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Posted in: Tabloid blasts growing numbers of foreign welfare chiselers See in context

People have been doing it for years! Look at us in the States. There are generations of people getting money from the government for free while the rest of us work to pay for it. Happens here all the time. Yeah someone should do something about but who will?

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

Hey all, I know I don't live in Japan, I'm from Ohio, and you would know better how the Japanese might react to something like this but do you think a group like Recovery, Inc. would help people in Japan? At least keep them from committing suicide and getting help? Here's the link http://www.recovery-inc.com/. I mean it helped me a lot but all of you would know if it would be worth while to help out there. It just seems to me I come to Japan Today and then see something like this. Just recently there was a girl too, 24 years old, that had just committed suicide and I saw a picture of her and thought why would such a pretty girl want to end her life? Is it that bad? Really? I mean I'm older, heavy set, not rich by any means, and would have more reasons to give up my life than her but I'm still here.

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