine. Bush won because of a court order recount in Florida, because Gore insisted on it. And a recount of overseas US citizen votes as well. Kerry lost by electoral votes that not candidate has any control of. So you can turn off the auto-lie machine now.

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Posted in: Soka Gakkai boosts advertising on TV See in context


Gakkaiiiiiiiiiiii.............. say it softley They are listening.

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Posted in: Homeless man See in context

I think a lot of Japanese see the homelessness as a choice of those who want to drop out of society and its rigid structure.

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context

Thanks to the Brits for taking the spotlight off the Yanks over here.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese and 1 American share Nobel Prize in physics See in context

Actually it is a big deal. Japan very rarely wins Nobel prizes for science. Google it and find out.

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Posted in: Segway See in context

Banned Sedgeways! Of course, what about the Bicycle manufacturing consortium.

The hills are alive with the sound of Sedgewa-a-a-a-a-y-y-y-ysssss

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

Or give it to my wife and I. Damn we've been trying to have a kid for 6 years.

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Posted in: Should radio stations have to pay royalties to artists whose music they play? See in context

For the record, US radio stations were faced with this problem by the record labels and the solution they came up with was exactly what TAKA stated above. Once the recording artists and labels realized how much it would cost to have their product advertised the equivalent number of times it would normally be played under the old system. They quickly backed off that argument and "gleefully" thanked the broadcasters for their free service they provide the billion dollar recording industry.

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Posted in: Cozy prisons coddle foreign inmates See in context

From the tone and meter of the article sounds like what they really want to say id; "kill 'em all".

The writer is sweating 2000 yen a month, when most 1st world countries do pay their inmates a minumul amount....

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Posted in: Critics dispute Michelin regard for Tokyo food See in context

its a guide for people who spend obscene amounts of cash in resturants.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to arrest anti-whaling activists See in context


I think you’ve just posted an example of what is truly the problem in this dispute. IWC says that Whale hunting can only be performed for the strict purpose of scientific research. Japan says they are sending a huge whale meat processing ship to the Antarctic for the purpose of studying whales. They try to catch 1000 whales if possible entangling a few whale calves with mothers as well. Then they manage to do god only knows what with the captured now frozen whales enroute back to Japan. But when the ship arrives in port Japan the crew carts off 100’s of pounds each in pre-processed boxes of Guess what? Whale meat as gifts. Later the police report the increase of whale meat being served on restaurant menus and how strange it’s sudden appearance. Must be from China, they say. Months and months go by and no scientific papers from the study of these captured whales of any significance that any scientific or academic body would recognize as meaningful is produced. Smelling foul play demonstrators will protest and world governments object. Meanwhile Japan, rather than proving they are following the rules of the IWC by producing evidence of their scientific studies, says it doesn’t matter what they use the whales for its their right to hunt them and eat them. Thereby proving how historically, Japan has never really wanted to comply with the wishes of the rest of the world. Japan can justifiably say, they have a right to eat Whales, but they don’t have the right to eat all of them. And historically speaking, left to their own devices they will hunt a species to death. Hence the problem with finding any whales around Japan.

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Posted in: Russian sumo star arrested in Japan for marijuana See in context

Rodney King

Only you think that behavior is strange. Eveyone on this board knows that in Japan it is common for Japanese to turn in lost wallets and purse to the Police or train authorities. Just as common as rain around here.

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Posted in: A big black eye for the IOC See in context


A free western press helped bring the Berlin wall down.... Nothing but good can come from exposing how China treats its citizens and steals from the west.

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Posted in: A big black eye for the IOC See in context


Because China is using the games as a propanganda event.....as we all thought

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Posted in: A big black eye for the IOC See in context


The reason is ...if China wants to play in the worlds sand box, they have to play by the world's rules... if not go back to the glorious closed society days....

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear sub visits Japan amid radiation leak controversy See in context

For th record, again. The Jgov places radiation detecting alarms underwater in the berthing areas where subs are moored (Parked).

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear sub visits Japan amid radiation leak controversy See in context

"Japanese power plants are not relevant to this discussion."

Why do those rules not apply when the discussion/article is about Japanese power Plants and everyone post remarks about US Nuclear powered vessels. Just asking

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Posted in: Hakkeijima See in context

Later withdrawing from the docking station was the hard part.

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