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Posted in: McConnell urges Americans: 'Get vaccinated' as cases spike See in context


educate yourself

You mean sift through Facebook articles until you find one that backs up your conspiracy theories?


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Posted in: Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics See in context

Everything that is great about Japan has absolutely nothing to do with Suga or the Olympics.

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Posted in: China table tennis boss complains Olympic playing areas too small See in context

China needs to chill out for a while.

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Posted in: Little fanfare as Tokyo begins Olympic one-week countdown See in context

Saw Olympic merch at the supermarket tonight, 50% off! No one wants it!

tempted to buy some because it might be a collectors item one day for the failed olympics.

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Posted in: Over 60 dead, dozens missing as severe floods strike Europe See in context


Why does it always have to be a left versus right argument?

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

This whole situation has felt like a kid that has a party at his house while his parents are away. Now he's kindly asking his guests to not wreck the house. If you've seen any movie with this premise, you'll know the house is always destroyed.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested after ex-husband’s body found in apartment See in context

Someone linked the wikipedia article about the cost of funeral in Japan the other day.


Seems extremely predatory, 500000 yen just for the priest. It says nowadays there are cheap services for 200000 yen, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are a LOT of people in Japan that can't even afford that.

Not saying what she did was right, but I can totally understand it. If she was living in the same house as her EX husband for 20 years it's safe to assume they weren't exactly wealthy.

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

You have managed to make Tokyo the best-ever prepared city for the Olympic Games

Yeah, short quarantine, 5 star hotel, sightseeing down in Hiroshima, not to mention all the free food and other things he'll be enjoying. I'd say Tokyo prepared a wonderful holiday for Bach.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes' village officially and quietly opens See in context


I hope the local media is reporting on that. The least they could do is wear masks.

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

Without details it's totally speculation, but the group could have been invited to someone's apartment and later one of them started acting psycho and the cops were called.

Total speculation but it could explain why they were tested for drugs.

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Posted in: Apartment blocks in Sydney, Melbourne placed in lockdown with police guard See in context

It's all so tiresome. I was holding out some hope of being able to visit home this Christmas. Every day it seems there is less chance of that happening.

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Posted in: How will the state of emergency affect Tokyo Olympics? See in context

Why are they so obsessed with the drinking after 8 rule?? How about no commuting after 6am? No face to face meetings on any days ending in 'Y'.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great summer vacation. I'll be avoiding crowds, but there's no way I'm staying home and watching the olympics, that would be awful.

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Posted in: Heat risks add to challenges for Tokyo's pandemic-hit Olympics See in context

Even in my rural mountain area, going outside feels like leaving a biodome on a distant planet, braving the inhospitable environment, in search of water.

I love Japanese summers for fishing and swimming in the mountains. But it's too hot to even play golf during that time.

What a mess!

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Posted in: Workers express frustration as Tokyo enters 4th COVID-19 emergency See in context


Great to see articles around the world like this. I hope to see more and more, the words and actions of the jgov and IOC have been atrocious. I hope other countries will look at how the IOC will treat them before they decide to host the parasite.

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Posted in: Japanese governors call for sufficient COVID-19 vaccine supply See in context

How can you be so bad at your job?

When I was a teenager working at KFC I was under more pressure to keep chicken supplies up. Friday nights the manager would nearly have a nervous breakdown waiting for the chicken to finish cooking. These guys in charge of the vaccines face no consequences or pressure to keep things going.

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Posted in: U.S. swimmer Andrew explains why he's skipping COVID vaccine before Tokyo Games See in context

@Burning Bush

LOL! Chemical free... just steroids, HGH, protein powders, creatine and god knows what else for these elite chosen ones

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Posted in: Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off? See in context

People won't have anywhere to go because of the state of emergency so there will be a lot of them watching at home on TV.

LOL. The soe is just bars shutting after 8pm, what does this guy think people do during their summer vacation? Well maybe this is the life of the average LDP voter.

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Posted in: Suga vows safe Olympics after decision to ban spectators at most venues See in context

Just get them over with already. I hope the day after the closing ceremony he starts taking the virus and vaccinations seriously.

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo for no-spectator relay See in context

@Some Dude

Mono with a string section would be amazing. I would definitely have wanted to attend the opening ceremony if they were playing.

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Tokyo for no-spectator relay See in context

This is embarrassing and pathetic, but it's going to be 100X worse with the Dragon Quest and Evangelion music playing to an empty stadium in a few days.

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Posted in: Man arrested for organizing rally of 200 motorcycle riders, motorists See in context

What's the crime here? Too many friends? Thousands of people travel on roads everyday.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

What a mess. Instead of focusing on defeating corona and then focusing on a great Olympics now corona is out of control and the Olympics are likely to me the lamest ever. Another summer season spoiled by our totally inept and useless leaders. The jgov has absolutely failed at everything, absolutely pathetic.

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

The headline could say 'Government set to bankrupt all bars in Tokyo' and it would have the same meaning.

A snack in my neighbourhood blocked out their windows, unplugged the sign outside and stopped doing karaoke, but they are still very much open for business. It sucks they've been driven to that due to being unfairly targeted and unsupported through this time.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach arrives in Japan for Tokyo Olympics See in context

The uncaring face of greed.

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Posted in: Global COVID-19 deaths hit 4 million amid rush to vaccinate See in context

@Raw Beer

Are you talking about that Hepatitis drug?

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Posted in: 78-year-old man who drove wrong way on expressway, causing fatal crash, sent to prosecutors See in context


I cannot begin to comprehend what a driver in their late seventies would be feeling

I'd guess he was feeling rather drunk. If I see an elderly driver sticker or a white kei farm truck I just assume they've been sipping Ozeki One Cups all day. I've had so many near misses over the years.

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Posted in: COVID state of emergency likely for Tokyo Olympics See in context


He always wants to damage the peoples well deserved holiday, but he never calls out for a cancelation of the Olympics.

Right on man, I am so tired of this approach. Cancel all fun and relaxation, but keep all the commuting, meetings and money making events.

I've got a trip planned this summer. Last year I didn't go anywhere because of the virus. Heck it. It's going to be here in Japan for a long time and we'll be doomed to commute to work and face to face meetings whether we stay home and social distance or not.

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Posted in: Australia's largest city Sydney locks down for third week See in context

These lockdowns must be annoying (thought effective) but the situation isn't much better here.

I couldn't buy a beer at a mountain rest stop, can't have a bbq by the river, and it's quite difficult to find campgrounds that aren't closed this summer. Japan has been in a fun and relaxtion lockdown for over a year.

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting visitor to nextdoor apartment for being noisy See in context

Nah, he's an oversensitive baby. Neighbours should have the courtesy to not slap others. Hope this guy goes to jail for assault.

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting visitor to nextdoor apartment for being noisy See in context

Old men with no job, hobbies, friends, family or anything to do but sit in their apartments with the AC off, stewing over their own bitterness at life. 4:55pm on a Sunday... the sound of others laughing must hurt.

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