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I actually like the dorama series a lot. I'm not really sure why but I'm addicted to it and I personally can't wait to be able to get a hold of the movie to see it. Yeah, acting sucks, repetitive plots and such, but it still fascinates me.

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Leashes are actually a lot safer than just letting a kid wander around. Yeah, it looks really funny because you have a kid in a halter, on a leash, but at least you know where he is and you can pull him away from any sort of potential danger. It is especially helpful when it comes to large crowds, where you could easily loose your kid, or, even worse, your kid gets taken.

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Me: American My feelings towards Twilight: poor poor Japan. I had hoped they would be saved from this torture. It's almost impossible to make a good movie when the book it's coming from isn't even worth reading. An elementary school student could have come up with better character developments than Meyers. The only reason these horribly written books are so popular is because of the ancient vampire fetish that seems to be in just about every woman (and some men).

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Poor poor Japan. I had hoped they wouldn't be submitted to this torture. That is, the torture of dealing with the fans.

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Posted in: KAT-TUN to hold concerts on 7 straight nights at Tokyo Dome See in context

I am probably going to get yelled at for this, but I like to think that KAT-TUN is different from the rest. They have a Rapper, they have a very good beat-boxer, and some of them actually can play instruments and some do write their own music. They are unfortunately under the care of a pretty-boy factory, but I like to think that some of KAT-TUN's members do have skills beyond all the other bands from Johnny's Entertainment. No, they aren't like Gackt (by the way, comparing anyone to him would make them all seem like completely worthless entertainers because he is insane when it comes to the skills he has). And yes, they are J-pop. But I personally like to think they deserve a little more credit for the fact that they try to be unique and that they do have some skills, no matter home minuet they are to everyone else outside of the J-pop boy band world. There are reasons the majority of them want to go solo. And hey, if girls are willing to support their favorite band through the purchase of tickets, with or without their own money, so be it. Don't americans do the same for their favorite artists? It really seems no different. It's the same transaction of money for the same access to the same sort of desires.

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