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Posted in: Can Japan end its love affair with plastic? See in context

Would be great if the recycling system were more accessible to everyone. While on a year and a half return to the U.S. in the early 00's I was able to keep large bins to separate plastics, PET, wood, metals, rubber and other miscellaneous materials. I would make the drive on either Saturday or Sunday mornings to deposit them at the recycling center once or twice each month.

That scenario would not work in Japan but having a community centralized recycling capability would work. Even if it only reduced non recycled materials to 50 or 60 percent it would be better than what we have now. I think there would be a lot more participation if something easily accessible were available. This would also create jobs.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Rude and indifferent flight attendants on every U.S. carrier I've used over the last 30 years or so has been the norm. It's why I refuse to use them in cases where I pay for the flights now and I'll pay a bit extra to avoid them.

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Posted in: U.S. carriers compete for new slots at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

Flying on U.S. carriers has been horrible since the 80s. I avoid them when possible.

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Posted in: Is a cashless society desirable? See in context

Giving banks full control of your money is never a good idea.

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Posted in: Does U.S. President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

I guess Trump deserves the inappropriately named 'peace' prize. His 'look the other way' approach to the crisis the Palestinian people face in Israel should help him nail it along with his dogged regime change efforts in Venezuela to increase oil company revenue.

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Posted in: Gov't set to buy island by March for U.S. military drills See in context

Going to build an SDF base on it by the sounds of it, so it will be multipurpose use.

So you want to charge the Americans for providing you with security. Is that the way it works?

The 'security' provided by the U.S. is a façade. In the more than 20 years I spent in the military assigned in Asia in general and Japan specifically, I can affirm that the U.S. is not providing security for anything other than their own business interests. The U.S. military has become nothing but a mercenary force used to enforce imperialism disguised as capitalism.

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Posted in: Clinton pivots from Obama's Asia policy with TPP opposition See in context

Clinton would no doubt change to a favorable position if elected. That's what her corporate masters would tell her to do.

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Posted in: How to bow like a Japanese See in context

Most Japanese people, particularly those who live in Tokyo, are exposed to foreign cultures to be aware of the differences. Most are also just like people from every other culture in the world and are appreciative of persons who try to show respect. In travelling around the world I've seen people sniffing without blowing their noses and coughing without covering their mouths. My travels have spanned more than 35 years with 25 of those years spent in Japan.

There are rude people everywhere and making ignorant comments that paint a race with a broad brush shows your ignorance or lack of manners. I thought that pretty much everyone is aware that a few bad examples can cause a loss of perspective. Maybe those of you who have made derogatory comments toward Japanese people should be included in that select group of persons who exhibit rude behavior.

If you don't like it here or think you're better because of your cultural background, please leave. Then try to grow up.

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Posted in: Japan's summer of crazy weather See in context

We are not generating CO2 and releasing it into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, we are simply releasing the CO2 that those fossil fuels contain. The planet has a finite amount of CO2 and the fossil fuels that we have used in the short history of using fossil fuels took millions of years to develop. Much of the CO2 is absorbed by the oceans which is the largest producer of the air that we breathe. But oceans are overtaxed and this is causing a whole new set of problems.

There is not enough space to explain the entire process and associated problems but if you want to learn more and have a pretty good read while you are at it I recommend:


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Posted in: Waking up from the American dream See in context

Interesting how VRWC manages to point only at Blacks (I'm Caucasian, by the way) having had their family units destroyed by our government. Gee, I wonder if any of that happened to other ethnic group in the U.S.? Then goes on to point out that it's not "just racial". This was truly offensive VRWC. The thinly veiled racism is not lost on us.

If your vote is for Romney because he's not Black, I am afraid that you will be quite surprised if elected. He undoubtedly will (at the urging of his peers) continue the war of the wealthy on the 99%. Bankrupting the government while lining their pockets has only really hurt you and I and our peers. Keeping us involved in discussing/arguing side issues and there's always "keep 'em afraid" (radical Islamic Fundamentalists, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians - insert happens to be their current flavor of fear).

Most of us living abroad see firsthand that the radicals are few but loud and the media likes loud. It sells. There are lots of issues for us to disagree on but ethnicity should not be part of the discussion. It doesn't add substance and there is too much room for conjecture. I don't like having the parasites either but if my taxes help one honest person to survive or succeed while supporting one hundred parasites, I consider it money well spent. And I don't care what color skin or other physical features DNA caused that person and me to have different appearances. I hope that support net is there for me if it's ever needed. I've worked for more than 40 years with 23 in the military, so I figure that if I did need that support that it would not be denied to me.

Deny hate.

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