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Posted in: For people working remotely, issues such as responding to emails from colleagues or clients outside work hours have surfaced, and the issue of the right to disconnect has come to the fore. What's your view on this? See in context

For me it's the same as when I worked at a fast food restaurant as a teenager. The manager required a phone number to contact us if he needed a shift covered. Usually I would ignore any calls from him outside of work hours, but a few times I accidently answered. 'No', I'd say, 'I cannot come in and work from 7:30pm until midnight today.' As if I am sitting around after school, dinner eaten, shower taken, teeth brushed, waiting to change out of my pajamas and into my work uniform and ruin the next day for myself by going to sleep after 1am on a school night.

I always work my scheduled shifts, am never late and do the job properly. My current workplace, like my old fastfood manager, knows not to bother dialing my number outside of work hours. Emails will not be checked until at least half an hour after I begin work, give me time to wake up and get into work mode. If someone is ever contacting me with something urgent I don't hesitate to remind them that there is no such thing as an emergency in our industry, unless the building is on fire, and in fact their poor time management skills have lead them to this point, it's not up to me to suddenly work at 200% for their sake. Jobs better add a zero or two to the end of their salaries if they expect more and I urge others to do the same.

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Posted in: Some schools reopen, garbage collection resumes in Japan's areas hardest hit by quake See in context

I hope the teachers are supported through this time. It must be hard enough to get your life back together after all this without having to plan lessons, meet parents and supervise club activities 14 hours a day.

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Posted in: World's richest five men double fortune since 2020: Oxfam See in context


They are vampires. True heroes are people you see every day working to make the lives of those around them better.

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Posted in: Climate change shrinking snowpack in many places, study shows See in context

It hasn't snowed yet this winter where I live, I've yet to talk to anyone that has experienced this in their lifetime

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Posted in: U.S. livestreamer fined for playing loud music in Osaka restaurant See in context


Are you senile? Logan Paul is one of the most disliked people on the internet. What are you trying to imply?

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Posted in: Safety reforms and new tax system threaten to drag down Japan trucking industry See in context

Behind every business 'crisis' is a group of parasitic owners who take way more than their fair share and refuse to budge while the people actually doing the driving have to drive for over 12 hours a day to make a decent living.

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Posted in: Trying the new limited flavor of Suntory Hakushu Japanese whisky highball in a can See in context

Hakushu is great, but the artificial scarcity and impeding price rise have made me totally lose interest in any of Suntory's whiskeys. They think they've become too big and popular to fail, they are wrong. I urge whiskey enjoyers to try some of the other great Japanese whiskeys that haven't let their own hype go to their heads, yet. Mars whiskey, Minami Alps and many more are worth checking out. Hakushu, Yamazaki etc are all name and hype, at the end of the day it's alcohol aged in a wooden barrel which a lot of other distilleries are doing fantastically without the stupid prices and fake hype.

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Nintendo 64 with Banjo Kazooie. Watching movies and hanging out with my family all day knowing we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything.

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Posted in: 2 Canadians face charges over smuggling of record stimulant amount at Haneda See in context

I expect better from Canadians.

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Posted in: Cyclists can pose risks both to others and themselves. We expect people to ride bicycles in a way in which they can fully hear the sounds around them. See in context

I cycle to work every day and the amount of stupidity I see is staggering. I think everyone has got the pedestrians and cyclists nailed down, and everyone has their own stories of how insane car drivers can be (tv in the car, kids and animals climbing around with no seatbelts, phones, we've all seen it.) The thing that gets me the most is the obliviousness and impatience of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Even those not on their phones will blindly move forward like a bee going for a flower, totally locked in on what is directly in front of them as if the other 350 degrees of vision around them doesn't exist. Literally every day I have cars and people stepping in front of me who do not have right of way, the look of shock and horror on their faces when I say OI! used to make me feel bad but now it just makes me angry, why are you so shocked to see someone riding a bicycle in the bike lane during rush hour? Have your wits about you for god's sake. I don't think this is a Japan only problem of course, but my home country is much more spacious and not as populated so you are much less likely to bump into someone as you float to and fro like a lost balloon.

The impatience of drivers especially is a worldwide problem. The average car driver cannot stand waiting more than .00000005 seconds as someone or another vehicle passes in front of them. When I cross a road or walk through a car park I walk extra slowly in front of cars to teach them to calm down and be patient. Cars inching forward at crosswalks like eager hogs waiting at a trough to be fed, I walk extra slow in front of these people. Where is the fire? All in a rush with no where to go.

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Posted in: Burger King releases a 'TOP' Burger in Japan See in context

Surprised it's only 1300 cals. Looks good, I'd definitely try it, but I would never pay more than 500yen for a single fastfood item. 2000 yen is enough for meat, vegetables, beers and some otsumami at the supermarket, I couldn't bring myself to drop that on burger king.

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese men in survey have never had a girlfriend; zero-boyfriend women rise too See in context


Patriotism is a two way street. Being crushed by low wages, high taxes, infinite work hours, stifling of any individuality doesn't encourage patriotism.

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Posted in: Do you tend to eat and drink too much this time of year? See in context

Going to eat some good food, but I get full really fast so I don't tend to overeat.

I will be downing approximately 1000 beers over the Christmas and new years period.

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Posted in: 53-year-old woman arrested for assaulting husband See in context

She was quoted as saying she had been dissatisfied with her husband’s attitude for many years.

A life of misery that finally exploded.

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan scallops at ASEAN dinner to counter China import ban See in context

They are probably fine. The thing I don't get is hokkaido scallops are still expensive at the supermarket. I'd gladly buy them if they halved the price.

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Posted in: Kishida removes Abe faction members from his cabinet See in context

Somehow they will get shuffled into positions with higher pay.

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Posted in: Man arrested for verbally abusing, assaulting taxi driver for 30 minutes See in context

Bet this guy is used to power harassing others at his company.

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo probes possible mass squirrel poisoning See in context

Poor little fellas

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Posted in: This year, bears have been appearing more in the villages precisely because of the very bad harvest of acorns from the beech, the bears’ favorite tree. See in context

I still haven't seen one, touch wood, but every year I get more and more scared of encountering a bear while hiking. Once above the tree line I feel safer, but smaller local mountains with thick trees and bushes freak me out.

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Posted in: Facilities for disabled face serious labor shortages in Japan: survey See in context

Everyone has mentioned raising the wages, which I totally agree with, I think another contributing factor is Japan's love of over work and dumping busy work on younger employees. Disability support is an extremely hard job mentally and physically. Knowing what working for a Japanese company can be like, I can't imagine the hell one must endure being a support worker.

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Posted in: Do you think manga and anime are good language study tools for children? See in context

Always good to run any new vocab you've learned from anime past a friend first before using it in public, made that mistake a few times earlier on.

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Posted in: How do you think movies made in recent years will be perceived in the future, say, 50 years from now? See in context

Looking at the top movies of 2023 they are mostly remakes and bad CGI. I think the thing that will date movies the most and make them unwatchable is the terrible LAME humour. When I watch a movie these days I won't even smile or breathe air through my nose at the 'jokes' I just recognise that the writers intended the awkward situations they shoehorn in were their attempt at humour

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Posted in: Chilean insists he did not kill Japanese ex-girlfriend at conviction appeal in France See in context

If he didn't do it, and they find out what really happened it would be an amazing story, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Reality is though, there's a 99.99% chance he did it.

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Posted in: Alcohol taxes aren't high enough, says World Health Organization See in context

When are these guys gonna pipe down? I guarantee a 3 or 4 day work week, UBI or 6 hour work days would do a lot more for reducing alcohol intake than making it more expensive. But obviously people's overall health isn't the goal and whoever has lined the pockets of these WHO hacks would love higher taxes.

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Posted in: KFC Japan develops new fried chicken designed to taste great with beer, other alcoholic drinks See in context

I don't get why these chicken tenders are so expensive. The habanero spicy tender from family mart absolutely blows the kfc ones out of the water at half the price.

Recently I discovered a butcher near my house that sells chicken katsu for half the price of a piece of kfc. It's much better, fresher and feels good supporting a local business. KFC is really trying to push themselves into the Dominos price bracket, but in a country with so much good fried chicken available they are being fools.

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Posted in: 2025 Expo ticket sales begin with 500 days to go amid cost concerns See in context

Stealing our taxes to pay for this with absolutely no return for us. And yet the rich, who are well known for dodging taxes, are free to invest and receive a return and likely free tickets to this event. I'm hoping this event won't fail simply so we won't be taxed more to cover the loss.

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

I swear there are so many drivers, bicycle riders and even walkers here who are absolutely oblivious to the world around them.

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Posted in: The redelivery rate for home deliveries is rising as the number of parcels increases due to online shopping. This is placing a growing burden on the logistics industry, which is suffering from a labor shortage. What can be done to alleviate the problem? See in context

Being able to set a delivery time initially would save them so much time and money. Whenever I order something it's a guarantee I'll be at work on the first delivery, it's an added step that could be eliminated if they just let you decide the time.

Also pay the drivers more. They guys out there actually delivering everything probably live paycheck to paycheck while the higher ups do nothing. This needs to change globally.

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Posted in: Japanese museum dedicated to salmon has no live salmon on display this year See in context


No, maybe you misunderstood. Raw salmon is fine for sushi, if has been frozen first. Wild caught salmon almost certainly has parasites.


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Posted in: Japanese museum dedicated to salmon has no live salmon on display this year See in context


Eating non-frozen fish is asking for a mouthful of parasites.

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